16 Best Ways on How to Get Over a Broken Heart When You Still Love Him

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All of us wish our love to be last as long as possible. But we never know what could happen in between. At some point, he's no longer in love with you anymore and showing Signs That He is Falling Out of Love with You. From then on, he behaved strangely and unusually, making you thinking whether it was the Signs a Guy is Breaking Up with You.

When break up is unavoidable, you have no choice but to find the Ways to Make Yourself Happy After a Breakup. But before you can be happy, first you have get over the sorrowful feeling of being hurt. When you are down, it's hard to find a way to move. So here are the how to get over a broken heart when you still love him, only for you.

1. Put All His Gift in a Box

If he once win a big teddy bear on a game and give it to you, or the music box he gave you on your last birthday, seeing it all will bring back the pain. Throw that away for a moment, put everything in a box so you don't have to see them.

2. Stay Away from The Memories

During the time you were together, both of you must have some favorite songs to listen to. Erase them from your phone or iPod and do not listen to them for a while. Stay away from the memories about him will help you to move on faster.

3. Cut off all contacts

The early stage of breakup is the hardest. You don't know how to get over a broken heart when you still love him. One of the best is to cut of all the contacts with him. Even if he texts you, don't reply. You'll get carried away and think it's Signs Your Ex Boyfriend Wants to Get Back Together while it isn't.

4. Go for a Vacation

What is the best way to release stress? It's a vacation! Travel far away, whether alone or with your best friends and left all of the pain there. You'll come back as a new person.

5. Hang Out with Friends

When you're down, nobody understand you better than your best friend. And they won't stay silence watching you struggling with broken heart. They know the best Ways to Make Your Best Friend Feel Better when you need them.

6. Cut Your Hair

After a breakup, it's common for girls to make a new haircut. Don't hesitate to cut your hair short, as they said it could throw away all the bad luck. It will makes you look fresh as well.

7. Meet Some New Guys

An empty space he left in your heart when you broke up has to be filled so you can get over him. Meet some new guys so won't be feeling lonely and unloved.

8. Put on Some Make Up

Coco Chanel has a famous saying, "When in doubt, put on red lipstick and attack!" It works for a broken heart too. Put on some bold make up and don't be afraid to be the new you. Your ex might be surprised as well.

9. Remember Why You Broke Up

For every person in the past, there is always a reason why they didn't make it to your future. And so does he. Every time you remind of him, remember the reason why you broke up with him. It will soothe your mind somehow.

10. Avoids Going to Places That Reminds You of Him

If you have a favorite cafe to visit together or a restaurant where you had your first dinner, avoid going on to that places or somewhere near there. It only bring back the pain and make it even worst.

11. Do Not be Friend with Him

Never try to be friend with him or keeping on a good term. It's not nice to cut things off like that, but you have to do it you prevent yourself to suffer from a broken heart.

12. Don't be in a Rush to Find a New Boyfriend

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It's good to meet some new guys when you try to move on from him. But don't be in a rush to date someone. Somebody's heart is not a place to run away from your aching past.

13. Never Imagine to Get Back Together

To get over the bad memories, you often remember the good ones. Moreover, you imagine things that didn't happen, wishing you'd get back together. Don't let the hope flying high, it only hurts you even more.

14. Make Peace with Yourself

The one who suffer the most when you have a broken heart is you. Make peace with yourself, wake up and move on. It's the best ways to cure loneliness at night when you miss him.

15. Accept the Fact That You aren't Meant to Be

You have to accept that you and him has separated. It means you are not meant to be together. It's important so you can move on from the broken heart. Accepting is the first step to get over it.

16. Let Go of the Past

Let bygone be bygone. In order to take a step forward, you must let go of what holding you back. It's the memories of him that is still alive inside. Let go of the past, he isn't meant to be yours.

So those are the things you can do on how to get over a broken heart when you still love him. Broken heart is painful, let alone the moving on process you have to get through right after. Nobody can help you but yourself. You have to stay strong, get over him, and move on. Better days will come along, as well as better guys.

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