How Can I Be Sexually Attracted To My Wife Again? Here's the Best Solution

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When you have been married for years, you’re going to get bored of your partner. It’s an inevitable things if you are being with someone for too long. But marriage is a serious commitment that you can’t detached from it anytime you want. The dangerous sign of it is when you see other woman is hotter than your wife.

You will gradually lose your attraction to her, which can be a red flag for your marriage. As you want to save your marriage, you start to wonder “how can I be sexually attracted to my wife again” and try to find out the answers. Here are some useful tips for you:


1. Go For A Second Honeymoon

It’s always good to be back in time. Remember how you feel to each other at the beginning of the marriage by going for a second honeymoon. You can either revisit the old destinations or going to the new one.

Spending time only with each other will make you realize how much you have been going through and that you’re always in need of her.

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2. Get Away From Each Other For A While

get away from each other for a while

If you are afraid you might become even more uninterested when you go on a second honeymoon, you can choose the opposite way. Get away from each other. A married couple spend 24/7 with their spouse, and it’s a strange thing if they never get bored of each other.

Hopefully you’ll miss her when you’re away. Realizing that you need her so much in life. Giving yourself chance to miss your significant other is a good way to relight the flame of love.

3. Go For A Couple’s Therapy

After many nothing-helpful ways, you can look for a couple counselling. But first you must tell her what you feel without making her feel offended.

Remember that you’re not bringing her down, but you’re looking for a solution together. It might be hard at first, but later you can feel the change in your relationship.

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4. Do The Simply Romantic Activities

When people get married, they tend to forget the simple but romantic things they used to do in the past.

Actually, you can do many things to remind yourself that you love her: dinner just for two, taking a walk together, dancing to the music at night, and leaving a sweet note for each other every morning.

It’s time to do these stuffs again. See how you will be emotionally closer to each other by practicing those everyday.

5. Invent New Turn-Ons Together

invent new turn-ons together

Don’t go classic and traditional with sex – it’s boring. Embark on a new sex adventure with your wife by exploring new sex toys or wearing provocative outfits in the bedroom. You’re going to see your wife in a completely new light.

If this doesn’t work, you should go to a professional and find out what’s wrong with your relationship.

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6. Remember What You Like About Her Regarding Sex

Another answer to “how can I be sexually attracted to my wife” is by recalling what you liked most about her. Did you like making out right after she takes shower? Did you prefer her puffy face in the morning when you laid her in bed?

Write it down until the smallest details on a paper – or your phone. Every time you remember a thing, write it down. Or at least if you’re not, you’ll be smiling at the thought.

7. Do More Than I Love You

Love isn’t love ‘till you mean what you say. Saying “I Love You” would be meaningless if you do it every second. At first you’d think it’s a way to remind yourself how much you love her, but it eventually become an empty routine.

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Rather than “I Love You”, be more real through action. Never forget to text her not to skip lunch, give her massage on the back at the end of the day, and give her time-off every weekend. It’s how you show her that you really care, that you love her.

8. Workout Together

Why did you think another woman is hotter than your wife? Even for a very small part, physical factor must be there. If you see your wife start to let herself go, ask her for a workout together.

Witness how she get back in shape as you’re falling in love with her again during the process.

9. Never Stop Giving Surprises

never stop giving surprises

After marriage, your priority changes. So does hers. Family, kids, and careers are above your love for each other. You never know this until you feel your wife is less attractive than ever. There is a simple formula so that you won’t forget your spouse: surprises.

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Giving each other regular surprise show that she is someone special in your life. It never change after all the passing years. Other than affection, it also display you high knowledge of her.

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10. Verbally Compliment Her

Compliments are another surprise you can give your wife. Yes, it’s a kind of verbal surprises that would really put her into surprise. Tell her that she looks pretty when she’s about to sleep at night or every time you want. Compliments are also appreciation for your wife.

11. Be Each Other’s Best Friend

Nothing is better than spending the rest of your life with a best friend. Make her your best friend and try to be her best friend. Just like how best friends are, do fun things together, share your ups and downs together, and be there for each other every time she needs you.

Those are all the answer to “how can I be sexually attracted to my wife” again. Don’t blame her for this, because everyone can feel the same about their spouse.

Find the best solutions to save your marriage. And one more important thing: don’t ever think to cheat on your wife now that you’re not attracted to her again. The relationship is like a house. When the light went out, you change the bulb not moving to a new house.

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