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Whether he's an amateur or professional, dating a hockey player has its own perks. Even if he only plays in a high school team, dating a hockey player can be cool. In general, a guy who plays sport is a total boyfriend material. If you want to know whether a guy is a boyfriend material or not, you can check every boyfriend's material sign here.

It doesn't get limited to just a hockey player. Soccer players are cool guys to have your eyes on, you should totally date soccer players. A snowboarder is next to the list, but you should know several things before dating a snowboarder. Back to a hockey player, here are some benefits to date him.


1. He has an athletic body

First and foremost, athletes have an amazing body, a hockey player included. You might already notice his biceps and triceps, not to forget his abs, and lastly, his overall body structure. An athlete trains rigorously to get strong and fit. And having a healthy body is always attractive.

2. He inspires you to have an equally fit body

As stated before, to have a fit body requires hard work, a lot of sweat and tears. And now that you're dating an athlete, you have to be fit yourself. It's not fun if you're a slob, get fat, or physically unfit. Your hockey boyfriend can inspire you to keep exercising. You can ask him too about the best workout routine.

3. You can have a date at the gym

The gym may be the last place to have a date. But because now you date someone who loves, and needs, gym, he's going to hang out in this place a lot. Well, why not? Grab the best or sexy sports outfit you have and accompany him exercising. You get two things at once. A blossoming love and more abs on your body.

That's not the only way to get an incredible relationship, though. There are more powerful ways to make your relationship incredible.

4. He has competitiveness and discipline

he has competitiveness and discipline

Being an athlete means working and training most of the time. It requires a certain discipline to get through daily life as an athlete. You have to have a certain git to compete too. A determination to win. Your hockey player boyfriend must have these traits and it's admirable. You can learn a thing or two from him.

5. You learn about a new sport

If you're not familiar with hockey before you dated him, now you have a new sport to learn. Most importantly, you also have someone who will be more than happy to explain all the rules for you. This someone is, of course, the hockey player you date. It can be flattering for him since hockey is something he passionate about.

6. Free hockey tickets, everybody!

This goes without saying. What kind of boyfriend if he left you outside the stadium without a ticket? You'll not only get a ticket, you probably get a VIP ticket! You know, with all those private seating and more facilities. Most of the time, it's not only one ticket. You'll get plenty of tickets for you, your friends, and even your parents. Whoever you want to invite.

Before the match, wish him lovely good luck. For a basketball player boyfriend, here are things to say to your boyfriend before his basketball game

7. You can be proud of his achievement

You can leap in joy whenever he scores a goal or gives his teammates a nice pass. At these moments, you can't be prouder of him than you are. You want to tell the world that the guy in the field is your boyfriend. It's just so amazingly cool.

It's heartwarming to watch him win. On the other hand, it's also heartbreaking when he's losing. Having a hockey player as a boyfriend can be a roller coaster of emotions. No matter winning or losing, one thing you can be sure of is that you can be proud of him. You just need to stand beside him no matter what.

8. He's famous, and then you are too

If he's a star player, there's a big chance he's famous. Now that you're dating him, you are suddenly famous as well. Enjoy all the attention. Pretty sure many girls envy you. This is a reminder not to take him for granted. Don't be arrogant with your newfound fame, though.

9. Invited to cool events

invited to cool events

Post-match after party, promotion events, more parties, you'll get to attend many cool events your boyfriend is invited. This can be a whole new experience for you. Not to mention, parties are always fun. So get dolled up and put on the best dress you got and have a great time with your hockey player boyfriend.

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