Should You Forgive Someone Who is Not Sorry? - 20 Wise Tips

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People makes mistake in life. One person did something wrong an the other person ended up hurt. Things will be hard if we are the one who is wronged. As you hurt, it's hard for you to forgive them. You keep hesitating whether should you forgive someone who is not sorry. You have mixed thoughts about what should you do.

To help you a little, here are the tips on should you forgive someone who is not sorry and why you should not.


You Should Forgive Them Because

Forgiving doesn't mean losing or giving in. It even prove that you are way much better than the person. Check out why

1. It Sets You Free

Being in a bad relationship with someone is not good for your soul. You will exiled yourself from the society and no longer comfortable around many people. It may be the Reasons Why You Don't Have Many Friends. Escape from the feeling and set yourself free from the burden. Forgive them and let karma do the rest.

2. Think About the Mistake They Made

Everybody make mistake, right? Now think about the mistake they have made. Did it that big to make you unable to forgive them? The more you think about it, the more you feel like it's not worth it. For example when you see the Signs a Family Member Doesn't Like You, you don't have to hate them back. Forgive them before they say sorry.

3. Stand On Their Shoes for Once

Try to see something from the different point of view. Stand on their shoes once and see how they feel. If you were them, would you be able not to make the same mistake. Is it that wrong for your best friend to date your ex when they love each other and not cheating on you? They surely know the Reasons Not to Date Your Best Friend's Ex, but love doesn't work that way.

4. Could They Not Realizing It?

Should you forgive someone who is not sorry for the bad things they have done to you? For the mistake they made, it could be that they don't realize they have committed a mistake. You said that they're not sorry, right? How could the not sorry. It could be that don't realize it just yet. Surely it's not right for you not to forgive them. Talk about the mistake they made and see whether they are sorry or not.

5. It's About Your Growth, Not Them

It's about you, not them. You need to forgive them to make yourself grow. You are the one who gonna win. You are the one who will own everything, only by forgiving them. You don't have to think about their feeling. It's all about you anyway.

How to Kill Them with Kindness

Even though you hurt so much, you still have to treat them kindly and kill them with it at once:

  1. Smile when you see them.
  2. Behave positively in front of them.
  3. If they want to hate you, let them be.
  4. Compliment them.
  5. Talk to them sarcastically.
  6. Act like they are not exist.
  7. Don't start fight. It's not worth it.
  8. Beat them in a polite manner.
  9. Don't waste your time to talk to them.
  10. Just keep your silence around them.

You should you forgive someone who is not sorry for the bad things they have done to you, I mean, let the bad karma haunt them alive.

Why You Didn't Forgive Them

Nobody is perfect. You can get hurt and somebody might hurt you as well. It's easier to forgive someone who acknowledge their mistakes and say sorry. While the one who never sorry about what they have done and the damage they cause, maybe they really don't deserve the forgiveness at all. You want to do the Ways to Kill Someone with Kindness but they can't be treated that way. These are the reasons why you may not forgive them:

1. What Happened Was Not Okay

When someone makes mistake and you forgive them, it means you are okay with what happened. But giving forgiveness is never that easy. What they did was not okay and it hurt you so much. Seeing the Signs That Your Best Friend is a Frenemy is too hurtful to be true and you want them to know that.

2. They Just Don't Deserve It

You never know how your acts affect other. For them it may be a mere things but it's not for you. You are really having a hard time because of them, not to mention the fact that they are not sorry. That person just don't deserve to be forgiven.

3. You Don't Fully Healed Yet

Forgiveness comes after healing. You need to fix yourself from the thunder that happened and nobody knows how long it take. You can have your healing period as long as you want, and during the time it seems you can't forgive them yet.

4. You Simply Can't Trust Them

If you want to forgive someone, you don't necessarily have to trust them. Since you have know that they are not trustworthy enough. But a forgiveness only come out when you are sure you can believe that they won't hurt you again. The fact that you don't forgive them prove that you're afraid you might get hurt for the second time.

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5. You Have Your Expectations Too High

Maybe you trust that person so much that you expect big things from them. They destroy them all at once by committing the mistake they're not sorry for. You were hurt by your expectation more that their wrongdoings hurt you.

Enough hesitating whether should you forgive someone who is not sorry. Everything comes back to you and you have the full right whether to forgive them or not. Nobody knows what the future holds, so think carefully whether that person really worth the apology or not.

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