30 Clever Ways to Defeat Your Frenemy (Toxic Friendship Alert!)

Last updated on April 1, 2024 by Michelle Devani

In life, you can’t expect everyone to like you. There will be people who hates you and consider you as their enemy. Even worse, they pretend to be your friend while they actually have an ill intention toward you. Having someone hating you doesn’t mean that you are a bad person. The problem may lay in them, not you.

There are many reasons for anyone to hate you. And they likely want to destroy you by acting as your friend. Honestly we can see many Signs That Your Best Friend is a Frenemy hiding under the mask, but you choose to ignore since you cherish them too much.

Upon knowing this, you can’t just stay silent and doing nothing. Here are all the best ways to defeat your frenemy once for all.

  1. Set Boundaries with Them

No matter how good they are to you, you must not let your guard off around them. Set the boundaries and limitation that you will never break. Remember that the relationship can be more damaging than benefiting to you. Don't share any important project you are working on it. They will try to get something out of you. Just don't them win.

  1. Never Share Any Secret with Them

To survive and win this love hate relationship with your frenemy, you must never tell them any of your secrets. You don’t know what can they do with all those secrets. Don’t give them the weapon to attack on you.

  1. Take a Benefit

Instead of busy finding the Ways to Get Revenge on Someone You Hate, See your frenemy in a more positive light. It’s annoying to be having someone like that in life, but they can be your biggest motivation to success. Work harder and improve better. That way you can defeat them in a classy way. Keep the competition healthy between you two.

  1. Stay Cool

At times, your frenemy will trigger your emotion until you explode. Here comes your first trial. Do your best to hold it down and never emotional in front of them. Keep calm and composed since they will get frustrated by it. They know they have won you once you show your temper. Showing the cool side of you is actually the best Ways to Kill Someone with Kindness.

  1. Don’t Talk About Them Around

You need to maintain your positive image by doing the Ways to Prove You Don't Hate Someone. Avoid talking about your frenemies relationship in public. Keep it undercover so that only you and them who know about it. Moreover, avoid the negative talk about him with your colleague or other friend. It only shows how much you feel unsafe and burdensome.

More Ways to Defeat Your Frenemy

You can’t just stay silent and doing nothing while your enemy continue to treat you in a shitty way. Here are more ways to smartly defeat them.

  1. Never treat your frenemy the way you did to your friends.
  2. Act kindly and smile when you are in public.
  3. But ignore them completely if there are only two of you.
  4. Limit their access to your personal life.
  5. Speak up to them whenever they say ill to you.
  6. Win every competition you have with them.
  7. When they create a false rumor about you, stay calm and don’t take the bait.
  8. Working on making evidence to prove they are wrong.
  9. Don’t revenge by speaking ill about them back.
  10. If you are friend with them on the social media, hide their updates forever.
  11. Complain about their behavior, not their personality.
  12. Don’t do any favor to them. It won’t benefit you anyway.

Benefits from Having Frenemy

Don't think about your frenemy in negative way. Actually you need to have a frenemy in your life.

  1. It boost your productivity both at work and school because you have someone to compete with.
  2. Frenemy level up your motivation and make you more energize to gain something. Goodbye lazy old days!
  3. Thanks to your frenemy, you have just become someone smarter and creative, to the extent that you surprise by the change as well.
  4. You can identify your strength and weakness more accurately because of your frenemy.
  5. If the competition is healthy, you will gain a friend instead of an enemy. Competition is a strong builder for a relationship.

How to Move On from a Frenemy

Okay, enough is enough. You shouldn’t have keep them in your life any longer. Now it’s time to move on from them. A better person will come along anyway.

  1. Learn from what you have been through in your friendship.
  2. You may recall all the good memories, but don’t let it hold you back. You may be weighing whether Should You Forgive Someone Who is Not Sorry. Just do whatever will make your heart at ease.
  3. Walk away from them and let go. Accept the fact that you can’t be with them anymore.
  4. As they can be a friend that you cherish a lot, you may grieve the loss of them.
  5. Get rid all the remembrance about them if it's too hard for you.

Types of Frenemies

Before putting on an action to defeat them, you have to know these types of frenemies first. It may help you to win them:

  • Ambivalent frenemy is a friend who have hurt you in the past and the mistake they made is quite big and you have lost trust in them.
  • Involuntary frenemy is when you and them belong to a group and if you break the relationship it would affect the group as a whole.
  • Long term frenemy is when you keep that one friend for a long because of the long history you have together. But the relationship is always centered around them.

Those are all the best ways to defeat your frenemy. You must be careful while dealing with them because they are the snake that you keep in this house. But once you defeat them, they won’t be causing trouble with you anymore.


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