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I’m Bisexual How Do I Tell My Bisexual Boyfriend That He Will Be My First Ever Relationship?

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To say the truth is important in order to build trust in a relationship. But sometimes, saying the truth can hurt. I’m bisexual how do I tell my bisexual boyfriend that he will be my first ever relationship? You will need to tell him, here’s how.


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  • Talk to him in person and be honest with him

Once you and your boyfriend decided to be together in a relationship, you two can imagine what it will be like to be together. Because both of you can have the image and accept each other, you decide to go on a relationship.

A relationship is not a one side decision, once two people agree to be together then they can accept the imperfection from their partner. So, why would you have doubt to talk to your boyfriend about what you feel? Be honest and start talking.

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  • Share all the thoughts you have including your concerns

You have doubt or fear that make you keep thinking about how to talk to your boyfriend about this relationship. It is important for you to share all the thoughts that you have to him.

Say it to him that you are afraid that in the near future, I have a strong feeling my boyfriend is cheating on me. How can I find out? And if he loves you that much and you love him too, both of you will find a way to be together, eventually.

What you need to know to maintain a serious relationship

You have passed the first part of I’m bisexual how do I tell my bisexual boyfriend that he will be my first ever relationship. The second part is about how you can maintain the relationship itself. Here’s some help.  

  • Learn how to fight

When we talk about relationship or life, in order to survive we need to learn how to solve the things that will certainly come even though we don’t like it. Problems, disagreements are things that will certainly exist within a relationship and life even though we don’t like it.

So in order to have a long-lasting relationship, you need to know how to fight, how to understand each other when you guys are in a fight. How to solve it, and most importantly to know what to say to your boyfriend when yall are fighting.

  • Know that you won’t be able to change other people

There is no point of keep trying to change other people into ways that we want them to be. We can’t and we shouldn’t, it’s a choice if someone wants to be better and we can’t force them to.

When you were faced with a situation where both of you are fighting, you will need to calm yourself down and think of the good things that your boyfriend have done for you. Words can hurt just like a knife, better for you to know what to say when your boyfriend thinks he isn’t good enough.

  • Figure out some ways to become his best friend

Be his best friend aside from being his girlfriend, this will help both of you to trust each other and able to discover new things together.

Because when you are up to a serious relationship, then a relationship is not only defining you as his girlfriend but also his best friend, one of the closest people in his life.

Figure out some ways to become his best friend. You can do a lot of things, challenging things to be done together and not the only romantic thing that you expect within a relationship. So it is also important for you to know how to solve misunderstanding between boyfriend and girlfriend.

  • Have the same purpose

Have the same purpose, the purpose is a fundamental thing that can help people to keep going in a relationship or life. Once you have the same purpose as your partner, it will be easier for you and him to talk about it in one way or another.

Imagine if you want to have a serious relationship while he wants a fun relationship. You guys are different, this can leads into disagreement and breaks up. Know how to lead a happy and peaceful life in a simple way by having the same purpose.

I hope the question of I’m bisexual how do I tell my bisexual boyfriend that he will be my first ever relationship does not bother you too much. What you need to focus on is your relationship, a relationship that is based on trust and openness.

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