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How to Make a Guy Fall in Love With You Through Chatting – 11 Ways that Always Works!

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Here we go again in the lovedevani.com, #1 all about love from Devani site. If lovedevani.com has discussed some articles like sweetest reasons to marry a Bong Girl, reasons to marry a Canadian, and reasons to marry from another ethnic group, in this occasion, lovedevani.com will talk about ways to help your crush fall in love with you just through the online interaction. But before we start the discussion, don’t forget to read another articles from the site: signs your best friend is emotionally draining you & how to tell your boyfriend that you want a promise ring.


People chat all the time nowadays. It’s no longer the era that people try to impress one another during a meet-up or a blind date. Be it through DMs, Facebook Messaging, or even Tinder, the way we introduce and bring ourselves in a chat window matter. Maybe you’re currently looking for the love of your life, maybe you’re crushing on a guy or maybe you’ve been talking to someone for so long but you don’t feel like he loves you back. The question is, how can you make a guy fall for you without meeting in person? And this is how to make a guy fall in love with you through chatting – 11 ways that always works!

1. Be curious

Guys also like it when we try to know his interests. First, some stalking through his social media is required. When you have acquired some information, you can use it as a topic to talk about. For example, if he loves a certain sport or games, you can research some facts about it and get him to explain it to you. Guys love when they feel needed and important, and you can learn a thing or two about him.

2. Be caring

Everyone feels uncomfortable when you’re ignorant. Try to remember his schedule, ask him about it, or remind him once in a while. If he just finished work, ask him “how was your day? anything new at work?”. If he is about to hang out with his friends, tell him “have fun and safe drive”. If he is not feeling well, remind him “take your meds and get well soon”. Caring about little things will show him that you are not selfish and he will feel loved.

3. Be a good listener

Guys often don’t share it when they’re feeling insecure. When he talks about it, listen attentively and read it carefully. When he is having a bad day at work, or getting a bad score, remind him of his worth. Even through failures, remind him that he is capable and he will get back up.

4. Be active

If you don’t talk much through chatting, and let him control the conversation almost all of the times, guys can get bored. Don’t respond to his chat with just a short answer, instead, ask him back, talk a lot, and joke around sometimes. Don’t be a “yes man” that always agree to what he said. It’s okay to disagree sometimes.

5. Be sweet

Guys usually don’t like girls who constantly talk bad about other girls. Once in a while, it’s okay to vent to him about your daily problems. But, keep it at a minimum level. Keep some gossips and bad comments to yourself.

[How to Make a Guy Fall in Love With You Through Chatting – 11 Ways that Always Works!]

6. Be understanding

Understand that you cannot expect a guy to pay attention to you all the time. Give him some space, and a personal time. Value and respect his time with his friends, family or his hobbies.

7. Be smart

Guys like challenges, and they like something that they feel they earned. Be smart in finding the timing to be absent once in a while. When you’re available to chat all the time, or even bugging him by constantly talking to him, guys might feel that you’re desperate and easy. Give some time to reply, and he’s guaranteed to be curious.

8. Be humble

If you did any mistake, or say something that might offend him, know the timing to say sorry. Some guys have a huge ego, and apologizing when you know you’re wrong is the only solution sometimes.

9. Be confident

Guys love when the girls shows they need him. But guys also like it when they know his girlfriend is someone he can depend on. Show your confidence, show that you are secure in yourself, and show that you got it all together. Let him know that you can solve your own problem by yourself at times.

10. Be yourself

Show your charm, and don’t worry to be witty. Guys like a girl with a good sense of humor, or a girl that is unlike any other girl. Show your passion and interest, and tell him about it once in a while. It’s good to know that you’re not all about obsessing over him, and he might like your uniqueness instead of finding you boring.

11. Be mysterious

Instead of telling him all about yourself, keep some things for him to be curious about. It will drive him crazy, and he will be interested to know more about you. Guys like to come back for more if you leave some more to find out. It’s okay to give him some clues, but let him ask himself.

And that’s the article entitle “How to Make a Guy Fall in Love With You Through Chatting – 11 Ways that Always Works!” By using these kind of ways, surely, your baby will ask for a date in no time!.

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