30 Annoying Ways to Screw with Your Roommate

Last updated on June 8, 2022 by Michelle Devani

Life has many interesting plot twist and event that you never expect how it gonna turn out to be in the end. Let's talk about college life. Many of you must be very happy going into the university and you will learn many Ways to Make New Friends at School. It could be the first time you live separately from your parents as well.

But you gonna get yourself a new people to live with: roommate. As both of you might not know each other before, there will lot to adjust while living together. After some time, you feel like you can't live with her anymore. You want to get rid of her but you don't know how.

Keep it slow. Making your roommate uncomfortable with your presence is just piece of a cake. Here are the most annoying ways to screw with your roommate:

1. Set Your Alarm Really Early

When most people set the alarm for 6:00 AM in the morning, set yours way before that. Set the alarm at 4:30 AM in the morning with a loud ringtone. Make sure she hears it first, and al you have to do is hitting the snooze button. Do it several until you feel like ready to get up.

2. Leave an Impression That Your are Violent

Don't leave any positive impression if you want to do the ways to screw with your roommate. Show her that you are a violent person. Talk with high tone on phone calls and hit the table with a bang whenever you're upset. And, get mad easily to let her know how short tempered you are.

3. Complain to Her Indirectly

Tell her that you've got a (imaginary) friend called Nancy, whom has a similar character like her. Tell her the story about Nancy everyday to the point she become uncomfortable. Don't forget to tell her that you'd like not to have a friend like "Nancy".

4. Pay Someone to Act As Your Parents

This gonna costs a fortune, but it's worth it if your roommate's annoying level is expert. Pay some elderly actors to act as your parents who pay a visit to your dorm when you're not around. Ask them to behave as annoying as possible to her, like asking too much help from her.

5. Leave Dirt in the Bathroom

Imagine you want to take a bath in the morning as find the bathroom is messy like a bird nest. The first person you'd like to throw complain is your roommate. Tease her nerve by doing so, and see how she react.

6. Don't Let Her Have Spare Time

Everyone need a spare time to enjoy. Make sure she won't have it by turning on the music loudly or watching a very, very noisy movie.

7. Talk About Your Past Roommate

Even if you don't have one, act like you did. Tell many interesting stories about her and how different that old roommate were than her.

8. Bring Your Pet In

Take your cat or dog inside the dorm. No one will accept the presence of pets in a shared bedroom. Imagine how many dirt and smell it leaves everyday.

9. Convince Them That You are Not Sane

Firstly, tell her that you are a good person to live with. Your emotion is unstable and you tend to hit things (or people). Scare her out of it.

10. Just, Ignore Her

This is the easiest way to do. Just ignore her and never give a decent respond to her. Don't answer to her questions or react to her stories.


More Silly Ways to Screw Your Roommate Up

  1. Trash everywhere in the room with no intention to clean it.
  2. Be as loud as you can like turning up the volume loudly or dancing crazily.
  3. Buy foods with strong smells so she will get annoyed and hates it.
  4. Deliberately lock the door whenever you're the last one out and make sure she can't come in later.
  5. Shout loudly between your sleep every night and tell her you've got a bad dream.
  6. Pretend to be sleepwalking and crushed on her.
  7. Act like you have a bad flu and throw the tissue under her bed.
  8. Every time you walk past her, tripped on her feet.
  9. Leave a food for days and let it rotten.
  10. Watch a horror movie and show excessive reaction like screaming too loud.
  11. Or watch a sad movie and act like you're crying hard and sob loudly.
  12. Throw your clothes everywhere like a mess.
  13. Use her stuff without asking her permission.
  14. Occupy more space in the room than she does.
  15. Tell her that you can see ghosts and there is actually one beside her bed.

Signs You and Your Roommate are Screwed

Here are the most annoying ways to screw with your roommate:

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  1. You and her never eat together.
  2. Both of you go to bed at different times, like she gone early and you stay late at night.
  3. You never share anything with her like most roommates do.
  4. You and her lie to each other's a lot, and you even know How to Tell If Your Friend is Lying.
  5. You barely talk to her and not bother to at all. It's a Signs a Friendship is Coming to an End.
  6. Both of you live on your own world even though your bodies are together.
  7. There are Signs That Your Friend is Fake like she talks about you behind your back, and so do you.
  8. You and her never share a secret together.
  9. You have no intention to be friend with her.
  10. You feel like you have a lot to complain, but you're not.

So those are the many annoying ways to screw with your roommate. It might be not such nice things to do, but it better than living a troublesome life with her. Moreover when she is showing the similar signs like the Signs That Your Best Friend is a Frenemy. Just live in peace separately.

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