Cute Things To Say To Your Boyfriend On Your 6 Months Relationship

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Relationships mostly involves sweet, romantic things that can melt your heart just easily. Take a brief look, from the very first stage, when you first spot that guy, when both of you're trying to flirt shyly, then to a stage when he's confessing to you in such a romantic way. That's just the beginning. Once the relationship started, oh, you're just about to taste different romantic and sweet things all the way, such as celebrating anniversary, or well, monthsary.

Well, sometimes monthsary might seem less important, like something that’s likely to be forgotten instead of celebrated. But, actually, there's nothing wrong with celebrating. Being able to stay with the person you love, despite all of the hardships, is something to be thankful about. Celebrating monthsary isn't always have to be expensive, like eating fancy dinner on the hotel's rooftop, well, that way you'll get broke easily. Instead, try to think of creative, simple, and affordable ways of celebrating monthsary. Don't worry, there are cheap things to do to celebrate your anniversary.

Do you want to know how to celebrate your 6th month with your boyfriend without paying anything? If there's anniversary messages for boyfriend long distance relationship, why won't you give it a try? Use your mind, and lips. Yeah, find cute things to say that will make them love you even more.


Cute Things To Say To Your Boyfriend On Your 6 Months Relationship 

There are people who are naturally poetic and romantic, but we all know that we might not be that kind of person. At times, you might even find it hard to find what to say to your boyfriend on your 7 month anniversary.

Although actually no matter how you say it, it should come from your heart, but you might have to take a look over ways to say it cutely. How you deliver the message is also important, that will determine how the other person will think and react. So, here are few cute things to say to your boyfriend on your 6th month:

1. "How lucky am I to have you"

how lucky am i to have you

Mostly, boys like it a lot when they feel important. Saying how lucky you are to have him will make him feel encouraged, because you’re expressing that you're thankful. When your boy feel encouraged, he'll end up loving you more and more.

2. "You know when's my favourite moment? These 6 months that i got to spend with you."

Find the cute things to say to your boyfriend on your 6 months anniversary. It's not just cute for boy to hear, it's also letting him know that you love the moment you both spend together. Knowing how you like his company will only make him feel like snuggling up to you even longer.

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3. "If I can change my past 6 months, the moment that I won't change is the moment when you're with me."

Every normal person, boy or girl, will get butterflies in their stomach, especially if they hear that from the person they love. Imagine how your soulmate cherish every moment they spend with you. Oh, how good that feels to hear it directly from the person itself.

4. "You made my day."

Here are the cute things to say to your boyfriend on your 6 months. Sometimes, when we love someone, we tend to try pleasing, making the person feel happy, content, and accompanied all the time. Well, who wouldn't be happy if the person who love them is happy and that's because of them, their effort.

5. "I want you in the next 6 months, next 2 years, and forever."

This saying will give your boyfriend the message that you do want him. You are serious with your feeling, your relationship, and most of all, with him. You're not playing around with what both of you have, and of course that's a good thing if both of you're intending on building strong, long term relationship together.

6. "Hey, did you know how I survive? You’re by my side. That’s all I need."

Again, boys are mostly needy. Well, in this case, needy for feeling needed. Sounds complicated, but, that’s the truth. Boys need to feel needed to then get encouraged. This will boost up their confidence, and they'll shower you with the same amount of love that you gave him all this time. How perfect would that be.

7. "Time flies, but my feelings for your never change, it gets deeper every time."

time flies but my feelings for you never change, it gets deeper every time

Sometimes, as a relationship goes by, people might started to worry about the other person feelings. Is he/she happy? Does he/she still loves me after all this time? You can stop your boyfriend for wondering about that if you say this. He will understand that you’re still there, your heart’s still for him no matter how long have you been together.

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8. "You know what, if I have time machine, I’ll never ask it to take me further than last 6 months. Do you know why? Because I ain’t going back to the moment when you’re not there."

This will emphasize the fact that with him, your life’s so much better. It’s that better until you wouldn’t like to go back to when he wasn’t there. People like it a lot when they can be a good impact on someone’s life. Well, they love it.

9. "Thank you for these beautiful 6 months, what about another year?"

This witty yet romantic sayings will make him smile and melt at the same time. You’re showing your gratitude and as well, hope for the future with him.

Who says only boy can get romantic and sweet? It's not only girls who are happy when their partner says cute things. In fact, boy might secretly like that as well. The key is just, don't overdo and do it in the cutest way that you can ever imagine. Voila! You won't realize that your relationship’s becoming stronger and full of thrills.

These spicing up things are necessary, even if you're married. Even until your marriage is celebrating the 50th anniversary, you still need to love each other and express it in a way that's good to hear.

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