This Is How to Get A Gay Guy to Like You If You're A Girl

Last updated on May 4, 2024 by Michelle Devani

It can be nerve wrecking when you like someone and you want them to like you back. You're not sure of the right things that you should do. But here's how to get a gay guy to like you if you're a girl. Worry no more because these tips will turn you into a likeable person, even he won't hesitate to know more about you.

1. Be Supportive

Show how supportive you are to him. Support him in different aspects of his life. For instance, you can support his business idea or in his personal hobby. You can directly tell him or show it in actions. He will highly appreciate your supportive nature, especially when there is only a handful of people who believe in him. Knowing these Signs of a Guy being Gay might be helpful to you.

2. Have the Same Interests

This is a good way to bond. To get a gay guy to like you if you’re a girl, you should find out the things that he’s interested in. See if your interest is the same as him. It could be about movies, music, places or activities. Once you find a common thread, you’ll find it easier to initiate conversations. This will make the two of you to be closer.

3. Hang Out Frequently

When you don’t see someone for a long time, the relationship that you’ve worked on could fizzle out. Hanging out with him as frequently as you can. It’s proven that people do connect more when they get to see each other on a daily basis. However, you don’t have to force yourself to meet-up every day. What you should focus on as well is the quality time. Make sure that the hours spent are meaningful. You can even try these Things to Do when Bored with Your Best Friends at Home.

4. Open Up to Him

Opening up yourself to someone else might be easy but it might also be difficult. However, you need to know that in order to get a gay guy to like you if you’re a girl, you should be brave enough to be transparent. He will like you if you’re honest and true to yourself. Once you’re able to open up, he will also do the same with you.

5. Make Time for Him

Don’t be someone who will only hang around with him during the happy times. You also need to be there when things get rough. Learn all the Ways Make Best Friend Feel Better that can cheer him up when he's down.

The fact is, when you make time for him, he will grow to like you even more. Not everyone is always willing to sacrifice a part of their life to someone else. But if you do it to him, then there’s no reason for him to not like you.

6. Look Friendly

Look friendly to get a guy to like you if you’re a girl. No one wants to be around who has a mean face and a cold attitude.Can Friends Call Each Other Babe? Yes you can, be warm in your approach and he will feel safe around you. Even if you’re not feeling very ‘friendly’ that day, still try to display a welcoming aura by giving him your nicest smile. Afterwards, you can spill what’s bothering you. This might make the two of you connect even more. 

7. Give Compliments

Compliments are flattering but you need to be careful with them. They can seem fake which is something that you really want to avoid. Give him genuine compliments. They shouldn’t be too much, but good enough to make him feel confident or appreciated. You also shouldn’t give out compliments too frequently. Do it only as much as you need to.

8. Remember Important Dates

To get a gay guy to like you if you’re a girl, remember important dates. His birthday should be something that’s permanently imprinted in your mind. Through conversations, find out important events in his life. Celebrate with him when you can. Throw him a surprise party or give him an unexpected gift that he will treasure for the rest of his life.

9. Make Them Trust You

Research has shown that trusting others is something that we all do naturally. However, it does take actions to make that trust real. You just have to show him that you’re trustworthy. Whatever it is that he tells you, keep it to yourself. Don’t tell anyone else about it. This is something that many people fail. They can’t keep secrets. So be different than the rest.

10. Be Reliable

This actually a great way to make him trust you. Be a reliable person to him. Don’t ever ditch him in any plan. When you offer him help, go through with your intention. Make him know that you’re a person that he can always depend on. Once he realizes that you’re reliable, he will instantly like you and remember you for life.

11. Show You Care

You may already care about him but you need to show it. He won’t know unless you prove it through your actions. But what can you do to show him that you care? Well, there’s a lot. You can send him messages to ask him how his day is going. When he’s sick, send him food or take care of him. When he needs a ride, offer it to him.

The big things are appreciated but small things matter too. Even watching a movie with him shows that you care enough to be his companion. You can also use these Funny Ways to Tell Your Friends You Love Them.

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12. Keep in Touch

Keeping in touch is also a smart move to get a gay guy to like you if you’re a girl. You don’t want to be forgotten so you better show him that you’re still around. Give him a call in your free time. Arrange a weekend trip that you know he will love. It’s so important not to lose touch with him so he will still like you.

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