How to Get Over An Inter Religious Relationship Break Up? Healing Process

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Sometimes, someone that you love is not someone who is right for you. Selfishness in self also dominates above everything in order to maintain your relationship.

However, the reality is inevitable that this is not a good relationship. Then, how to get over an inter-religious relationship break up? First identify the reasons, below here.

1. A parent's blessing

The most reason why your relationship can't go forward is because of a parent's blessing. Your parents hope that you find someone who has the same faith as you do.

2. The other pressure

Everybody around you will speak up about your inter-religious relationship with him. This is maybe a little pressure but it will be big if they talk about this all day.

3. You are easily offended

There will be a pros and contra about your relationship with him. It makes your head full of comments and you are easily offended when they talk something that hurt your feeling.

4.  Is it truth or wrong?

It is a big question that writes in your mind, is it truth or wrong? Can I do this? Can I survive? This may make you stressful, but it will be good if you can discuss this to him. Do not too over push yourself. Check on this tip on should I marry my boyfriend when I don’t feel the spark anymore?

5. Your pure heart also speak up 

At this stage, maybe your conscience will say how happy if you have the same faith with him. In here, you also think Am I need to change my beliefs too? Well, please think carefully. You should be able to separate between feelings and your wish to learn other beliefs.

6. Your wish that can't happen ever

Maybe both of you can celebrate Christmas together or Ied Al-Fitr together. Sometimes, in your heart, you really wish that you can do pray together in a worship place. Unfortunately, it is the thing that could not happen.

7. Fight with yourself

Having this relationship is, of course, a lot of obstacles that you experience, in here you have to fight and survive with decisions that you consider to be the best without thinking of other people's opinions. However, when you pass this you will know more about the true meaning of diversity.

Signs that you should decide the best one

Well, if you think that this relationship is not okay, you must decide the best way. It is for your life, what is your answer now? Let's see below here.

1. There is no more purpose

At first, this relationship was fine but, after three months you felt this relationship seems to have nothing.

2. His behavior is no longer the same

There is something make you confuse, that is, his behavior is no longer the same as when you met. Are there other reasons? You should see the answer on my boyfriend is ignoring me because he thinks I'm ignoring him, what should I do?

3. The white lies

Both of you often say white lies. This is done so that no one gets hurt. Is this the right way? Try to say the truth. The white lies can cause big problems you can see the answer to does telling little white lies causing big problems in the relationship?

4. Busy with your business

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You work in an office as your boyfriend too. Both of you are really busy so you can not have any time to see even talk personally.

5. Give up at the end
You are too stressed and feel this relationship is very hard to do, this is what makes you give up in the end.

How to get over an inter-religious relationship break up

There are ways how to get over an inter-religious relationship break up. Well, you must do these steps by steps then you can move on and have a better life.
1. Accept it

You must accept all that was happen last, it is okay if you feel broken. It just only the beginning. Try to find out these signs a friendship is coming to an end.

2. Erase all the things

Prepare a card box and put it in all of your things that belong to her or him. His photos, his gifts that give to you. Put them all in this box then, close tightly and store in a somewhere place. Sweep it all.

3. Re-plan your future

You can adjust re-plan your future slowly now. Do some work out can heal your broken heart.

4. The drug habits

Yo are in emotion but do not ever do this habit. It is very worse. Do drug habit is not the best solution.

5. Writing your thoughts
How to help you more from break up easily is writing your thought and your feeling in a paper. Shares all in that paper, if it is not enough you can write it more.

6. Meet a counselor

Meet a counselor is the best answer, you can share all your thought and all your thought will be handled with someone that professional.

7. Go traveling

Go to somewhere place may help you to forget that happen, now. You can go traveling that has a beautiful panorama; beach or camping. There are some things you need to know before you go with him.

8. Friends and family

The support of your friend and family is needed. Why do not try to help them or doing something that much fun? Spending time with them is the best heal.

Hopefully, the above on how to get over an inter-religious relationship break out can show you how is the best way to move on from this. Okay, good luck for your relationship do not hesitate to look for other tips like this on my boyfriend and I have fully opposite religious views. how can I compromise?

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