27+ Super Easy Ways To Get Your Ex Girlfriend Back From Another Guy

Last updated on June 1, 2024 by Michelle Devani

Has your ex-girlfriend left you for another guy?

Are you desperate to win her back and get your happily ever after?

It's not always easy, but it is certainly possible so don't give up hope.

The guide below features a list of the most effective ways to win your ex-girlfriend back from another man.

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With that said, let's now take a look at the best strategies you could use to get your ex-girlfriend back from this other guy.


How To Get Your Ex-Girlfriend Back From Another Guy

1. Evaluate Yourself

Evaluate who you are and who you were when you were with her. How can you improve to a better person?

2. Do A Make Over To Yourself

do a make over to yourself

Start to get good clothing or new looks. Although this seems small, it can actually make a difference.

3. Clean Up Your Act

Start to actually make changes in order to have the Husband Material Signs that will draw her into you.

4. Learn And Do The Right Kind Of Confidence

Don’t be too cocky but don’t have a low self esteem. The right kind of confidence will make anyone melt.

5. Learn To Control Your Emotion

This game to get her needs a lot of emotional control because you will be hurt a lot along the way.

6. Say Hi To Her

The first step to being in her life again is to say hi to her to let her know you are there.

7. Be Excited When Contacting Her Or Meeting Her

A genuine smile makes a difference if you want to make a good impression on her.

8. Don’t Bring Up The Horrible Parts Of The Past

Bringing up things like your old fight with her or her weakness is something that will just ruin the mood.

9. Apologize Once And Sincerely

It’s important to let her know that you have changed by apologizing once. Continouos apologizing will make you look weak.

10. Be Really Kind To Her

Having kindness as a base on what you are doing is a great trick to make her show the Signs She is Into Me.

11. Do Not Stalk Her Around

This is just a creepy action and it prevents her from ever wanting to contact you.

12. Do Not Act Desperate

do not act desperate

Looking desperate for her attention and love in your life is an easy way to make her show the Signs That She' Not Into You.

13. Be Yourself With Them

Being yourself reminds her why she likes you in the first place and why she still loves you until now.

14. Give Them The Things You Know They Love

Whether it be food or things, a nostalgic thing will reignite the old love that was abandoned.

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15. Reminisce On The Old Happy Memories With Them

Always remind her how great the relationship was and how it produces happy memories.

16. Take It Slow

You can’t take over her heart in an instant, taking it slow will make sure that her heart is really invested towards you.

17. Say ‘If I Was Your Guy I Would..’

This is a move to make her know that she would be happier when she is with you. 

18. Hang Out With Them More

Hanging out not only strengthens the bond between you two but it lets her get to know you again.

19. Don’t Be Really Available For Her

Being busy lets her know that you are not desperate. It also makes her want you more.

20. Contact Her Regularly

contact her regularly

Maintaining communication regularly is a great way to make sure that you are on her mind.

21. Be Close To Her Friends Again

This is a sneaky ways to get your ex girlfriend back from another guy.

Tips To Get Your Ex When She Is In A Relationship

Although it might seem impossible to make them break up and make the girl come crawling back to you, it can be done. These tips to get your ex back when she is in a relationship will make things easier;

1. Be Friendly With Their Boyfriend

This might seem weird but it is actually important.

2. Get To Know Their Boyfriend

Doing this makes you know his weakness and strength.

3. Flirt With Her A Little

Using the Ways to Flirt Without Coming On Too Strong is important.

4. Compliment Her

A gentle compliment can make a girl’s heart melt.

5. Make Her Trust You

Trust is important if you want to fully take her heart. 

6. Always Listen To What She Have To Say About Her Boyfriend

This information is crucial in winning her over.

7. Be Better Than Her Boyfriend

You already know about her boyfriend, now be better.

Signs That Your Ex Girlfriend Wants To Get Back With You

signs that your ex girlfriend wants to get back with you

Now comes the moment of truth. You have done all your effort in your side and you need to know if she is smitten by you again, right? To make sure of that, check if she have the signs that your ex girlfriend wants to get back with you:

1. She Spend More Effort To Be With You

Your girl spends more effort to be with you than to be with her boyfriend.

2. She Doesn’t Care About Her Boyfriend Anymore

She shows the Signs You are Ready for a New Relationship.

3. Making Romantic Attempts Towards You

She even starts being romantic towards you to show her feelings.

4. She Breaks Up With Her Boyfriend

This is the ultimate sign that she is ready for a new relationship.

In Summary

Seeing your ex being with a new guy sucks but what sucks more is that knowing that you still want her. To make her yours once again, you need to follow these ways to get your ex girlfriend back from another guy. Then you will start to see that she wants to put her heart on your hand again!

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