My Boyfriend Has Suddenly Disappeared and Stopped Texting or Calling, What Should I Do?

Last updated on June 12, 2022 by Michelle Devani

Being in a relationship is a roller coaster, one minute is lovely sunshine and rainbows the next is thunderstorm and world winds.

Like any relationship, it normally starts with the boyfriend texting you all the time. But slowly and suddenly he either text less or not at all. What happen? Did he lose interest? Why isn’t he responding your text? What should you do?

Not going to lie, it is worrying when he doesn’t text back for a while. You slowly feel anxious but most importantly the future of your relationship is in jeopardy.

Texting is a big deal, why? Texting is a symbol of love, connection and security. Wake up one morning, your boyfriend sends you a loving wake up call a good way to start your day. Sending you love messages and even to let you know how much you means to him. Imagine all this ends one day, the question now raises what to do ?

Well here are some tips what to do when your boyfriends stop texting.


The first thing is take a deep breath, relax. Don’t jump to any conclusion your mind is playing tricks on you so don’t let it. Clear your mind and take a step back, try not to have any irrational thoughts.

Until he tells you what the problem is, just let it be. Having some wild thoughts is not healthy for both of you.

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Observe him

When I mean observe him, I don’t literally mean you have to stalk him. That would cause more problems.

Try a more subtle way, in a neutral voice ask him about his work, feeling and try to reflect back when you and him together had a wonderful vacation. Observe his facial expression if you notice some changes ask again in a calming voice what's wrong?

Mind you chose your words wisely to avoid any problems.

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Make yourself happy

This could be one of the best respond yet. If your boyfriend isn’t responding to you or to your text. Let it be, find something in your life that makes you happy .

Sometimes you really don’t have to depend on your boyfriend to make you happy. This could be a great opportunity for you. You can finally have that alone me time, what I mean by this, go back to your hobbies. Yo must have had a hobby that you enjoyed but to busy to do it.

If you haven’t found it, its alright this is that time. You can try out new things from hand craft to bungee jumping, sky diving to diving in the ocean. The world is yours to explore.

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Last but not least take your time to reflect, you both are in this relationship. Are you and him committed? That one of the most important question.

It all start with that question, if you both can answer it. Then I sure you can work things out but if you weren’t then its another story.

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In conclusion, you are beautiful young girls don’t stress your self with this problems. There is always a way out and most importantly be happy.

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