19 Things about Dating Culture in Kazakhstan

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Kazakhtan, a central Asia country, though rarely heard of, holds a great deal of charm. The way of living in Kazakhstan is very traditional and peaceful. The city is rich and quite modern in some ways. Could this hidden city hold your most amazing love experience?

To get a date, you need to follow some rules. Those rules are usually bound by the culture. So to get yourself a great date in Kazakhstan, you need to play close attention in changing your former ways. To have a succesful date, here are the Dating culture in kazakhstan:


1. Foreigners are a catch

If you are a foreigner, you are definitely the one to look out for in the dating game of Kazakhstan people. They value foreigners as a great couple and chances are they are the one that will be chasing you and not the other way around.

2. Flings are not common

flings are not common

If you just want a quick, unbinded and easy relationship, Kazakhstan is not a place to search for that kind of thing. People in kazakhstan generally look out for a long term boyfriend/girlfriend that they can be serious and open with.

3. Online dating needs to be used

Online dating is used all around the world but it is the most recommended platform you could have if you want to meet some natives and quick. They usually play in a local dating site and in the international ones so make sure to check on both sites.

4. Relationship does not move fast

People in Kazakhstan seems to like to take things slow. Before you even begin meeting in real life or forming a love interest towards each other, you need to talk and do some moves on your partner for a couple weeks. Try communicating with him/her a lot and look out for the signs that a girl likes you through texting.

5. More straightforward

Further flirting and little games are not needed in the dating life of Kazakhstan. Kazakh people will tell you if they are interested in you and want to spend a date or two with you. But they will also be honest when they don’t want to and you should respect that.

6. Language matters

Language can be a barrier in dating in the foreign world and it will seem apparent in Kazakhstan dating life too. So you need to learn Kazakh or Russian in order to land you some great couples. Kazakh people won’t demand much of your language ability but they will be more impressed if you do understand a bit.

7. Knowing the places

For a first date, kazakh people will be more interested and comfortable in a place that is well known. So before you plan a date, make sure you know some of the favorite places of the Kazakhs so that you will plan a successful date.

8. Dressing up

Dress to impress is a very true motto in the Kazakh dating culture. First dates and many dates after that require great outfits so that you look put together and presentable. Kazakh women will usually go all out on their first date. Wearing expensive dresses, heels, jewelry and many more.  This is the most apparent dating culture in Kazakhstan.

9. Not being public

not being public

Kazakh people do not like to show their affection in public mostly because they are still tied to their norms and traditional way of living. But they are still a very passionate couple and will usually show you affection in their everyday manners and action.

10. Being kind

Being kind goes a long way in Kazakh culture. Although in many part of the world being cold and insensitive is seen as hot, not in Kazakhstan. You need to be quite friendly to even get to know some local and even more kind when you want a date. 

More tips on Dating in Kazakhstan

Here more to know about dating culture in Kazakhstan:

  1. Do not talk about their culture – do not try to tell them that you want a date with the local or that their culture is exotic. They will be kind of distant and confused with a talk like that.
  2. Prove yourself – before you become affectionate with your partner, usually you need to prove yourself that you are worthy for them by staying with them always
  3. Marriage in their prospect – marriage is always the goal when dating someone in Kazakhstan. but you should also know Signs That She Doesn't Want to Marry You
  4. Hiding the signs – they do not flirt a lot so it is quite hard to know the signs that he is in love with you or Signs She is Into Me
  5. Continue the relationship after date – kazakh people are not afraid to come off clingy so they usually text you straight away after the date.
  6. Daily activities as dates – grocery shopping or cooking together is a material for a date in Kazakh culture. So if a kazakh ask you to come and do it, it is most probably an invitation for a date

Signs that you have a kazakhstan couple

  1. They don’t hold you off for too long – if your couple is moving quite fast into new phases fo relationship with you, that really means that your couple is seriously into you. But usually the transition to dating to marriage is quite slow. To make sure, you should know  Signs That Someone is In Love With You
  2. They don’t reject you – Kazakh people will tell you straightaway if they like you or not on the first encounter. So if they say yes to having a first date with you, you have a lot of chance in having a great relationship with that person.
  3. Doing things for you – like any other loving couple, when someone is in love with you they will do things to make you happy. In Kazakhstan this can mean helping with your house chores or helping you with whatever you have.

The Dating culture in kazakhstan is unique and it will certainly make you have a unique Kazakh partner too!

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