21 Ways On How To Make Your Girlfriend Jealous On Whatsapp

Last updated on April 14, 2024 by Michelle Devani

Are you wondering how to make your girlfriend jealous on WhatsApp?

Have you noticed that a spark of jealousy tends to keep the flame burning in your relationship and make her more attracted to you?

But perhaps you don’t know an appropriate way to do so using this messaging app?

If so, you’re in the right place. This article features 21 tips to make a girl jealous on WhatsApp.

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Either way, let’s now take a look at my huge list of ways to make your girlfriend jealous on WhatsApp.


21 Ways On How To Make Your Girlfriend Jealous On Whatsapp

As one of the most popular social media globally, if you are one of the nearly two billion users WhatsApp boasts of, chances are so is your circle, including your girl. Also, being one of the fastest ways people keep up with one another online, it’s only fitting that the app will be more useful than just for chatting.

Anywhere you spend time often (especially where other people have access to you, and vice-versa) is a great avenue to make your girlfriend jealous. If you are wondering if there are ways specific to WhatsApp to do this, the answer is yes. Keep reading to learn how.

1. Put up another woman's picture on your profile

Your profile picture by design is meant to be something to remind your contacts of who they are interacting with. Other than their own photos, people often use pictures of loved ones or something else that somehow speaks to their state of mind at the time.

Now, when you make a whole other girl your profile picture (instead of your girlfriend, work-related stuff, or even your pet or favorite scenery) you are asking for it. As for how likely this is to make your girlfriend jealous, I’d say quite, as long as she can see it. Just make sure not to use a girl she knows you’re related to.

2. Act single on your status to make her jealous

Using the status feature can be quite a handy means to make your girlfriend jealous on WhatsApp. The loving quote/one-liner method has been known to work in the past, but since no one pays that section much mind anymore, you might want to get with the times.

Sure, stating that you are single on your profile may spark a little jealousy, but it’s a bit too on the nose if you ask me. On the other hand, flirting, flaunting your active social life outside your relationship, and generally acting single on the app sends a more subtle yet streamlined message that she likely won’t miss. 

3. Post other girls

post other girls

When unsure what posts to put up to make a girl jealous, go with other girls. It works just as well on your WhatsApp status as it does on your profile, only that with the former, you can customize who sees it to just her.

You don’t have to do anything over the top or drastically unlike you. You want to make the fun (or whatever the theme of the post is) the center of it all. Maybe throw in one harmless compliment or two. Doing too much can tip your hand too soon, which has its risks. So, the best way to go about this is to give just enough info to keep her wondering.

4. Post screenshots of your racy chat with girls

If you are not in the kind of relationship where your girlfriend goes through your phone to read your chat, you may need to go the extra step to induce jealousy. The idea is to get her to notice you might be up to something without telling her directly, hence status updates to the win once more.

Instead of just their pictures, you can share screenshots of a fun conversation you had with other girls. It might be enough that you’re just paying the other girl attention, especially if it’s one of the mutual friends of your girl. Or, you could up the ante based on how prone your girl is to jealousy.

5. Be online and don't reply to her on time

It’s not a lack of attention from a partner that most people can’t bear. More often than not, it’s realizing it’s just you being ignored that makes one lose it. Now, we all hate it when people take their time replying. This is especially true for girlfriends. So, if you can play your cards right, that’s something you can leverage.

Not every relationship can survive racy screenshots and whatnot. This is a relatively healthy way to make her jealous in comparison. Simply keep her wondering what you are up to by leaving her message hanging a bit longer than usual before replying all the while appearing online. 

This is more likely to work if you usually text back fast or she already has her doubts about your WhatsApp goings-on.

6. Give one-word responses

Nothing triggers insecurity faster in relationships than a non-committal attitude, which in turn breeds jealousy. You can make your girlfriend jealous by keeping your chat with her brief or hindering the flow of your conversation with one-word answers. If you talk often, she’ll likely notice something’s off. Drive home the message by insisting all is well.

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At first, she might dismiss it as you being busy or something, but with time, she can’t help but think someone else on WhatsApp is starting to interest you more than her.

7. Read her messages without replying

read her messages without replying

Or, you could take things up a notch by leaving your girlfriend on ‘read,’ i.e., ignore her message totally without even a one-word reply. Not forever, obviously, but long enough for her to notice it. When she brings it up, find excuses so it seems like you drifted off into other chats and that you didn’t mean to neglect her on purpose (that can sting even more.)

Before adopting this strategy, though, know that while it can keep your girlfriend on her toes and make her jealous, it can just as easily go the other way and hurt your relationship. 

8. Talk fondly to/about other women

If talking to other women when with your girlfriend often triggers jealousy on her end, you can incorporate it on WhatsApp as well. Even better, you can achieve this whether you’re physically together or she’s across the ocean from you.

If you are together, simply appear engrossed in your chat and occasionally laugh out loud to catch her attention. If you are lucky, she’ll ask who you are chatting with. Tell her a girl’s name, even if it’s just a friend. If apart, you can casually work it into conversation with her or go the status route and post snippets of the chat.

9. Add her to a group with the girl she's worried about, remove her and say it was a mistake

If your girlfriend suspects there might be something budding between you and another girl, ‘accidentally’ throwing her a bone can feed her jealousy. One way to go about this on WhatsApp is through the group chat feature. For this to work, she has to be familiar with the other girl’s phone number, or better yet, have it saved. 

That way, when she gets the invite, she can clearly see her rival is also in the group. It can be a pre-existing group or one you create for that purpose. You can also decide to have other people on it or just you three. The point is to bring to her attention one more room you share with the competition that she’s not privy to.

10. Be active on a mutual group chat without paying her attention in private

Similarly, if you share WhatsApp group chats with your girlfriend, you can take advantage by incorporating them with the points above about denying her your full attention. To not give yourself away, do this on a day when other members are active on the platform.

Be your social self, reply promptly, ask questions and participate in the group so your girlfriend knows you are undoubtedly online. You can even engage each other on the platform but don’t maintain the energy in private. It doesn’t matter if it’s work, friend, or religious group, the vibe inconsistency would certainly make her jealous. 

11. Delete a sweet text after she reads it and claim it wasn't meant for her

WhatsApp provides ample time to take back a message with its “delete for everyone” feature. If you know all it takes for your girlfriend to feel jealous is a name, a certain tone, or whatever, all you gotta do is whet her appetite to get the jealousy ball rolling.

You are in a better position than me to determine what to send: it might be a sweet message for your girl, or it could be flirty pics, or something in between. So, for best results, think about what would arouse your girl’s interest right away.

12. Never post (about) her on your status

never post (about) her on your status

Not all relationships do the boo’d-up thing where you plaster your social media pages with pictures of each other. Some couples do it on occasion, perhaps, on special days like anniversaries and holidays. Others who don’t do the media thing sometimes allude to the fact that they are in a relationship, even if they don’t put a face to it.

If you fall into any of the above categories, and you suddenly stop, jealousy is only one of the many reactions that will naturally follow on your girl’s part. If your relationship is new-ish, and so no precedence of such happening, it works too. 

Make posts appreciating the people in your life, including exes, work colleagues, and even the random person that was unusually nice to you in traffic but conveniently leave her out. If that doesn’t make your girlfriend jealous, nothing will.

13. Mute her status updates so you never get to view them

I know girls like to say they don’t do anything for the guys, but I’ll have you know Gatsbying has no gender. If you like someone or are in a relationship with them, you naturally want to impress that person by simply breathing, especially in relatively new relationships.

That means it’s not just her sexy boomerang videos she wants you to view, your girl lowkey also wants you to see it when she updates her status with her mood or cravings. She wants her boyfriend to laugh when she posts something funny and maybe get jealous too when she ‘overshares’.

Now imagine putting all that thought into posting, and your target audience doesn’t even get to see, let alone react.

14. Turn off your read receipts so she doesn't know when you've read her messages or viewed her status updates

The previous approach may pack the punch you want, but there’s just one drawback: you also miss out on keeping up with your girlfriend. If that’s not a sacrifice you are willing to make, an alternative is to go incognito and turn off your read receipt feature.

This way, she neither gets to see the blue tick when you read her message nor does she know if you’ve seen her status, and you’re not missing anything. You can take it a step further and kill your last seen, too, so you’re fully under the radar. 

The whole time she’d be jealous of what you may or may not be up to when you’re not together, even when you’re not making extra effort to hide something.

15. Video call other girls when you are with her

Video calls feel more personal than regular back-and-forth texting, and for good reason. It’s the closest we get to virtually simulating in-person communication, and, of course, some of its perks include more room for emotional connection. Texting other girls is simply not the same as video calling them, especially with your girlfriend present.

With that in mind, all you have to do to make her jealous is let her hear you make these calls, perhaps, even at odd hours, to turn up the heat.

16. Have different girls send you media and leave them on your phone

That people, particularly girls, share pictures of themselves more readily now than the way it used to be doesn’t mean it still can’t make your girl restless. If you are in a relationship where your phones aren’t totally off-limits to each other, odds are, she’ll stumble on your gallery sometime.

Now, these images may be harmless individually, but if you have several belonging to a girl that isn’t her, it will almost certainly breed jealousy. Sometimes, even nudes are easier to swallow than an extensive collection of regular, everyday media. That’s pictorial proof of closeness that potentially threatens your girl’s reign as the queen of your heart. She’ll feel she is losing you to the other girl and will be more careful.

17. Have fun without her and put it up on your status

have fun without her and put it up on your status

Let’s get something straight; your girl wants you to be happy (hopefully!), but not without her. You can laugh and have fun on your own, but she doesn’t want to see you enjoying it too much in her absence, or she starts to feel dispensable and gets jealous.

If you find this relatable, then going out on the town without her and then raving all about it on WhatsApp ought to do it. A social thing with friends works, but it can just as well be with work colleagues, new faces, or even solo outings. 

18. Flaunt the compliments you get

Everyone has something going for them. It might be looks, talent, work ethic, creativity, you name it. Whatever it is about you that people compliment the most can be capitalized on to make a girl jealous. People do it all the time. 

You can take a screenshot and make it look like a counter appreciation of whoever complimented you. You can even play coy and laugh like you don't know what the person is talking about. And as long as making your girl jealous is the goal, prioritizing positive reinforcement from girls may not be the worst idea.

19. Hint at living your best life when you are not on good terms

The only thing a girl deems worse than her boyfriend enjoying himself without her is doing so when things are not great between them. Like I suggested above, this doesn’t mean she wishes you ill or wants you to be miserable. It's just the way it is.

So next time you argue and she gets the bright idea to ignore you, inducing jealousy this way can give you an edge. What “living your best life” means specifically, may be subjective to you and your relationship dynamic. 

20. Rave about an ex on your status

Exes: the gifts that keep giving in relationships. They are and will always top the list of touchy subjects in a relationship, if to a varying degree. Generally, people prefer for their partner not to think about their past lovers, let alone talk to or about them.

Some can keep a platonic relationship with their exes, but even that comes with its own anxiety for their partners. Whichever group you belong to, reminiscing about your time with an ex, good or bad, on your WhatsApp status is bound to hit a nerve.

21. Circumvent her questions

circumvent her questions

Unless evoking jealousy has always been your motive, attempting to make your girlfriend jealous will not go unnoticed. If your relationship is anything close to functional and she knows you well enough, the discrepancies in your behavior may raise questions.

Now, the healthy and mature thing to do might be to come clean so she doesn’t overthink it, but what would be the fun in that? You won’t catch me advocating for lying to your girl, but if you are still enjoying the game and it’s not doing any real harm to your relationship, you can evade her questions.

Make excuses where you can, don’t answer when you can get away with it, and so on. But the trick is to keep it clean and not give teeth to your shenanigans by actually betraying her trust. Taking it anything beyond purely making her jealous is how you end up single.


How can I make a girl jealous on WhatsApp?

You can make a girl jealous by suggesting you are single or in a relationship, depending on where you stand and what you want with her. Posting another girl on your WhatsApp status or profile can drive her crazy. The same goes for screenshots of suggestive chat snippets. If you are in a relationship, keeping it a secret and acting single can also drive your girlfriend to jealousy.

How can I make my girlfriend jealous on chat?

Deter the conversation flow by replying late and seeming distracted generally. Send her a message clearly meant for a girl and delete it immediately claiming it was for someone else. Talk about your ex, your female best friend, or your celebrity crush a little too much. Be secretive.

How do you know if a girl is jealous and likes you?

Girls behave differently around guys they like, especially when jealous. Some ignore you, some hide their emotions behind banter and laugh it off, while others make a show of living their best life to appear unbothered. A girl who likes you and is jealous may also be prone to mood swings and try to play detective whenever you are with another girl.

What makes a woman jealous?

Jealousy is a natural emotional reaction to a perceived threat between you and what you want. A woman’s jealousy may be due to insecurity or a credible fear of potential loss due to a lack of trust in her subject of interest. Being excessively jealous can be a sign of low self-esteem and can also happen when expectations aren’t properly set in a relationship.

Does jealousy make a girl want you more?

Jealousy can drive someone to appreciate you more. However, making what you’re trying to achieve obviously won’t only fail to make a girl jealous but also make you seem insecure, which is an unattractive quality for many.

To Conclude

You asked and I served. Now, how long have you had WhatsApp, and how many of these tips have you been sleeping on? Did I miss anyone that you’ve tried and has worked for you? Be a darling and share them below, along with your feedback. Also, if you liked the article, it would be wrong not to share it with your friends. 

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