How to Make Your Boyfriend Jealous Through WhatsApp Status (11 Sneaky Ways)

Last updated on July 12, 2024 by Michelle Devani

Are you wondering how to make your boyfriend jealous through your WhatsApp status?

Many devious lovers have realized how useful social media can be for inspiring jealousy within others. 

But maybe you’re not sure how WhatsApp fits into this category? 

Well, you’re about to learn! This guide features 5 tried-and-tested ideas to use your WhatsApp status to make people jealous.

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With that said, let’s take a look at how you can use your WhatsApp status to start playing some mind games of your own.


11 Ways to Make Your Boyfriend Jealous Through WhatsApp Status

Of the numerous interactive channels, social media offer, WhatsApp status is one of the best you can use to make a guy jealous. I wouldn’t expect any less from the most popular messaging application. I’ve always thought WhatsApp status had a personal touch that other channels still seem to be missing, and it looks like a lot of users feel the same.

Back to how to make a guy jealous with WhatsApp status, if you are among the billions of people interacting primarily with the application daily, you’ve probably seen your contacts do it countless times. What better way to make your boyfriend jealous than through a familiar, customizable communication platform where you can pretend you’re not even trying?

Without further ado, newbs and vets alike gather here to learn how to make your boyfriend jealous through WhatsApp status.

1. Take pretty pictures and update your status

take pretty pictures and update your status

Thankfully, the days WhatsApp status meant the one-liner statements in your profile are long gone. It’s a whole tab now where you can update your contacts in real-time with pictures, videos, and writeups. Remember when voice notes and video calls were the coolest things about WhatsApp?

Anyway, to make your boyfriend jealous, post some really good selfies, or if you prefer, write something racy on your status when he’s online. It’s okay if he doesn’t reply, those are just to get his attention and remind him of how hot his girlfriend is, so all he has to do is view them.

2. Post a screenshot of the best compliments you get with a coy caption

Seeing your status update alone won’t make your boyfriend jealous unless it’s super lewd, which I don’t recommend if it’s not your jam. No, the plan is to use your ever-present audience, i.e., your contacts, to make him jealous with their inbound compliments.

Screenshot the most interesting ones (we get the usual compliments every day, so they don’t rank as high as creative ones) and crop the sender’s name out. Now, the caption can be whatever you want, but the secret to making a guy jealous is to leave ample details to the imagination.

3. If he comments on your posts, don’t reply right away

If your initial update doesn’t make your boyfriend jealous, leaving him hanging when you’re clearly online after posting all the attention you’re getting should do the trick. For how long depends on how fast you two usually text each other back.

And for damage control later, just act natural and apologize if that’s what you’d typically do, that you just had a lot of messages coming in. You can only make a guy jealous when he can’t tell that you’re doing it on purpose. 

4. Have fun with friends and take some more pics

If you happen to have a party or something close coming up, preferably one your man doesn’t know about, perfect. It can also be a spontaneous hang out with friends or even a virtual thing. Just somewhere or something fun, preferably with anyone who isn’t your boyfriend/husband/love interest.

Or, just go out sans company and do what you enjoy, and if you happen to meet new people along the way, call it a bonus.

5. Update your WhatsApp status about how much fun you had

Let’s call the outing project research, and your WhatsApp status is where you document your findings as concisely (and interestingly) as you can manage. You can open with conversational statements, so your contacts don’t feel used or something. Then go on to tell them about your fun/crazy/productive day and all the people you met.

If you usually do everything with your boyfriend, it’ll make him jealous that you had that much fun without him and can’t stop going on about it.

6. Post pictorial evidence of your ‘fun day’ on your status

They say men are visual creatures, so seeing pictorial evidence of what you’ve been talking about ought to drive the previous point home even more. Even if it’s just your mutuals in the pics with you, it can sting like a betrayal much more if your new friends are people he doesn’t know.

The idea is to adapt the tips to what you’d usually do so it doesn’t seem too performative. It’s why I prefer to explain the basics rather than just list a couple of random statements to post on your status to “instantaneously make him jealous.”

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7. Post status with/about that guy friend your boyfriend worries about and use his name in the caption

Hangout and whatnot aside, you don’t need to make new plans or dedicate an entire day just to yanking your man’s chain, but there’s a catch. Flaunting someone new is a reliable way to make him jealous, but bringing the guy he’s always been paranoid about into it guarantees it.

We all have that guy friend whose presence in your life alone makes the boyfriend skeptical, and calling a guy by name suggests affection, so you catch my drift. Don’t say anything you can’t come back from, like saying you love him or something; just about anything else will do. You can also use an initial or nickname.

8. Post a funny conversation with a guy with a vague caption

post a funny conversation with a guy with a vague caption

Every girl has a guy (or 10) with a good sense of humor hitting on her in her inbox, one who will definitely reply to certain kinds of updates from you. Put up such niche content, e.g., traps, memes, political tweets, playlist screenshots, anything that’s bound to get a conversation going with some cool guys you roll with.

When one of those guys hits you up, let the conversation flow naturally, trust me, those tend to sting more when you are going for jealousy. Now, post another status update about the day/night you’ve been having on WhatsApp. 

Your boyfriend wouldn’t expect what follows to be a screenshot of you and another guy flowing so effortlessly in a chat, ergo jealousy. This would work even better if you two haven’t been getting a lot of laughs in lately. Men don’t like when another guy makes their woman happier than them, but they hate it even more when you flaunt it in their face.

9. Use the ex-boyfriend bait if you’re feeling brave

If you have exes you are still friends with on your contact list, they might be perfect for the job. Depending on how cool you are with them, they might even be the other guy in the scenarios above. Just as long as you are sure you will be able to stay on mission and not end up doing something you’ll regret.

You know the drill; a throwback picture or story, a conversation, their content (everyone has online channels these days), anything that suggests you’ve been thinking about your time with your ex. Then you just post and sit back.

10. Make appreciation posts about everyone but your boyfriend

People do appreciation posts on their WhatsApp status all the time, so it shouldn’t stand out even if you haven’t before. Make it look like you’ve been thinking, and make heartfelt statements about your guy friends, best girls, boss/teacher, colleagues, fav channels, oxygen, food, family, basically everything you care about, except him.

If you’ve only been together for a while, he might think he hasn’t earned a spot on the list yet, and that ought to make him jealous. However, if it’s a long-term boyfriend or your husband, not adding him to the list might show your hand, which would be counterproductive. 

So, add him but make his caption nothing out of the usual. After reading all the lovely things you’ve written about everyone else, seeing an underwhelming note on his own would make him jealous because it suggests you appreciate him less than the others. 

11. Set your status privacy to just him for updates you don’t want others to see

The best thing about WhatsApp status is that you can keep your business private and make it look like the world is watching. If your brand doesn’t gel with posting petty quotes and bringing others into your personal interactions, but the part of you that wants to make your boyfriend jealous agrees, go private.

Don’t know how to? Before each update, set your status privacy to only share with your boyfriend’s contact. It will still have the same effect because it’ll pop up the same way the ones everyone can see do on his end. This way, you don’t have to risk your business and religious accounts' integrity, for instance, for petty games.


How can I make my boyfriend feel jealous?

There are multiple ways to make your boyfriend jealous, depending on how protective he is of you. If he scores high on the spectrum, posting a picture or interacting with boys on your social media channels alone can set him off. Whereas, you’d have to literally flirt with another man in front of some boyfriends to make them jealous.  

What to text him to make him jealous?

To make your boyfriend jealous through text, say something that suggests you are going on a date with someone without explicitly saying so. Or pique his curiosity with a racy text, then send a follow-up saying it was meant for another guy. The idea is to casually bring what gets to him jealous into the conversation then stay mysterious about the details.

How do you make him miss you on WhatsApp?

Start by texting him a lot less and taking longer to reply to his messages. Take some great pictures and get creative with the application’s channels like the WhatsApp status and groups you share. Start interesting conversations, share fun moments, and remember the less overt you are able to make your intentions, the better. 

How do I make him worry about losing me?

Pay less attention to him and more to yourself. Show all of the love you usually shower him to yourself and let him be the one to reach out for a change. The less access he has to you, the more he’s bound to realize what he’s been taking for granted.

Is jealousy a sign of love?

Jealousy implies protectiveness, and that can be a sign of affection. However, extreme bouts of it are not healthy in a relationship and are more indicative of obsession and possessiveness than love.

To Conclude

Part of me wants to preach about how you shouldn’t have to make a guy jealous to get his attention. Likewise, all the ways that your attempts to rile your man up can go wrong, but I have a feeling you already know all that. So, play safe, and have fun. 

Before you go, let me know your thoughts on the list as well as tips you’ve tried yourself with WhatsApp status in the comments and share the post if you liked it.

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