20 Reasons Why is Your Ex Texting You When She Broke Up with You

Last updated on April 2, 2024 by Michelle Devani

Your girlfriend always sends you cute message before you are going to do your activities. Now, there is no more sweet talks before sleep or a lovely good-morning text from her because you already broke up with her. However, that ex girlfriend of yours is suddenly texting you today. You must be asking why or what is going on with her.

Here are 20 Reasons Why is Your Ex Texting You When She Broke Up with You

Everyone would probably do the same like you; wonder what is happening with your ex that made her send you message after she broke up with you (also read: Ways to Make Your Ex Miss You after Breakup and They Regret It). Here are the possibilities reasons why is your ex girlfriend texting you again that you need to know so it could give you some clue about what happen.

1. It is Her Habit

We all know breaking the habit is hard thing to do, and this is what happen to your ex. She must be could not drop her habit yet for texting you.

2. Your Ex Miss You

If you still love her and wish her to come back to you, you are going to assume that she misses you and that is why she text you (read this too How Do I Know If She Loves Me Without Asking Her?). Well, somehow, that is true and the only explainable reason. However, you don't know her intention yet so don't put your hope too high.

3. She Heard Rumor

While she was hanging out with her squad, one of them probably told her about your new crush or someone that is getting close to you now. Out of curiosity she try to find it out by send you some message.

4. She Find Something that Reminded Her of you

On her birthday, you gave her a cute teddy bear as a present. She probably found that teddy out in the box where she kept it after she broke up with you. While reminiscing her memories over it, then she texts you.

5. She is Bored

You always texted her, but not anymore after the broke up. It makes her bored and she wants to texts you first.

6. All of Her Bestfriends are All in Relationships

She is in the pajamas party at her bestfriend's house tonight. But, it seems that they are busy video-calling with their each other boyfriend. This is how she get the idea to text you.

7. She Wants to Leave the Connection Open

She is the type that easy to let go things and she wants to keep in touch with you. Check too Ways To Make Your Girlfriend Want You More.

8. She Has Problems to Talk About

Before the break up, you are her number one consultant to all of her problems. Maybe she is still holding on that and needs your opinion about whats she going through now.

9. She is Lonely

You used to be her cuddle buddy. It is cold and rain today, she is probably in the mood for that and feeling lonely without you.

10. She Wants to Check Out

There is some case in the post-breakup where they blocked each other contact. She doesn't want that and text you to check it out.

11.Try to Be a Better Person

There is no perfect relationship, including yours. You will not break up without reasonable causes. With texting you, maybe she wants to show you that she is a better person now and already fight his anger and resentment towards you.

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12. She Wants to Invite You to a Party

She doesn't have available friends to be invited and leave her no choice but to invite you.

13. She Wants You to be Still Into Her

This is another way to say that she doesn't allow you to start a relationship with someone else. She wants to annoy you by keep texting you so would not have time to find a new girl (also check: What Does It Mean When a Girl is Mean to You).

14. Miss the Memories

She misses the time when you give her attention and all your love. But, remember, she only misses the memories, not you. That's it. That's the  reasons why is your ex texting you when she broke up with you.

15. She Has High Hopes

After spend time years with you, she already got her hopes too high with this relationship with you. Well, who knows that it would end up like this. However, she is still holding on to that and that is making her keep send message to you.

16. She Can't Accept the Break Up

She has problem to forget what happened and can't accept the fact about the break up. Also check this Ways to Make Someone Feel Appreciated and Loved.

17. She Misses You As a Brother

She doesn't have older brother and that is the way she look at you. She can find her reassurance when with you because you take care of her like a good brother.

18. She Wants You to Become Her Friend

Breakups doesn't mean you will become each other enemies. If you ended the relationship with good condition, she probably wants it that way and make you his friend to keep close to.

19. She Wants You Back

This is one of 20 reasons why is your ex texting you when she broke up with you. After all this time, she can't just let go all the things that happen in your relationship and wants you to come back together with her. You would love to read this too Ways to Get Your Ex Girlfriend Back.

20. Find Out If You are the Same You

She still can't move on from the happy relationship you were in. But, he wants to find out first if you have the same feeling as her, or you are still the old you that she knew before.

What to Do If Your Ex Girlfriend is Texting You

 You already know 20 reasons why is your ex texting you when she broke up with you, and now what? Here are things you can do if your ex is suddenly texting you.

1. Response Casually

You don't know yet her intention to suddenly show up and send you a message. Just reply her text as normal as you can.

2. Ask Her What Happen

You don't want to keep wondering why she is texting you, so ask her what is going on. In case she is in the middle of her problems, you can offer her some help.

3. Don't Get Carried

Sometimes, thing that we can't avoid after the breakups is feeling lonely. And that is what your ex feel without you around. She only misses your present, not you or your love any more. So, don't get carried away if you don't want to get hurt.

4. Let it Flow

Some relationship only can ended just like that. Takes time in both sides to heal. If you still love her, then it is a good thing that she sends you messages. The problem is when you already want to move on. You can handle by telling her the truth and just let it flow until she realizes that this relationship doesn't work any longer.

5. Time to Fix Things

Its already been weeks past since she start the conversation through text (read also: How to Make Your Ex Fall in Love with You Again Through Text). If you are still madly in love with her, there is nothing wrong with asking her to fix the relationship up. Everyone deserve a second chances, right?

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