11+ Reasons Why Your Ex Girlfriend Hasn't Contacted You In A Month

Last updated on July 1, 2024 by Michelle Devani

Are you wondering why your ex-girlfriend hasn’t contacted you in a month or more?

Has this come as a huge and uncomfortable surprise? 

Perhaps you agreed to remain in contact after the break-up, but now she has decided to ghost you out of nowhere? 

There are many reasons why a woman might choose to make this decision, and they’re not all disastrous for your ongoing relationship. 

So, keep reading this guide, because it contains an extensive list of reasons why your ex-girlfriend might choose to go completely cold on you for a month or more. 

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Here's Why Your Ex Girlfriend Hasn't Contacted You In A Month

After the breakup, you have been kept in touch with your ex girlfriend although not as constantly as it used to be. However, it is been awhile since your ex girlfriend contacted you and even a month already passed. What's going on? Here are why your ex girlfriend hasn't contacted you in a month and its explicable reason.

1. She Decided To Move on

Why you are still hanging on to a relationship that is already going nowhere? This is probably your ex girlfriend thought. Since the relationship was over, she has options which are stay with you as the way it is now or move on to a better life; and her choice is the last one.

2. She's Still Licking Her Wounds

The breakup left her with scars. Doesn't matter the way she broke up with you, the ended of a relationship will always give a painful memories for the both sides. That is why she choose to not contacting you for awhile.

3. She Is Enjoying Her Life

she is enjoying her life

She has more free and fun time for herself, or even she already has plans to go on vacation with her squad now.

4. You Might Make Things Worse

Did you say something mean to her? Anything it was, you might make things worse that made her stop talking to you.

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5. It's Way Too Soon After The Breakup

Everyone has different time to heal themselves from broken heart. It is too soon for your ex girlfriend to act normal towards you.

6. You Are Too Visible

She needs some space after the break up. You are way too visible and holding to her too much. Make yourself busy with few activities so you won't annoy your ex by constantly texting her.

7. She's The One That Wait

Your ex girlfriend must have some doubt to contacting you first. This is a girl we are talking about! You should make the first move so text her first because she is waiting for that.

8. She Thought It Would Be Better To Disappear

She decided to just disappear from your life because she doesn't want to bother you any longer. Besides, she also doesn't want to look back in her anger due to the breakup any more.

9. You Haven't Changed A Single Thing

What were you doing after the breakup? Did you already reflect yourself in the mirror? This is what your ex girlfriend wants. Maybe, you haven't changed yourself so she doesn't want to text you in order to you could make yourself better.

10. She Is Tired

She doesn't want this post-breakup situation and is bored or even tired with it.

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11. She Doesn't Recognize You

People changes, so does heart. You found that your ex girlfriend just wasn't the same as she used to be. Well, this is exactly what she is thinking too now. The old you that she has known doesn't here anymore.

12. She Found Someone New

You should reminding yourself that she is not yours anymore. It is a normal thing that he hasn't contacted you for a month or so. Probably, she already find someone new and that man is better than you.

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What To Do If Your Ex Girlfriend Hasn't Contacted You

what to do if your ex girlfriend hasn't contacted you

After learn why your ex girlfriend hasn't contacted you in a month, your mind should be slightly open about what is happening. If you still don't know what to do if your ex girlfriend doing so, here are what I can tell you to do.

1. Make The First Move

Instead of wait and wonder why your ex girlfriend hasn't contacted you in a month, you need to simply make the first move by call her and ask about how is her life. If you don't have guts or still feeling pain towards the breakup, text her will do.

2. Ask Her Best Friends

If your ex girlfriend didn't reply your text, there is nothing wrong to ask her best friend about her. Besides, you could receive some clue too about her life while she wasn't around you.

3. Do Something Fun

If you don't wait to text her first yet bother about why your ex girlfriend hasn't contacted you in a month, then just find something to make you forget about that. Getting yourself involved in some cool event or anything will do as long as you are busy and have other things to think about.

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4. Read The Situation

Learn about the situation you are in. If you are still madly in love with your ex girlfriend, than do something that make her acknowledge what you feel. Is her really worthy to your effort? If she already give a sign that she is moving on now, you should also do the same.

Bonus Tips For You When Your Ex Girlfriend Hasn't Contacted You

Here are another tips for you if you are still thinking about your ex girlfriend that hasn't contacted you in a month.

1. Remember Your Place

You still haven't forgotten that you already broke up with her, have you? You should remind yourself that she has right to not contacting you.

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2. You Need To Look After Yourself

You Need To Look After Yourself

Still thinking about your ex is fine, but don't overthinking it. You need to focus on bettering yourself too.

3. Let Go The Things That Hurt You

Wondering is your ex girlfriend already moving on must be takes your time. Let go all of that! You need to appreciate yourself too by feel happy and leave all the pain.

4. Start To Move On

It is not good to keep hanging on to the past. We all know you have wonderful memories with her, but who knows what you can get in the future. You will never know if you never try. Open your heart to someone new and make a new happy memories.

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