How to Make Your Boyfriend Jealous and Want You More

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Guys are all romantic and sweeter than sugar when they flirted and tried to get closer to us. But after some period of dating, the flame of love seems weakened and we end up feeling neglected. We can’t help but people did feel stuck up at some point. It’s a red sign for the relationship. One way you can do is by making him jealous. As we all know, jealousy is a sign of love.

How to Make Your Boyfriend Jealous and Want You More

Making your boyfriend jealous is a little bit tricky. If you are putting too much effort, it could be dangerous for your relationship. You can try some of these tips below that may help burning up the flame of love between both of you.

  1. Call Up Your Friends

Boyfriend and friends are like two unspoken enemies coexist in your life. No matter how well both of them get along, your friend always sparks jealousy on him. Call them up for a girls’ night out and just have fun with them. There might be some cool guys approaching your peers.

  1. Make Sure You Post It Somewhere

What is the point of having fun if your boyfriend doesn't know about it? You have to take a very nice photo of you smiling widely to the camera and post it somewhere. Just make sure that he knows you spent the night out without him. There are many other ways how to make your boyfriend jealous through Whatsapp status you may try.

  1. Be Cool

Why do you want to make your boyfriend jealous in the first place? If it's because he flirts to other girls and you want some revenge, you have to stay cool. Don't let any negative emotion take control and you end up blowing out all your anger.

  1. Don't Respond to Him Right Away

Have you ever think that your boyfriend thinks it's okay to neglect you because you're always there for him? You respond to his calls and texts at the speed of lightning. You need to take some time before replying to his texts and you should missed some of calls as well. While replying to his text, you could try all the sexiest things to text a guy to make him want you more.

  1. Laugh at Other Guys' Joke

Laughing is a natural respond when you hear some funny jokes. But it's not that simple for your beloved guy when you laugh over other guy's joke. Sense of humor is a point of pride for any man, and the one who get a girl to laugh at their jokes is the winner. He'll do the best to entertain you after he sees the laugh on your face, which is not for him.

  1. Fangirling Over Some Other Hot Guys

Praise other guy in front of him. It will definitely hurt his pride. You can bring him up in a casual conversation like, how happy your friend is because her boyfriend is always bring lunch to her office, etc. He should be jealous at this point, seeing how you are impressed by other guy.

  1. Hang Out with Your Guy Friends

Nothing could make him jealous as hell more than the fact that you spend time with your guy friends. You might be restraining yourself all these time from hanging out with them since you consider his feeling. But as you purposely want to make him jealous, you better show him you've got many reasons why you don't need boyfriend to be happy.

  1. Do His Favorite Things While Leaving Him Out

You must be know what is the thing he loves to do the most. If he likes the pancake sold at the cafe in the corner, then go there without him. Enjoy the exact same pancake he likes, and post it to your social media. At some point, he'll get angry knowing you do his favorite things without him.

  1. Make Over Your Look

Beside knowing the ways to flirt without coming on too strong to make him jealous, you should make some changes to your look. He might sound uninterested when you tell him you're going to a hair salon, but he wants to be the first person to know how short you cut your hair. Making over without even telling him will make him wonder who could be the first person to notice the change in you? 

  1. Choose Your Friends Over Him

Friends and boyfriend are like two unspoken enemies coexist in your life. No matter how well they get along with each other, at some point the jealousy is real. There are many awkward moment where you have to choose between him or them. Whoever you will choose, it gets the other angry.

  1. Stay Late at Work

Leave him out of the top priorities in your live. It's how to make your boyfriend jealous and want you more. Be addicted to your work that you have to stay late in the office every other day. After some days he'll start to notice that you barely have time to spend together with him.

  1. Have a Close Male Best Friend

There is no such thing as friendship between guys and girls. All boyfriends in the world agree about this. Even though you're just asking for the tips to keep your man happy in a relationship, he cant help but being suspicious whether something is going on between you two. Keep your male best friend close to you to turn his head around you.

The purpose of doing all the ways how to make your boyfriend jealous and want you more is for the sake of your relationship. Tell yourself not to get carried away. This is why you should be careful while doing so.

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