21 Ways To Make Him Forgets His Ex And Fall For You

Last updated on June 15, 2022 by Michelle Devani

Are you dating a man who’s not over his ex? 

Maybe you want to date him, but he hasn’t moved on from his past relationship yet? 

Are you looking for ways to help him forget about this woman, so he can focus on you? 

Well, that’s what this guide is all about! It features 21 ideas to help remove her from his thoughts. 

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Read on for ideas on the best way to do this.

21 Ways To Make Him Forget His Ex

What is harder than a breakup? Of course letting it go! Things will get harder is when the man to whom you had a crush with is finally single once again, but he is having a hard time forgetting his ex. Oh no! You can just stay still watching your dream guy suffering like that. Help him with the ways to make him forgets his ex and falling in love with you instead.

1. Let Him Take His Time 

Everybody needs time to move on, and he is no exception. Let him heals himself alone, no matter how long it may takes. You patience will never disappoint you. Just let him take his time.

2. Be His Biggest Supporter 

Whenever he's us or down, make sure that you always there. Don't let him feel alone and abandoned. Be the best friend he can rely on to. Show him how much your existence make the situation different.

3. Listen And Let The Stress Out 

Rather than keeping things inside and wait for the time to explode, listen to him when he let everything out. It will be less burdensome when it's finally out. Even though what he say might be unpleasant for you.

4. Never Talk About Her 

Bringing her up in the middle of conversation definitely not the best ways to make him forgets his ex. Rather than talking about her, it's better for you to be focused to make things work with him.

5. Don't Bother Him Too Much 

Never go pass his limits. Don't always bother him every time by calling and texting every hour just to know his whereabouts. He will be annoyed and think you're just the same with her.

6. Don't Compare Her With You 

If you want to give him the best Ways to Forget Your Ex, comparing yourself with her is not one of them. You can compare yourself with your friends, or even with every woman alive. But his ex is a big no!

7. Don't Force It 

don't force it

Remember that he is having a hard time dealing with the aftermath of his relationship. Let him heal first, then you can slowly enter his life and getting his love. Don't push it or force it too hard. Patience is all you need.

8. Do Things She Didn't Do 

Be the reverse version of her. Find out what she lacks in and fill in the spots. If she never want to travels with him, be his best traveling buddy. If she never want to watch a football match with him, go to the stadium with him.

9. Never, Ever Try To Fix Him 

No matter how broken and torn he is, all he needs is a shoulder to rest on. Don't be a dictator who tell him what to do. He will heal over time, and you don't have to point out anything.

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10. Don't Do The Usual Tactics 

Sparking jealousy, teasing other man, those tricks will be invalidated by him. All he need is a wise and mature woman to forget his ex. Show him the Difference Between Dating an Girl or a Woman.

11. Don't Talk About Your Ex 

You might be tired and exhausted while waiting for him to get on his right mind. But don't blow up. Don't talk about your ex, even comparing him. He'll got sick and walked away from you right then.

12. Get To Know Him Better 

Find out about his ex to get to know him better. It's require a lot of courage from you, but it's worth it. It's the only way you can know him better, why did he arrived in this state of mind.

13. Avoid The Triggers

Avoid everything that could remind him of her. Perfume smells, music, places, everything. This is why you need to find out about his past relationship.

14. Keep Him Busy Together 

keep him busy together

Don't give him time to think about his ex. Keep him busy with you together. Create as many activities as you can with him.

15. Boost His Confidence 

One good Ways to Move On After a Bad Relationship is by boosting his confidence. He might be losing some of it, and it's your task to boost him up.

16. Be Someone Who Worth It 

After dealing with the hard times, he finally forgets his ex and fall for you instead. When this happen, be a woman who worth it. Don't play with him and leave once he falling in love.

17. Don't Be Insecure 

Don't be jealous because he talk to his female friend or when he gets a text from her. Let go of your insecurity and put your trust in him.

18. Don't Make Things Complicated 

Stop becoming a drama queen. Don't weep an useless tears in front of him. As he is struggling as well, try to be more mature and supportive. Show him the Wife Material Signs.  All of the ways to make him forgets his ex is easy and doable.

19. Don't Be Upset Over Little Things 

Don't turn a little thing to be a big problem. If it takes him 15 minutes to reply your text or she missed your calls five times, don't be nagging and got angry to him.

20. Tell Him When To Wake Up 

Indeed you have to keep up with his unstable emotion, but he has to know when to stop. When he becomes too much and surpass your limits, tell him that he really needs to stop and see that you're there.

21. Don't Be Too Clingy

Just because you want to make sure everything is alright, you don't have to follow him 24/7. It's kinda annoying and won't make him comfortable. It's also not good Ways to Get Him to Miss You.

All of the ways to make him forgets his ex is easy and doable. More of it, your success is guaranteed and he will be yours in no time. All you need is patience because good things take time.

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