Signs Your Boyfriend Likes Your Best Friend (29 Clear-Cut Signs)

Last updated on June 12, 2024 by Michelle Devani

Do you sense some sexual tension between your partner and your best friend?

Are you worried that there might be some romance blossoming between them?

In this situation, both parties are likely to deny, deny, deny. Any courtship would surely be kept as private as possible. So, it can be difficult to blame them for any wrongdoing. 

In this guide, we will explore the 29 most common signs that your partner is falling for your best friend. 

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Here are the signs to look out for if you think something might be going on...


29 Signs Your Boyfriend Likes Your Best Friend

Are you sensing a brewing romance between your boyfriend and best friend? Has their attitude towards one another changed in recent times, causing you to worry? If your answer is yes, then you’re in the right place. 

Your guy can develop feelings for someone else, even someone close to you, making it vital to spot it early on. Something might be happening under the radar, but with our twenty-nine signs your boyfriend likes your best friend, you’ll be able to tackle the situation sooner

Here’s a list of things to look out for if you suspect your partner might have a crush on your friend.

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1. You feel it

Men are bad liars. So, it isn’t coincidental that you sensed your boyfriend probably has eyes for your friend. This scenario occurred because you unconsciously caught some hints that prompted you to think that way. Therefore, this step is one of the most critical clues that show he might indeed feel that way about your guy. 

Since you know your partner more than anyone else, you will easily detect when there’s a problem – more so, if he has a crush on someone. You shouldn’t neglect those hints you received. Instead, you should pay more attention to them. Those little details, and others listed below, will help you know how your significant other feels about that individual.

2. They talk a lot

they talk a lot

One of the prominent signs that your boyfriend might be in love with your best friend is when he talks a lot with her. A person wouldn’t be interested in having a conversation with another person if they didn’t like their company. Therefore, if your man enjoys talking to someone close to you, it might point to the fact that he’s interested in that person. 

This stage is relatively subtle and doesn’t prove he’ll go as far as cheating on you. However, it reveals your guy is indeed fond of someone you share an emotional attachment with. If things get more profound, it would be best to monitor their activities together to be sure you’re not getting played.

3. He brings up your friend in discussions

Another sign that your partner might like your best friend is when he brings her up in discussions. At this stage, you should try to gauge your partner’s intent for bringing up your friend. In some cases, it might be essential to talk about her at that moment. In other scenarios, you will be able to tell when he merely wants to talk about her. 

If he’s fond of bringing up topics about her unnecessarily, it hints at his attraction for her. As your partner, his focus should be on you and not on a friend of yours. Therefore, it’s rather suspicious if your significant other likes to talk about someone else when the both of you are together. 

4. He behaves better when she’s around

One way to know something is up between your boyfriend and your best friend is when he instantly starts behaving like the best partner when she’s around. In other words, he’s trying to leave a good impression on your best friend but doesn’t make that much effort when she’s not around. 

Such behavior shows that your man might have a crush on someone you’re close to. Understand that it’s normal to try to look good in front of others, but it becomes rather suspicious when it’s only one person you’re trying to appear charming to. In such a case, you should try to observe the situation more before it grows into a bigger issue.

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5. He follows her on social media

There should always be a healthy limit to the association your boyfriend has with your best friend when you’re not there. Following your guy on social media might seem harmless, but it becomes rather suspicious when it’s a platform you’re not necessarily accustomed to. 

For example, if you regularly communicate with your partner and his allies on Facebook, and vice versa, but you find out that your significant other is talking to one of your friends on Instagram, it’s a bad sign. This type of behavior shows that he’s not respecting certain boundaries, which calls for suspicion. 

He shouldn’t have to communicate with someone both of you know outside the regular platforms you’re accustomed to.

6. He stalks her social media

Another reason a partner may connect with one of your friends outside the regular platforms you’re accustomed to is to stalk them and know specific details about their lives. It’s one of the signs your boyfriend likes your best friend. If he brings up certain subjects about their life that they could have only known through social media, you should be more cautious of their association. 

Your boyfriend should not be interested in finding out what’s happening in your ally’s life, which is why following her and stalking her on social media is rather suspicious. He may have a special fondness of her that he can’t keep at bay and needs to pacify by monitoring her social feed regularly.

7. He’s the first to chat her up

It’s one thing to connect with your partner’s friend online, while it’s another thing to be the first to chat them up. If your boyfriend tends to lead the conversation with your best friend, it’s one of the signs he may be feeling something for her. Understand that it’s normal to initiate discussions with a partner’s ally once in a while, but it becomes strange when it happens far too often. 

If this scenario occurs in your relationship, then you need to observe your partner more. Unless there’s a formal reason for the two of them to be chatting with one another for long periods, it shouldn’t be happening and hints that he may be attracted to her.

8. He always wants to hang out with her

The most prominent way to know whether your boyfriend has a thing for someone you’re close to is to observe his reaction when there’s an opportunity to hang out with this individual. If he’s always suggesting to include your ally in outings that both of you can comfortably engage in alone, it reveals his attraction towards this woman. 

People naturally want to spend time with those they have a liking to. Therefore, your partner’s urge to spend time with a specific individual is something you should look into. If this scenario happens rather frequently, it shows there might be a problem in the relationship. 

You should try to find out if there’s an alternate reason he wants to spend time with her. Otherwise, it means he likes her.

9. He’s asked you about her relationship status

he's asked you about her relationship status

Your best friend’s dating status shouldn’t concern your boyfriend enough for him to keep bringing it up. If this scenario is a common occurrence with your partner, it shows he might have feelings for your friend. Understand that it’s normal for your partner to be curious about who your ally is dating, but it should never be a repeated topic that both of you discuss. 

Wanting to know private details about another person indicates attraction, and in this case, it is a sign that your man might love the idea of being with someone you’re close to. Except there’s a more critical reason why your partner brought up such a topic, you shouldn’t neglect these hints.

10. He doesn’t like her partner or dates

Similar to the previous point, your man’s concern for your bestie’s love life is something that should stir up suspicion. More so, if he unnecessarily disapproves of your friend’s dates and seems too protective of her when it comes to her associations, it shows he has a keen fondness for her.

Unless your boyfriend is related to your friend, he should leave any criticism concerning who she dates up to you. More so, your partner should have little to no input on who your friend fancies or not. If he can’t seem to hide his curiosity to know more, it shows there’s a special type of fondness he has for her.

11. You’ve caught him staring

You can tell when your man is interested in women through his stares. A man will always try to feed his desire by looking at someone he has a crush on. If he stares longer than a few seconds, he’s indeed attracted to her. If this is the case with your boyfriend and your best friend, it shows he’s interested in her.

Widespread knowledge believes that the eyes are the window to the soul. Therefore, you can tell how someone feels for another person by the way they look at them. If you’ve caught your partner staring at your friend, understand that it’s a questionable scenario that you need to pay attention to.

12. He jokes about her being his second partner

It’s common in associations to use nicknames to mess around with friends. However, this scenario may not be particularly fitting for an intimate relationship. If your significant other jokes around with your best friend and gives her cute nicknames, you should be wary about this. 

Your partner shouldn’t be unnecessarily cozy with your friend. If your boyfriend only started getting fond of your friend when the two of you got together, their newly-found closeness should raise suspicion. Try to determine your partner’s motive towards your friend to determine if it’s nothing or something you should worry about.

13. He’s super kind to her

The best way to know if your boyfriend likes your bestie is to monitor how he behaves around her. If he’s far too kind and sweet with your friend, unlike others, it shows he might indeed like her. You should know when he’s going out of his way to impress her, which will give you the hints you need. 

If his interaction with her seems more like flirting than him actually being nice, it reveals he might be attracted to her. A guy will always try to put in extra effort to please the woman he likes. Therefore, this is an easy way to detect a possible growing attraction between your significant other and your ally.

14. He’s always excited when she’s around

Another way to know if your man likes your best friend or not is by observing his temperaments around her. Usually, it’s normal to behave differently when you’re with someone unfamiliar. However, it becomes strange when the difference in behavior around this individual is far too extreme.

If one moment he’s calm and the next he’s excited when your guy walks into the room, it should raise some suspicion. If he’s not relatively close to this person, then his behavior change shouldn’t be this intense. Else, it suggests that he has a special liking towards her.

If your ally’s presence is a determining factor to your boyfriend’s happiness, then there might be a problem.

15. He offers to take her home

Your partner offering to take your friend home without offering to carry you along is one of the signs he might have feelings for her. Usually, partners in intimate associations are cautious enough to avoid uncomfortable situations like being left alone with a best friend. On the contrary, if he offers to be unaccompanied with her, it shows something is up.

Apart from critical situations where your significant other has to give your friend a ride alone, such a scenario shouldn’t frequently occur in your association. Your partner should want to spend more time with you than he’ll enjoy being alone with your ally. Otherwise, he might be emotionally attached to her.

16. He called you by her name

Except you and your boyfriend had a long day together with a specific friend, he shouldn’t be careless enough to call you by another name. In the exclusion of this scenario, your man calling you by a lady’s name is a sign that he’s thinking about someone aside from you. This situation could also reveal how he feels towards that person. 

Usually, when a guy calls his girlfriend by another name, it hints that he might be emotionally attached to someone else. This scenario can also occur with women, which is why it’s an easy way to know when there’s a problem in a relationship. If there are no viable reasons for the mistake, then you should acknowledge a possible feeling towards that person.

17. He hangs out with her when you’re not around

he hangs out with her when you're not around

The only exception to your boyfriend hanging out with your best friend when you’re absent is if they were friends before you got together with him. Perhaps, in this case, they’re relatively inseparable and enjoy each other’s company. In any other scenario, your partner shouldn’t be spending time with your friends without including you. 

If this behavior is accompanied by guilt or a state of defensiveness, whenever you find out, it might hint at the fact that he indeed has a crush on your ally. As humans, we naturally enjoy being around those we love. Therefore, if your significant other also enjoy someone else’s company, it calls for an alarm.

18. He gets to know her personally

Nobody would make an effort to know someone personally, except they were indeed interested in them. If intimate details about your best friend like her best color or what she enjoys doing over the holiday excites your partner, it’s something you should look into. There should be a clear line between what your significant other can ask your friend and what he can’t. 

If you see him crossing the line and getting all too personal, it might hint at the fact that he’s interested in her. More so, if it feels more like he’s flirting than getting to know your friend, there might be a problem. The idea of your partner wanting to know far too personal details about someone you’re emotionally attached to shouldn’t be taken for granted.

19. He buys stuff for her

Of course, getting one or two items for your partner’s friend once in a while can be completely harmless. However, it becomes strange when it happens far too often and without any clear motive. If there isn’t a concrete reason for your boyfriend to gift your bestie with items, then it shouldn’t be happening. 

Gifts are an open display of love and may give insight into how he feels about her. If he can’t help himself from trying to impress your friend, there might be a problem in your association. More so, if he gets defensive when you make a point about his unnecessary or inappropriate present, it shows he might love the idea altogether and may have a thing for your ally.

20. He’s horny when your friend leaves

Does your man get all over you when your friend suddenly exits the room? This behavior is a telltale clue that he might be attracted to her. Men tend to get aroused when someone they find attractive is around. In the scenario of a boyfriend liking a best friend, the partner knows he can’t make a move, so he feeds his desire on his girl instead while envisioning another person. 

There’s nothing absolutely wrong with your significant other getting horny when your friend leaves. Truly, it might be a coincidence. On the contrary, if this happens quite frequently, it reveals his feelings towards that person, which might be nothing platonic.

21. He gets jealous over things that involve her

Guys are naturally protective over the things they care about, especially if it’s a woman. It boosts their masculinity and makes them feel all the more needed. If your boyfriend is exhibiting this behavior towards another lady, it reveals he might be interested in her. For example, getting angry that he wants to spend time with another person should raise some eyebrows. 

A guy shouldn’t get jealous over things that fall outside his intimate association with his partner. Otherwise, he might be emotionally attached to another person. Jealousy shows attachment towards a subject and can give insight into how your partner feels about your friend.

22. He pays close attention to her

Men are usually inattentive until there’s a form of interest towards a particular subject. For example, a guy would only notice that you wear a particular color on a weekday if he has a sense of concern or curiosity about you.

In like manner, your boyfriend noticing a few facts about your friend may be completely harmless. However, it raises suspicion when he pays far too much attention to her and can point out several hidden details about her. 

He might be naturally observant, but there should be a clear and healthy limit to how much he takes note of her. Understand that you should be his primary source of concern as his girlfriend.

23. He takes pictures with her

A group photo with a partner’s friend is innocent, but it becomes rather unfitting when they are personal. If your man likes taking pictures with another woman, it shows he’s emotionally connected to her. More so, merely keeping these images is a sign of affection. If they didn’t previously share an emotional bond, you should pay attention to these hints.

Pictures are a way to stay connected with someone, even in their absence. If such a scenario happens between your partner and your best friend, it reveals he might have a crush on her. One or two random pictures are harmless, but you need to observe how he treats these pictures and behaves when you mention them.

24. His questions tend to cross the line

A man in an intimate association should have healthy limits with his partner’s friends, especially when being inquisitive. The contrary suggests that he might have a thing for one of them. If he’s asking inappropriate questions about your friend, either to you or directly to her, it might indicate attraction. 

You should be able to tell when he’s crossing the line and being too familiar with your friend. This behavior will give insight into how he feels about her. If he acts defensive or doesn’t even see the problem, he might indeed like her. The mere fact that he thinks there’s nothing bad about his behavior should make you eager to look into it.

25. He dresses extra nice when she’s around

Another way guys will strive to impress their crush is by looking good. Although some men naturally want to look good all the time, a guy’s desire to dress nicely shouldn’t be restricted to a particular person’s presence. If this is the scenario in your association, your partner might have a thing for your friend.

You should be able to tell when your boyfriend is making an extra effort to look presentable, which will give clues to his attraction for your best friend. More so, if it happens consecutively, you should be suspicious about it. Understand that he shouldn’t be trying to look good for anyone other than you.

26. He makes an extra effort to take care of her

If there’s a clear disparity in how your man takes care of you in comparison to how he treats your friend, acknowledge that he might have a special feeling for her. Love is expressive, so you should always pay attention to people’s actions more than their words. In like manner, your partner shouldn’t be treating your best friend better than he treats you.

In another scenario, if your significant other treats you right but takes preferential treatment to one of your friends above others, you shouldn’t neglect it. Except your ally has critical needs, your partner shouldn’t be putting in so much effort to take care of her, or it might hint at an attraction.

27. He leaves comments on her social media

he leaves comments on her social media

Most guys will try to stay connected with someone they like by leaving comments on their social media pages. This behavior subtly displays a special level of fondness and is an easy way to start a conversation. Continuous repetition of this action is something you should worry about because it shows your partner is trying to create a mutual bond with this individual. 

Likewise, leaving comments on an ally’s page once or twice may seem harmless, but always try to read meaning into the message’s content. If the comment is highly inappropriate, you shouldn’t neglect it because it reveals your partner might indeed like your friend.

28. He knows more about her than you expected

An easy way to know whether your boyfriend has eyes for your friend is when he reveals more about her than you expected. If there wasn’t a prior friendship before you started dating your partner, but he somehow knows personal details about her, you should look into it. They could be spending time together without you, which calls for suspicion.

You can see a person’s love for someone in different ways, especially in their effort to know that person better. If your partner has made an effort to know your ally, even more than necessary, he may indeed like her.

29. He is not making enough effort towards the relationship

A simple way to identify a problem in your association is when your partner isn’t making enough effort to make things work. If you’ve noticed the above hints and feel your significant other may be attracted to your best friend, but your man constantly makes an effort to correct his faults, you may have nothing to worry about. 

On the contrary, if he’s negligent about the association’s problems, it shows his attention is fixed elsewhere. Your partner should be more concerned about losing you than getting close to any of your friends – meaning he should be willing to create some distance if you’re uncomfortable about certain things.


How do you know if my boyfriend has a crush on my friend?

When a guy has a crush on someone, he’s bound to behave differently towards that person. Your partner’s attitude towards a particular friend of yours will reveal whether he has feelings for her or not. Therefore, it’s critical to observe their association if you want to find out.

How can I tell if my boyfriend likes someone else?

When your partner starts spending more time with a particular individual, it could mean he has a crush on that person. People naturally want to be around those they’re interested in. Therefore, you should take note of how your significant other relates to a friend in question.

Are best friends more important than boyfriends?

If you intend to gauge the importance of your friendship with your best friend compared to the love you have for your partner, you need to evaluate the value both of them present. Some partners turn out to be more of a best friend than a person that merely bears the title.

How do I know if he’s talking to someone else?

If your partner is emotionally connecting with someone else, there will be a drag in your present association with him. He’ll be more emotionally distant, or in some cases, too affectionate around you to cover up for the fact that he’s talking to someone new.

Should I be worried if my boyfriend is texting another girl?

Humans are social creatures and find comfort in interacting with different individuals. This scenario should only become a problem in an intimate guy when your man crosses the line with a bestie. Otherwise, it’s nothing to worry about.

In Conclusion

Did you find this article on signs your boyfriend likes your best friend enlightening? If you identify any of these hints, know that it doesn’t actively mean your partner is cheating. It’s only when your boyfriend takes further steps towards your best friend that it becomes a problem. Kindly leave a comment below or share this article if you enjoyed it.

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