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50 Things to Say to Your Boyfriend to Make Him Cry (Popular Quotes)

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“It’s so hard for me to put you into words, because i love you in ways i have never loved anyone else.”


Man is type of human that are complicated to express their feeling. Because of that man always swallow their feeling and never to really express whats in his heart. this issues makes a relationship more complicate, and if you are the the woman who really love romance this problem may be killing you slowly.

But here some advice, to make man more felt you must try to take those felling from his heart, by saying or doing something really-really emotional even can make him cry, although it maybe so cliche, if you really think about it, it maybe come some genius things that you can do or you can say. If you do not now yet, this following things maybe can you used to make your man melted  and be more emotional.

Here are the things to say to your boyfriend to make him cry:

  1. “Wise man saying that; Be a woman that say “i will always waiting for you. No mater you will come or not.” To the person who say “i will come. No matter you will wait here or not.” untill this second i dont know who is that. Even  i so shame with all hopes. Keep fixing myself, and now i totally understand this advice.”
  2. “Someone who really-really love us, will be not let us waiting—even he knows that we will be there waiting. For me, that man is you, i love you.”
  3. “Someone who do not opened her heart anymore, doesnt mean that she dont want to in love again. Its just, she still feel that she need a little time alone. Making sure, thats someone new, maybe not bad as the someone in her   Thats is past me, now you are someone who make me feel that past just past, now i’m heading to future with you.”
  4. “Maybe i don’t want to be saved the trouble. Maybe i want the trouble. I haven’t wanted the trouble in a long time, but with you, the trouble dooesn’t seem so….. troubling.”
  5. “One true thing that can support the weight of all the lies in the world, and that’s the fact that i love you. And you know that when i say that….i’m not lying.”
  6. “You make me happy all the time, and the thing that i know is i love you.”
  7. “There are million reason i love you, you make me laugh, take care of me when i sick, you are sweet, caring, and awesome. But the main reason that i love you is you’re my best friend. The best friend that i ever have.”
  8. “Not everything along away was perfect. To be honest, not everything to follow would be perfect either. But, what is? Here’s the secret, none of us can vow to be perfect. In the end, all i can do is promised to love you with everything i’ve got. Because loving you is the best thing i can do.”
  9. “I didn’t fall in love with you. I walked into love with you, with my eyes wide open, choosing to take every step along the way. I do believe in fate and destiny, but i also believe we are only fated to do the things that we’d choose anyway. And i’d choose you; in a hundred lifetimes, in any version of reality, i’d find you and i’d choose you.”
  10. “Patience, my love. I am not yet as i am supposed to be, but i am yours.”

  11. “I can never bury my love for you deep enough for it to stop finding. Its way back into the light. The more i try, the harder it bounces back.”
  12. “When i look back to the day we met. I still see the beginning of my favorite love story.”
  13. “The moment i met you, my soul begged of me to make you mine. It was as if in the moment i looked at you, i discovered my life’s purpose. And that is how i fell for you.”
  14. “When i first looked into the eyes of someone i had somehow just now met for the first time and had yet somehow also known for my whole my life. You’re the someone that i mean.”
  15. “There is a power between the two of us. An electricity we could power a city with if only we knew how. There is something between us, you and i. Some kind of magic.”
  16. “I wish i could tell my heart what my mind already knows you were never worth it. And yet still, my heart yearns like a fool for you touch.”
  17. “I wonder sometimes if we are so busy looking down at our phones that we have forgotten how to look up at the stars and dream and how to look to front of me the most beautiful and awesome man i’ve ever met.”
  18. “You will never look like the man on the magazine cover and that’s okay. Because you are real and that image is made up. And you are fucking awesome just the way you are.”
  19. “You are the love of my life. Everything i have.. and everything i am.. is yours. Forever.”
  20. I dont wanna be your boyfriend. I just dont know. I want to be with you. All the time, i want to hear about you day and tell you about mine. I want to hold your hand and smell your hair. But i don’t want to be your boyfriend. I just want you.
  21. “I vow to keep updating our vows as we go, because one set of vows can’t cover a lifetime of growing and changing with you, raising children with you, and failing more and more in love with you every day, which is what i vow to do for the rest of my life.”
  22. “I think there is a chance that i kinda—sort of..quite possibly—might be in love with you.”
  23. “I’ll be yours until the stars fall from the sky.”
  24. “The worst thing about losing you was that you took my heart with you.”
  25. “I’m trying to be happy, wearing a smile; but its to painful inside. Everywhere i go i see your face, and realize how much i miss you; but i still know that you’re with me forever.”
  26. “How can i stop thinking of you, if they are my first though in the morning, my last thought at night. And the only person in my dreams?”
  27. “Some things only come into our lives to make us grow when they go. Even if those things are people. Even if we love them. But the thing that i imagine when you were not arround is not making me grow up, its just make me broke-up.”
  28. “You, do not just cross my mind, a mere visit. You live in it.”
  29. “Sometimes the only way to show you love is to just care.”
  30. “Nowadays, love has become too much about taking and not enough about giving. But you doing both of that for me.”
  31. “I admit that i mistook the way you lusted for me for real attraction. I wish i could’ve seen who you were and what you really wanted before it was too late.”
  32. “True love is accepting the responsibility of carefully handling another’s fragile heart. and that is how i felt about you.”
  33. “First time i see you, i say; Today is a brand new beginning. Seize it and change mylife. This is the sign i’ve been waiting for.”
  34. “What a terrible thing it was to have been so close to you. And now here we are, so far apart. I wonder, if it would’ve been better to never felt your love at all. And i was wrong, i was stupid to thinking about that, i so thankful that i felt in love you.”
  35. “You make me fall in love again show me this heart is capable of feeling more than just pain.”
  36. “In the end, i would rather be able to say i loved too much than not enough.”
  37. “‘You’ and just like that, the greatest poem was written, in one word.”
  38. “I dont messing arround with you. I just dont wanna so hurry. Yes, i do love you. But i want to take that easy, but surely. Do you wanna waiting untill that moment came?”
  39. “Seeing you, i can’t cause my heart will screamed to keep loving you.”
  40. “I like to remind myself i was lucky enough to have had time with you at all.”
  41. “You are my sun, my moon and all my star’s”
  42. “Sometimes when i’m with you, i forget myself.”
  43. “I love you, and i’m not a girl who said it lighly. I am a girl who faking her love in her intire life, but with you i feel right. I am hopelessly irretrievably in love with you, more than you know.”
  44. “i love you, that’s all i know right now.”
  45. ”You are my bestfreind, and i am the luckiest girl who fall in love with his bestfreind. You are the best for me.”
  46. “I love you like a child who love a candy.”

  47. “I though love was just something idiot stuff they felt. But you has hold on my heart that i could not break if i wanted to. And there had been times that i wanted to. It has been overwhelming and humbling and even painful at times. But i could not stop loving you more than i could not stop breathing.”
  48. “When you love someone, you just don’t stop. Ever. Even when people roll their eyes or call you crazy. Even then. Especially then. Because if i could give up, if i could just take the whole worlds advice, and move on and find someone else, that wouldn’t be love. That would be some other disposable thing that is not worth fighting for.”
  49. “I though love was just something idiot stuff they felt. But you has hold on my heart that i could not break if i wanted to. And there had been times that i wanted to. It has been overwhelming and humbling and even painful at times. But i could not stop loving you more than i could not stop breathing.”
  50. “I am in love with you, okay? If you looking for the Word that means caring about someone beyond all rationality and wanting them to have everything they want, no matter how much its destroy you. It is love.”

Right move and right word can improve your successful rate. Next thing you must know is mans love a real thing thats not made up, and their also love to knowing that what you were says is for real, so be a woman  and show how much you want to be with her. That’s all the things to say to your boyfriend to make him cry, quotes from movies, books, and wise saying about broken heart.

Try those sweet word and perfect thing to say with perfect timing and right condition and  also romantic gesture, your man will easily melted. May we meet again.

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