91 Unique Things To Say To Your Boyfriend On Your 11 Month Anniversary

Last updated on June 11, 2024 by Michelle Devani

Are you looking for things to say to your boyfriend on your 11-month anniversary?

This is a strange milestone, and it can be difficult to find the right words to say.

But my list of ideas below should help. 

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With that said, let's explore some ideas for what you can say to your boyfriend on your 11-month anniversary.


Things To Say To Your Boyfriend On Your 11 Months Anniversary

Are you thinking of things to say to your boyfriend on your 11 month anniversary? 

That can be a tall order, especially if you aren’t great with words and don’t like writing! You can always purchase a greeting card from the store and let it do the words for you, but it means so much more when you come up with a beautiful message on your own. 

While it’s true you haven’t spent years together yet, being together 11 months is no light matter. We don’t have many long-term relationships like that in a lifetime, so it is something to celebrate about. To find the best sweet anniversary message for your love, take a few clues from this article and create your own original piece of work! Your boyfriend will be so impressed!

Just remember that it doesn’t have to be perfect. No one is perfect; just speak from the heart, and your true feelings will shine through in your message for him. He will love hearing the wonderful words you have written about him and your anniversary, and he will probably care about you that much more after he realizes how you feel about him. 

What To Say To Your Boyfriend On Your Anniversary

Add A Little Bit Of Poetry To The Mix

add a little bit poetry to the mix

Create your own original anniversary poem by heading over to Rhymezone. There, you can enter in any word, and it will provide you with options of rhyming terms you can use to form a cute little poem for your loved one. You may want to talk about how you first felt with him and how you feel now (your love has grown)!

Just remember that until your boyfriend teaches poetry, it doesn’t have to be perfect. Just start thinking of words, find what rhymes best, and put it together. It doesn’t have to be perfect by any means! Sometimes, a cheesy poem is a perfect addition to your anniversary messages. You want him to know you feel like destiny joined you together perfectly!

You can steal some of these lines when crafting a message for your boyfriend, or use a couple and create your own to go with these. You can just reword these lines or use the link above to get the message you want to send across. While it doesn’t have to rhyme, it is awfully cute when it does, right? Enjoy creating a special card or email message of your own!

  1. Even though it’s only month eleven, I feel like I’m floating up in heaven.
  2. It may not have been a long time, But how I love you feels like a crime.
  3. I know that we have seen some strife, But you have brought joy to this girl’s life.
  4. Yes, we truly have seen some bliss, And to think it all started with one sweet kiss.
  5. It began there and grew to be, A love that'll last for all of eternity.
  6. Who would have thought that just us two, Is all that would be needed for an ace crew
  7. Of two lovebirds who fell madly in love; It was like a gift from above.
  8. I’m sorry if this sounds so cheesy, But rhyming words is almost too easy.
  9. Lucky for you, I’ll only express myself this way, On our 11 month anniversary!

Add In Some Awesome Quotes About Love

add in some awesome quotes about love

As you begin exploring your thoughts and feelings, you don’t have to be too hard on yourself. We can’t all be best-selling authors, so find things online or in a book that you can use. There are beautiful quotes everywhere. Everyday Power has a list of over 200 romantic quotes that you can turn into your anniversary quotes or reword them to be your own words. 

Try a few of these lines on for size to see if they fit the message you are trying to say to your boyfriend. These aren’t exact quotes from anyone; just rewritten ideas from other people, which works great for an anniversary poem! You also can just reword them to be said in the way that you talk with each other. Get creative, and you’ll do just fine in your anniversary message!

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  1. I know the true meaning of love because of you. Happy 11 months!
  2. Our love hits my heart like the sun beating down on the earth. You mean the world to me. Happy anniversary!
  3. I love you more and more each day that we are together.
  4. My heart will forever be yours. 11 months can’t hold us back!
  5. I am happy being your friend, but my dreams have come true since I am your love.
  6. Every time I close my eyes, I miss you
  7. I am blessed to have you on my team in life. Happy anniversary, my love!
  8. You are my everything - my heart, my life, my soul, and my love.
  9. I know that whatever comes in front of us, we’ll take it on together.
  10. When you whisper sweet nothings to me, I feel them in my heart, not my ears.
  11. I want to grow old with you because I know the best is yet to come. Happy anniversary, love!
  12. You are the first thing on my mind when I wake up and the last thing in my heart when I fall asleep each night.
  13. I don’t think I could love you more than I do today, but tomorrow isn’t here yet.
  14. When I first saw you, I knew you were the one.
  15. I get lost when I’m with you, but I’m soon found when you look in my eyes.
  16. My dreams wouldn’t be complete without you in them. Happy anniversary, love!
  17. I still haven’t figured out how to be around you and not have butterflies in my stomach.
  18. The world may see you as just another person, but you are my entire world - my one true love.
  19. I cannot imagine my life without you in it. Your love is everything to me!
  20. Love songs didn’t make sense until I met you. Now, I feel like every love song is talking about our love. 
  21. I want to continue making memories with you for the rest of my life.
  22. You are my everything, my all - for all of eternity!
  23. If I could write a book, it would be about our love story because it’s a timeless tale that needs to be told.
  24. No matter where I go, I always find my way back to you. 
  25. When we’re apart, I miss you, but I know you are there, safely in my heart.
  26. Loving you is easy but loving you and knowing you love me is everything in life.
  27. When we first met, I thought you were perfect; now, I know you’re not perfect, and I love you even more.
  28. For the first time in my life, my dreams match reality.
  29. Some people say I’m full of madness, but I know it’s actually love.
  30. Wherever I end up in life, my love for you will be there.
  31. If I could only take one thing to a deserted island, it’d be you.
  32. Love is beautiful because no words are needed.
  33. Every day I learn something new about you and fall deeper in love with you.
  34. I believe in you with all my heart.
  35. Thank you for giving me the greatest gift of all time - You!
  36. Being with you is my happy place, and I wouldn’t have it any other way.
  37. Thank you for giving me a beautiful reason for getting up every day - to get to spend another moment with you.
  38. They say you only fall in love once in life, but I disagree. Every time I see you, I fall in love all over again. 
  39. You are more than a boyfriend to me; you’re my best friend, my secret keeper, and my future.
  40. What we have is one for the ages!
  41. I love you with every step we take in life.

Talk About How Your Boyfriend Makes You Feel And How Happy You Are

talk about how your boyfriend makes you feel and how happy you are

When crafting a beautiful anniversary message, you want him to know how you really feel about him. If you are unsure as to what you are feeling, you may want to go to the store or look at poems online until you feel some inspiration. You are looking for a message that rings true with your feelings. Be sure to tell your boyfriend how he’s changed your life in a good way. 

You want him to understand how happy he’s made you and how blessed you feel to have him in your life. You may want to mention what your life was like before you met him and how it’s changed now that the two of you are together. If you are madly in love with him and he feels the same way, it’s okay to talk about the future but take caution when doing so.

You don’t want to scare him off if the two of you haven’t used the L-word yet. If you are still casually dating, I wouldn’t mention love in the card or email you are sending him. Instead, just talk about the joy you feel, having him in your life. He will probably appreciate any words you write. Don’t forget to mention all the wonderful things he’s done in your life to make you happy.

  1. You make my life happy every day. Happy anniversary, my love.
  2. You make me feel the happiness that I’ve never known. Let’s celebrate this special day!
  3. I think about you fondly throughout my every day. No one makes me feel this way. Happy anniversary to the man who makes every day special to me. 
  4. I can’t believe how much joy you have brought to my life. This anniversary really means a lot to me!
  5. I feel like the only girl in the world when we’re together. Happy anniversary, my dear!
  6. I want you to know that I’ve never seen love and happiness like this in my life! I wish you a happy anniversary today and forever!
  7. No one has ever brought a smile to my face the way you do! Happy anniversary!
  8. You mean the world to me, my love, and you make my life happy! I love you so much!
  9. I truly miss you when we are apart from one another. Happy anniversary, my love!
  10. This special day has brought a tear to my eye because we’ll be together forever. I love you so much, dear. Happy anniversary!
  11. I’ve had so much fun with you; you’ve made my life an adventure, and it means the world to me! Happy anniversary, my sweet love!
  12. You are my sunshine because you light up my life. I love you so much! Happy anniversary!
  13. I find you to be sweet, funny, and full of excitement! I’m so glad we found each other. Happy anniversary, my soulmate!
  14. I believe this is true love, and I hope I show you that with everything I do in life. Have a happy anniversary!
  15. Every time I see you, my face lights up in joy! I want you to know you are my everything! Happy anniversary today and always!
  16. I enjoy every moment we are together and can’t wait to see where our love leads us! Happy anniversary to the man who has made all this possible!
  17. I hope I make you as happy as you do me! If there’s ever anything you need, let me know, love. Happy anniversary, dear one!
  18. I smile when I think of you, my dear loved one! Happy anniversary, love!

Be A Little Cheesy With What You Have To Say

be a little cheesy with what you have to say

You don’t have to be a published author to speak from the heart. It’s also okay to steal from movies and television shows. He probably won’t even realize where the words you are speaking come from, but he will instead be focused on what you chose to speak about in your anniversary message. You can write anything you want to, provided it is sweet and true. 

You don’t want to write, “I love you,” if you aren’t ready to speak those three little words or if he hasn’t already said them. That might make for an uncomfortable moment while he reads your email or card you have created for him. It’s okay to write, “Love, [your name],” at the bottom of the card, though, since you have been together for 11 months now. 

Even if you aren’t madly in love with each other yet, you probably do love him as a friend, at least. Because of that, you may want to add that to the bottom of your anniversary message, so he knows these words are coming from the bottom of your heart. You didn’t just slap something on a page, but rather, you took the time to find the right words to express your feelings for him.

  1. I feel like we were meant to be together, like soulmates, and I want you to know that, my love. Happy anniversary!
  2. Life without you just wouldn’t be the same, my love. Always remember I’m here for you! Have a happy anniversary!
  3. I always knew you were out there, but I’m so glad we finally met, my love. Happy anniversary!
  4. Every day that we are together, I love you a little bit more! Happy anniversary to the best man I know!
  5. When we kiss, it feels like I’m floating. We’ll be together forever! Happy anniversary, my love!
  6. You are the light of my life. With anyone else, it wouldn’t be the same. Happy anniversary to the love of my life!
  7. While this isn’t our first anniversary, it certainly won’t be our last. Happy anniversary!
  8. I’ve been looking for you my whole life, and you are better than my expectations! Happy anniversary!
  9. You really do complete me - more and more every day. Always remember that, my love! Happy anniversary, dear man!
  10. It may be silly to celebrate months’ anniversary, but it means a lot to me that we have had love this strong for so long! Happy anniversary!
  11. I miss you so dearly when we are apart, my love, but I know my world will be complete when we see each other again. Happy anniversary, my love!
  12. My heart was made for yours; no one can change that fact anymore! Happy anniversary!
  13. You should be in trouble because you committed a crime when you stole my heart! Happy anniversary, you little thief!
  14. I can’t believe in a month, we’ll begin celebrating years together! You are my one true love! Happy anniversary for eleven months!
  15. You are number one in my book! My life wouldn’t be the same without you in it. Happy anniversary, love!
  16. You are the most handsome man I’ve ever known. My love for you overflows! Happy anniversary, baby!
  17. I want to spend more than one more month with you, my love! Happy anniversary!
  18. I cannot believe I finally met you; I’ve been waiting for you my whole life. Happy anniversary, my love!
  19. You are my Knight in Shining Armor! You keep stealing my heart over and over again! Happy anniversary, hot stuff!
  20. I believe we were meant to be together! Happy anniversary, my love!
  21. I laugh when I think of our little inside jokes. You make me happier every single day! Happy anniversary to my true love!
  22. Your love has brought my life to new levels of happiness and joy. I appreciate what you’ve done for me, my love. Happy anniversary!
  23. You continue to astound me with your love and how it affects my life! Thank you for being you! It really does mean the world to me! Happy anniversary, my love!

Top Tips When Crafting A Romantic Message

top tips when crafting a romantic message

Speak from the heart when crafting an anniversary message, making sure that he knows how you really feel about him. You don’t have to rhyme like Shakespeare or write a beautiful poem to express your love on your anniversary. You can just tell him what he means to you. The most important thing is that your anniversary message talks about what he’s done in your life. 

It’s okay to be cheesy when you talk about how you feel about your anniversary. You can always discuss the many things you love about him, and be sure you tell him how much you appreciate all the little stuff he has done for you, such as picking up groceries for you when you were sick. It’s the small things that matter in life and shows he truly loves and cares about you. 

You may also want to discuss the amount of time you have been with each other. Explain that this anniversary may not be a huge milestone for some, but it means a lot to you. Don’t forget to talk about how you felt when you first met him or began talking to you. How did those moments affect your life and love for him today? Don’t forget to wish him a happy anniversary, too!

The Perfect Formula For An Anniversary Message

When creating your anniversary message, you may be at a loss for words - even WITH all the help of this article, so here is the perfect formula you can use to craft your message. 

  1. Dear [sweet nickname that you call him]. Dear love.
  2. [Explain that you need him to know what he means to you]. I need you to know how much you have made a difference in my life with your charming, loving nature.
  3. [Talk about his greatness]. When you answer all the trivia questions right at our tournament, it really makes me realize how incredibly smart you are! You are one of a kind, for sure!
  4. [Discuss what you love about him]. I love the way you dry the dishes when we hand wash them after a meal. Your tender touch really means a lot to me. 
  5. [Talk about what impresses you the most]. The way you take care of your sick mother shows me what a kind heart you have and how much you really love other people. I know you have the sweetest, most loving heart of any man I’ve ever known.
  6. [Talk about how he makes you feel]. When I think about all those things, I realize how much I love you and respect everything you do in life. You really are a miracle sent from above. 
  7. [Discuss the future of your relationship]. I know that today is just our 11-month anniversary, but I cannot wait to see what the future holds for you and me. I look forward to the journey. 
  8. [Offer a sweet closing]. With all the love in the world, I wish you a happy anniversary, my one and only true love. 
  9. [Sign your name]. Love [your name].


What do you say to your boyfriend on your anniversary?

Tell him, “Happy anniversary, my love!” Make sure you mention how much he has changed your life for the better, that he means the world to you, and that your heart is on fire because of him. Let him know how much he means to you; speak from the heart.

What do you say to your boyfriend on your one month anniversary?

Anniversary messages should talk about the memories the two of you have shared in life. In what ways has he taught you more about love than you already knew? Express your feelings and emotions in your love messages, showing how much you care.

How do you wish your second month anniversary?

Second month anniversary messages are the same as the first ones. You want him to know how he’s helped you learn more about what love really is. Let him know that you’ve enjoyed the memories you’ve made together and look forward to many more!

What should I do for my boyfriend on our 6 month anniversary?

Six month anniversary messages should be a little more special because that is quite a milestone. Whatever you decide to do (cook him dinner or surprise him with a romantic massage), make sure you express your love in a meaningful way.

What is the most romantic saying?

In my book, one of the most romantic things you can tell a boyfriend is, “You have taught me more about love than I could have ever imagined possible.” Then, in your anniversary messages, explain the times you have felt closest to him and when you fell in love.

To Sum Things Up…

What do you think are the most romantic things to tell your boyfriend on an anniversary? What has your boyfriend said to you on your anniversary in the past? I’d love to hear your point of view on this subject! Please leave a comment, and share this blog post!

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