Signs A Guy Just Wants To Be Friends With Benefits

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Girls get all soft and sappy when they have a guy that gives her the attention she needs. They will start showing signs that they like you. A guy that cares for you, that looks out for you and that is with you almost every time. But it will be a shame if this is a one sided love, which is usually the case. What if the guy you dream of being with only wants to use you for his fun?

Friends with benefits is a term that is used to describe a relationship that is there for a certain purpose. Friends with benefits only use you for their fun and they do not want to truly be with you. This will hurt especially for the girls who have fallen in love way before they know this fact. To prevent you from being broken hearted, start checking your crush with these signs. Here are heartbreaking and awful signs a guy just wants to be friends with benefits:


1. He Is With Another Girl

he is with another girl

This is an obvious sign that you should look out for first. Usually the number one signs a guy just wants to be friends with benefits is that he is a player. So he will show Signs He is Player. That is why most probably he already have another girl he is with or he probably switches from one girl to another quickly. If he already show this sign, get out of the relationship now because it will only break your heart.

2. He Replies Late

Friends with benefits do not really have any interest in who you are or what you like. They just want to use you. That is why they do not reply to the texts late because they have no interest in building a deeper connection with you. When you text him, he will reply an hour late or even more. Probably he is busy texting another girl.

3. He Never Agrees To Hang Out

Hanging out when a person is seemingly together is called a date. And for some guys this usually means that the two people are heading to a committed relationship. A guy who only wants you for a certain thing will not agree to a date or even a casual hang out if there is no benefit for him. Because for him, getting to know you is just a big waste of his precious time. If you encounter a person that always avoid you or use the excuse of being busy when you want to hang with him, then it will be better if you dump him.

4. He Admits That He Doesn't Like Relationship

This is the ultimate signs a guy just wants to be friends with benefits. When your guy admit that he hates relationship and how it makes his life fall into a slump, then that means he never want to do anything with you anyway. Guys like this only chase girls for the thrills and they never want to actually get to know someone and fall in love. You do not deserve to be with someone like this, you deserve better. This is one of the Signs of An Unfaithful Man.

5. You Hang Out Late At Night

This is the usual signs of a guy that is a friends with benefits in your relationship. Guys like this do not like being out in the public with you. If he is seen with you it might ruin the chance of him with another girl or it might make him seen when he cheats with you. Night time provides a chance to be in the dark, unseen with you, all for his own pleasure.

6. He Is Not A Good Talker

Communication, as we all know, is the base of every good relationship. A couple that wants to be exclusive will try to improve their communication towards each other. But guys that only wants you for the fun will not even try to make a good conversation. He will only be able to talk about one topic, he will talk about himself on and on, or he will not talk at all. Guys that are like this can only be a smooth talker when he wants to use you.

7. He Doesn’t Tell You About His Personal Stuff And He Won’t Hear Yours

Admitting and talking about personal stuffs is usually what strengthen a relationship and what bonds people together. A signs a guy just wants to be friends with benefits is that he do not want to be near personal stuff. He won’t talk about his emotion, feelings or life even when you ask him to. He also do not like to hear about your day or about your emotion. When he do hear it, he either won’t respond or he will respond shortly and poorly. You deserve someone who is there for deep talks, and it is clearly not this guy.

8. He Flirts With People In Front Of You And Ask You To Set Him Up

Guys like this do not have manners and he will have the audicity to show you that you are meaningless. He will even do this carelessly. First, when you are together, he will not hesitate to flirt with other girl in front of your face. And if he is really a bad person, he will start asking you to hook him up with a friend of yours that is pretty. He does not even care if this hurt you or not. For him, this is all part of the game.

9. He Text You For Something Or None At All

he text you for something or none at all

Texting is the only way you can expect a communication with guys that only wants the benefits. With guys like this they will text you fastly to meet up if they want something from you, and they will do it persuasively. But if he don’t have anything that he wants from you at the moment, he will not text you for days or weeks even. He does not try to apologize for it. When you ask for an explanation, he will be mad at you for being so demanding.

10. You Are Never Introduced To His Friends And Family (And He Don’t Want To See Yours)

A real signs a guy just wants to be friends with benefits is that you will be his secret. His friends and family will not know you and he won’t make any efforts to introduce you to them. The worse part is, when you stroll around with him and see the people he know in the street, he will pretend that he do not know you. He will also not be interested in knowing the people in your life. That means he is not ready to be in your life at all.

More Ways To Know If It's Just A Friendzone Relationship

See if he do this things as a way to know:

1. He Leaves Instantly After He Is Done With You

He always have excuses to leave like saying that he is busy or he have a sudden thing going on. He never sticks around to hang with you, and everytime he does that it always hurt. This is a Signs of An Unhealthy Relationship with Boyfriend.

2. He Talks About Other Girls To You 

This will hurt a lot. If he truly have no other intention with you, he will talk about his attraction towards another girl. And not once will you hear him apologize for telling you about these things.

3. His Compliments Are Getting Boring 

He got your heart the first time through compliments, and to get what you want he will repeat that compliment all over again. This is because he doesn’t really admire you and he just want the fun, a classic Signs of a Man Who is a Player.

4. He Leaves As Soon As You Get Emotional 

he leaves as soon as you get emotional

Emotion is just not a part of the package for him. So when you start getting angry, teary eyes, or emotional, he will abruptly leave. A clear Signs of Conditional Love.

5. He Is Insensitive

He gets mad at you for no reason and he treat you like you are a nobody. This is the worse way to see if he just want to be friends with benefits.

6. He Said It Himself 

Simple and clear. He said that his intention is to use you and to not get attached any further. Then that means you have nothing to question when it comes to his intention.

Tips On What To Do If He Just Wants To Be Friends With Benefits

1. See How You React Towards This Decision

Are you okay with it and you want to go on or are you not okay with it? If you are not okay then do the steps below.

2. Tell Him How You Feel 

Tell him the truth and let him react to it. Say that it is over and you want something more from this relationship.

3. Burn The Bridges 

Men like this will find ways to get back and use you again. So what you need to do is to lose his contact, block him, just get him out of your life so that you can have a new start.

4. Be Okay With Being On Your Own 

Make yourself happy and love your self because this will make you heal. At the end of the day you only have yourself. To recover see Ways to Make Yourself Happy After a Break Up.

5. Find A Healthy Relationship

What you need to do is get yourself into a healthy and loving relationship so you do not think that your relationship with him is an ideal relationship

Do not stay in an abusive relationship. If he meets the sign, then you need to leave!

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