Nice Things to Say to Your Best Friend on Her Wedding Day

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Wedding celebration will be the highest proof of love that finally two souls can be together. Also known as one of the most important celebration on someone's life, surely someone who celebrates this event will be very happy. Now, what if your dearest friend is about to celebrate her wedding day?

Have you already known the nice things to say to your best friend on her wedding day. If you have no idea on words to say to a best friend on her wedding day, here are some useful information that can help you to start.

Words to say to your bestfriend on her wedding day

The nice things to say to your best friend on her wedding day can be the sweet things to say to your best friend to make them cry or make them proud to have you in their life. But, some words below are those words that shows how happy you are on her wedding day and you just want to let her know that you will be there for her no matter what.

1. Let me fix the beads on your dress, the flowers in your bouquet, the veil over your face. Let me do the worrying as you begin your journey across this church and into the world of forever. I’m proud of you, happy for you, jealous of you. Thankful for you. And I hope this day is everything you imagined.

2. I want you to know one thing even though you’re wrapped up in this wonderful man’s love, and will be for an eternity, I will always always love you.

3. You’ve found the place your soul calls home. And I cannot wait to see you exchange your vows.

4. It’s not about the makeup or the dress, the way your hair lays or even the way you walk down the aisle. It’s about the feeling in your heart, the ring on your finger. It’s about tying your life to your dream guy. Forever.

5. Do you know how long forever is? It terrifies me to think about it, but I know you’re ready. I can see it in the way you run your hands over the folds in your dress, in how you bite your lip the way you always do when you’re nervous. You’re ready because the thought of forever is scary, but you’ve already said yes to it.

6. I will always be the woman you can turn to, who loves you just as much as that man standing at the end of the aisle.

7. The day we’ve been dreaming about is finally here and I know you are smiling because you finally realized I was right when I told you he will find you one day.

8. If you ever feel like you’re not good enough for him, I want you to remember today and the way he looked at you as you were walking down the aisle.

9. I hope he always puts you first, I hope he knows that life is incomplete without you, that all the good things in life won’t mean a thing if he is not sharing them with you. I hope you become the only thing he truly can’t live without.

10. I know you’re looking back and laughing at all the frogs you’ve kissed before and how hung up you were on them and I know you’re smiling because these days are over and you found a real man who can cherish you and appreciate you.

More wedding quotes for bestfriend

There are a lot of reasons why your high school best friends are for life. And once you realize that your girl friend is your best friend, surely you want to wish her all the best for her marriage life. Here are some more quotes you can say or write down in the wedding card.

1. May you bring each other as much happiness as your friendship has brought to my life and more!

2. We've had so many laughs together! May you always make each other laugh!

3. Your wedding day will come and go, but may your love forever grow.

4. May your joining together bring you more joy than you can imagine.

5. May today be the beginning of a long, happy life together.

So those are the nice things to say to your best friend on her wedding day. Find out more article on our website such as indonesian wedding traditions. Thank you for giving your time to read our article. I hope you can get something from you readings.

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