15 Signs Of A Fake Girlfriend Every Guy Should Know

Last updated on June 18, 2022 by Michelle Devani

Are you wondering whether your girlfriend is the real deal? The type of woman who you can build a life with?

Maybe your friends and family are telling you to stay away from this woman. 

Perhaps you’re inexperienced in relationships with women and you have no idea whether she’s behaving like a genuine girlfriend or not? 

Either way, do make sure to read on. I have compiled a list of 15 signs that the special woman in your life is nothing more than a fake girlfriend.

But I want to start this article by making a bold prediction. If this woman is treating you badly in your relationship, I bet it’s because you were chasing her too hard during the courtship phase. 

I see it all the time. 

Guys chasing women way too hard and ruining their chances of enjoying a stable and balanced relationship as a result of doing that…

In most cases, the woman will lose all interest in a man who does this. 

However, occasionally, she’ll agree to a relationship with him, only to treat him like dirt. Because she knows she has all the power in this relationship. 

I hate to see it. That’s why I want to share this intelligent guide on the art of ‘Stealth Seduction’ with you. This guide explains why it’s important not to come on too strong when flirting with women. More importantly, it reveals a more effective strategy for winning their hearts. 

The end result is that more women will be excited to date you. And it’s more likely to blossom into a healthy balanced relationship. So, give it a read and be ready to enjoy more abundance in your romantic relationships.

With that said, let’s check out our list of ‘fake girlfriend’ giveaway signs...

Signs Of A Fake Girlfriend

Being fake is a trait that everyone must be aware of. It can cause heart ache and mistrust. This is especially important in a relationship. You have to know whether your girlfriend is fake or not. So, here are some signs of a fake girlfriend that may help you save yourself from unnecessary pain:

1. A Hypocrite

A fake girlfriend would usually do something that is completely the opposite of what she demands. For instance, when you are meeting another woman or an ex-girlfriend, she would get upset. She would be mad at you and ask you to never meet that woman ever again. But on the other hand, she would do the exact thing that she doesn’t want you to do.

2. Not Thinking About You

If your girlfriend does whatever she pleases without thinking about your or other people’s feelings then she’s fake. She would go out with her friends without caring about you. She might even stay quiet when she’s out with someone else behind your back.

3. Often Lies

One of the most noticeable thing about a fake girlfriend is her frequent lying. She would tell you lies and she’s also good at it. Lying is something that she considers as normal so it’s no wonder that she would feel no burden when lying to you. A woman like this often cheats too. Lying is actually one of the Signs of an Unhealthy Relationship with Boyfriend.

4. Breaks Promises

breaks promises

What's more signs of a fake girlfriend? A fake girlfriend cannot keep up with her promises. She often breaks them and feel no remorse. At first, she would give you sweet promises but in the end, she would forget all about them.

5. Fake First Impression

Your fake girlfriend might have given you a fake first impression. It is one of the Signs She is Using You for Attention. She probably showed you how sweet she is to attract you. Her behavior impresses you but as her feelings fade, she will show her true color. She would talk badly about you behind your back. Even worse, she might break off the relationship.

6. Likes To Give Punishment

A fake girlfriend likes to plan a revenge on you. She would give you punishments for all the wrong things that you did to her. This kind of woman thinks that you completely deserve punishments. She might stab you in the back or do things that would hurt your feelings.

7. Already Has A Backup

It isn’t just cars that are equipped with spare tires, a fake girlfriend usually has many male friends that act as her ‘backups’ in case the relationship goes down. This kind of woman has no loyalty in her bones. You may also want to read Physical Signs of Wife Having an Affair.

8. Controlling

A fake girlfriend always want to control her partner. She will try the hardest to get involved in her boyfriend’s business or activities. You might feel as if she’s being a dictator as she is dictating your every move. She makes it feel as if she is the only person that you have to obey.

9. Selfish

When you have a debate with your girlfriend, you will instantly know as she becomes very selfish. She won’t listen to a word you say to her. She will discard any advice from you. To her, she is the only one who is always right. 

10. Two Faced

Being two faced is another trait from a fake girlfriend. She is very sweet to her partner in front of other people. But once they are alone, she will become the complete opposite of sweet. She is a two faced person. Putting up a fake personality in front of other people is a trick to get what she wants.

11. Likes To Cheat

likes to cheat

As a fake girlfriend finds it easy to lie, she will also more likely to cheat on you. She often hides things from you even though you are her boyfriend. She is not loyal in the relationship and will try to hide her cheating from you. Here are more Signs Your Girlfriend Would Cheat.

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12. Overly Jealous

A fake girlfriend can become overly jealous. But she will never want you to be jealous of her closeness to someone else. She feels as if she is allowed to get angry when you are close to another woman but she doesn't want you to get mad at her for doing the same thing. 

13. Likes To Show Off

Showing off is also a trait from a fake girlfriend. She likes to show off the many things that she has, especially the expensive ones. Moreover, she loves to go out with socialites as a way to up her status and more showing off.

14. A Gold Digger

Other than showing off, a fake girlfriend can be categorised as a gold digger. She loves men who are rich. She doesn't care if the man that she wants already has a wife or a girlfriend. Also, it won’t be hard for her to leave her current partner for someone wealthier. She likes to spend huge amount of money on expensive things.

15. Prideful

A fake girlfriend is a prideful woman. She will never want you to take her out on cheap restaurants or other places. She loves a man who can take her to prestigious places with classy settings. If you take her to places that do no meet her standards, her feelings towards you may fade and she will eventually find someone else.

One should always try to avoid a fake girlfriend that shows all of the signs above. You have to be aware of your partner’s characteristics. She may or may not be the right person for you.

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