How To Make A Guy Fall In Love With You Through Chatting (21 Ways To Win Him Over)

Last updated on February 12, 2024 by Michelle Devani

Do you want to learn how to make a guy fall in love with you through chatting?

This might sound a bit obscene and exaggerated, but it is absolutely possible. 

Below, I have listed some of the basic factors you need to add into your conversations to make this happen.

What’s more, if you want to go deeper on this material and really learn how to make a man adore you through your words, I have the perfect material for you. 

It’s based on a primal aspect of male psychology, known by some as ‘The Hero’s Instinct’. 

This part of a man’s mind has a huge impact on how he perceives the women in his life. 

By learning how to activate this line of thinking within him, he really can become putty in your hands. 

I know because I tried it for myself!

Back in my early twenties, I really struggled to keep men in my life for more than a few dates. 

But once I learned the technique behind triggering a man’s ‘Hero’s Instinct’, I was able to cut into their emotions and make them feel I truly understand them. It’s a powerful psychological ploy that keeps them endlessly coming back for more.

You can click here to learn how I discovered the power of ‘ The Hero’s Instinct’ - or you can scroll down for some basic pointers.


Top Ways To Get Him To Fall For You Over Chat

1. Be patient

One of the chief lessons I learned as a single adult was the value of playing hard to get. I always chased guys until I learned that not all guys appreciate that. Sometimes, you earn more brownie points by letting him chase you. I also learned that not all guys are this way. Some guys enjoy a girl that goes after what she wants - him. 

I think you have to gauge the guy you are interested in to see what he is like. Does he appreciate it when you initiate chats, or does he seem to prefer to start things up?

If you hope to make him fall hard for you, make sure you know what he prefers. He may like it when you start up conversations. However, he could be the opposite. Try doing both!

2. Be honest about who you are 

One thing that is for sure is that guys don’t like to be deceived. Be yourself, and be truthful when you tell him intimate details because sooner or later, he’ll find out the truth. If your relationship progresses, you don’t want him to find out you told a dumb lie to impress him. It’s best to play it safe and tell things like they really are.

3. Give him more than one-word answers

I can’t stand talking to another person via chat and getting one-word answers. Nothing is worse to me than getting the “okay” response, especially if I’ve shared something profound. He probably feels the same way. If you need to, take a minute to come up with a clever response, but don’t give him a one-word answer. Show you are a clever person!

4. Get creative

This goes hand-in-hand with the last point, but give it a shot. Show off your wit by giving him original responses. Maybe tell him that you are “petting your toy rabbit, hoping for good luck,” just to catch him off guard. You can then say, “just kidding,” but stuff like that worked like a charm with guys when I was trying to win them over! Can’t hurt, right?

5. Tell interesting stories

tell interesting stories

Of course, don’t start making things up, but telling him your favorite stories from when you were a child is fair game. You can tell him about when you first got picked on in school (or how you regret how evil you were if you did the teasing). The point is to be original and unique. You can best do this by telling real stories from your life.

6. Be unpredictable

Sometimes, the best way to win a guy’s heart is to catch him off guard. If he starts to think you’re boring or predictable, he may lose interest. You can keep him guessing by sending him silly memes out of the blue or saying, “happy birthday,” when it’s clearly not his birthday. You can say, “Just kidding; I wanted to get you to smile, anyway!”

7. Be funny

We aren’t talking Jim Carey funny, but if you get him to giggle a little, you are golden in his eyes. With men, it’s been determined that when you laugh, they are just as likely to do so. So, say things that are funny to you, and it’s guaranteed that he’ll follow suit and laugh, too! 

If you even just try your best and let him know you are trying to be funny, he’ll probably chuckle a little at your effort. Even if you aren’t very funny at all, the fact that you’re trying shows a lot in a guy’s eyes. 

8. Be a good listener

This is a surefire way to a guy’s heart. All you have to do is show that you can listen with real intent. This means showing respect as he talks, not interrupting, and not judging his feelings if he is expressing real emotion. You can do this by clearing your mind of all your thoughts and focusing on what he’s saying to you. You may have to really concentrate.

You also need to show empathy, which is not the same as sympathy. Empathy is all about showing you are feeling the same thing the other person is. You can also be a good listener by asking open-ended questions about what he’s just said after he’s done talking and showing genuine interest in what’s been discussed. 

9. Make him the best version of himself

My man told me he fell for me the moment he realized that I made him the best version of himself he’d ever known. How did I do that? I guess I’m not entirely sure, but I believe it was because he wanted a new job, and I wanted to see him succeed. I worked hard on his resume and job applications because I genuinely cared about him!

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10. Be supportive

Show him that he’s welcome to have interests outside of your relationship and that the world doesn't revolve around you and your interests. Instead, show support for the things he loves to do and be uplifting. Let him do what he wants. There’s no reason to hold him back from what he loves, or he certainly won’t love you! 

A guy appreciates and loves girls who let him be himself. That means that you should not try to control him in any way. 

11. Find common ground

Don’t pretend to be interested in the things your guy likes. Instead, find things that the two of you both love. You may find that you both love model airplanes or the game of chess. That gives you something to talk about and share a passion with. 

12. Show interest in him

show interest in him

Guys don’t like to guess whether you really like them or not. They want to know the truth. If you are crazy for this guy, tell him and show him by making him a priority in your life. 

13. Be easy-going

Men love women who go with the flow and aren’t overly high-strung. You can show this by not being high-maintenance. That means don’t be all dramatic about every little thing in your life. Instead, be flexible and easy to get along with. Men love that! You will get far by acting like this than by acting like a little princess who deserves special treatment.

14. Show off your smarts

Show your intelligence with this guy, too. Send him witty text messages or clever remarks. You could look up funny stories or clever quotes online and save them for your chats!

15. Be a sweet person

Men love women who have kind hearts. They fall in love with women who they can picture marrying one day. If you want to be this girl, you don’t have to be someone you are not, but show your sweetness by doing volunteer work or visiting an older relative. Don’t do it on his account; do it for yourself, but he’ll love your spirit.

16. Flirt

There’s nothing wrong with being coy from time to time to show you really like this guy! He’ll appreciate the acknowledgment (glad to know that you actually do have a thing for him)!

17. Be confident

While you don’t always want to be overly bold, every guy likes a girl who is sure of who she is. You can illuminate confidence by saying things like they are. Show you are a captivating person who knows exactly what she wants by asking him out on occasion or telling him exactly how you feel about something rather than being passive on topics. 

18. Give him attention

give him attention

Many guys do not tolerate girls who play games or toy with them. If you actually like him and want him to fall for you, you need to show him this by making time for him. You shouldn’t drop what you’re doing to answer every text, but don’t wait days to respond, either. Games are just not cool. 

19. Have an optimistic attitude

Show you have a positive attitude in everything you do. Don’t send him tons of texts that are just complaints about your life. You don’t want him to think you are a downer. Instead, find at least two positive things to say every day!

20. Be fun 

Everyone wants to be around people they enjoy being with. Make sure you have fun in life and find time for the stuff you are passionate about! Have leisurely interests!

21. Send him beautiful pictures

Don’t doctor pictures of yourself or over-glam to look similar to a person you are not, but do take the time to get out of your pajamas to take a hot pic. He needs to have at least two gorgeous (recent) shots of you that he can look at later to remember who it is he’s falling for


Can you catch feelings for someone through texting?

You can definitely get feelings for someone as you get to know them over the phone. It’s just like on dates where there is no physical contact. You are both just learning about each other to see if you are compatible and make sense together.

How do you make a guy miss you in chat?

The best way to do this is to give him space and time away from you. It’s not an easy thing to do; I do sympathize because I’ve been there, but sometimes, it’s better to be patient and let him take the lead than it is to pursue him nonstop. 

Can a man fall in love with you through texting?

Yes, a guy can fall for you over text messages. You may find that as he gets to know you, he likes you more and more. Eventually, that like will turn to love, and he’ll want to move things along in the relationship. He’ll tell you how he feels, too.

Do guys text you if they like you?

Yes, men will communicate with you via text if they are interested because it’s a way to learn more about you. They will want to utilize every means possible to get in touch with you because they are hooked on who you are. They want to know more about you.

Do guys like texting?

Not all men enjoy texting because men are visual creatures. They prefer face-to-face contact, where they can see your reactions to what they have to say, rather than guess what you’re thinking on the phone. However, some men enjoy texting and keeping up with the latest in technology.

To Sum Things Up…

Do you have a man you are crazy about? Are you trying to win his heart? What tricks have you tried that have worked? I’d love to hear more about your experiences with this topic! Please leave a comment below! Also, don’t forget to share this post with someone!

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