32 Best Thing To Do After Your Girlfriend Breaks Up with You

Last updated on May 31, 2024 by Michelle Devani

Everyone has their own way to cope up with the break up. There are no definite ways on what is right and what is wrong to do after a break up. Make sure that everything you do is for the sake of your happiness. As breaking up is not the end of the world, make sure you find your own Ways to Make Yourself Happy After a Break Up. It's okay to be sad, but for the short period of time. Don't drown yourself so deep in sorrow. It's really not worth it. You still have many best thing to do after your girlfriend breaks up with you.

As you are getting ready to move on, make the list of the best thing to do after your girlfriend breaks up with you.

1. Enjoy the Free Time

Since you have plenty of spare time, use it wisely and don't lash out the animal inside you. Don't be feeling lonely after the break up. You can make the most of the free time instead. Traveling to places you never been, play the games that makes her annoyed, and spend more time with your family and friends.

2. Don't Grieve for Too Long

It's okay to feel sad but don't make it long. Also, don't make the situation worse by listening to sad love song all the time and watching all heartbreaking romantic movies. It only drown you to the sea of sadness.

3. Erase Her from Everything

The most important yet hardest to do is cutting off all contact with her. Block her social media and erase her number from your phone. You need to take a break from her. And remember, don't try any Ways to Breakup But Still be Friends with her.

4. Keep Yourself Busy

One of the best Ways to Forget Your Loved One is by occupying yourself with everything all the time. Find a new hobby, discover some new interest, and spend your time doing all of those. It prevents you from missing your ex.

5. Take a Break from Love

You will be feeling so lonely after the break up. But don't rush to find yourself a new girlfriend. Avoid to fall in love for the time being. Just flirt with girls but don't take it too far. You need to fully heal yourself first.

6. Avoid the Memories

Remember that you are on your healing period. Avoid the things that could make you remind of her. Her favorite restaurant, place where you had your first date, her favorite activities to the perfume she used to love the most.

7. Plan About the Future

It's the right time to make some improvements in your life. Start to plan what you want to do next, all the dreams you want to pursue and how can you reach for them. Also, the right partner you want in the future.


More Things To Do After the Break Up

The long list will not end just yet since here are more things to come, what to do after a break up occur:

  1. Get a new, fresh haircut.
  2. Hide her from all of your social media or block them for good.
  3. Make a playlist consist of happy songs to listen the whole day.
  4. Be sad if you must, but make sure you won't have it for long.
  5. Relax yourself and enjoy the freedom.
  6. Call your friends for a boy night out.
  7. Try out on the style you always want but she hated.
  8. Change your profile picture to the most handsome one. She'll be regretting soon.
  9. Throw out all the mementos. No need to keep her in any form.
  10. Do some exercise and make yourself hotter than ever.
  11. Cuddle with your favorite cats. It might has been missing you all along.
  12. Go out for a party and celebrate your independence.
  13. Flirt with as many girls as you want.
  14. Do a solo trip for healing.
  15. Push your adrenaline. Try skydiving for once!

The Biggest Don'ts After You Break Up with Your Girlfriend

Breaking up is a hurtful experience you wish you will never have to get through. However when it's become unavoidable, don't just focus on things that make you happy. Know all the taboo you should never do after breaking up with your girlfriend.

  1. Staying as friends with her. It has more disadvantage that the advantage. You better check out for the Reasons Why You Should Not be Friends with You Ex for any reasons.
  2. Pretending that everything is okay while it's not. It's okay to be not okay.
  3. Giving up on your life and no longer believe about love. You gonna miss something better this way.
  4. Make an extreme changes in your appearance that make you no longer recognizable. Tattoos, piercing, and weird haircuts for example.
  5. Stalking her in all her social media just to get update on her life.
  6. Check up on her from time to time, asking everyone around about her. It only makes you ways to move on even harder.
  7. Plan on revenge on her instead of focus on improving yourself for the better.
  8. Look for a getaway just because you don't want to be lonely. Wait for the Signs You are Ready for a New Relationship.
  9. Hooking up with her friend for the worst.
  10. Begging for her to love you back. Ugh, you just need time to get over her.

You deserve to be a happy man. Losing her doesn't mean that the world has over for you. There are many best things to do after your girlfriend breaks up with you. Look at the bright side, now you have plenty of time to do all the things you'd like. A privilege you never had when you dated.

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