Signs Your Husband's Best Friend Likes You (33 Signs to Keep an Eye Out For)

Last updated on April 14, 2024 by Michelle Devani

While we are all aware that marriage isn't for the faint-hearted because of the numerous challenges that come with it, not everyone imagines these challenges coming from their inner circle. For the most part, we see outsiders as a threat —that overly friendly colleague, the flirty waitress, or an ex-lover. 

We rarely ever stop to wonder what would happen if a friend or husband's best friend romantically likes you. You see, the thing about betrayal is that it never comes from an enemy, but always someone you trust. Therefore, it is critical that as a married woman who wants to keep her marriage, you must learn to be watchful of both external and internal threats - even when they mask themselves as 'best friends.'

With that said, here are thirty-three signs your husband's best friend likes you.


33 Signs Your Husband's Best Friend Likes You

1. He makes unusual eye contact

It is said that the eyes are like windows to the soul because they communicate non-verbal emotions. Suppose your husband's best friend has been making unusual eye contact with you, such as staring even when he knows you've noticed him or being unable to maintain eye contact with you. 

In that case, there is a strong possibility that he likes you and is trying to pass the message, knowingly or unknowingly.

2. He is always curious about the state of your marriage

Even when there isn't a problem, he constantly asks you how things are between you and your husband and seized every opportunity to inflate minor issues. For instance, if you tell him your husband forgot to take out the trash again, he might want to exaggerate it to mean that your husband doesn't support or appreciate how hard you work. 

He is curious about your relationship because he secretly likes you and hopes your husband flops.

3. He remembers every detail

So your partner's best friend remembers your birthday, anniversary, and even those of your parents. He knows when you have a hospital appointment or how often you like to go to the spa. This might seem like he is a nice guy or a good friend and an avid observer to the average eye. However, if you take a closer look, he is in a silent competition with your spouse.

4. He flirts with you

he flirts with you

There is the friendly tap on the hand, a wink or smile when no one is watching, flirty text messages, or a mirage of unsolicited photos. All these are red flags that you shouldn't sweep under the rug. 

Admittedly, it is not always easy to tell whether a person is flirting or just a friend. However, if your partner's best man manifests all the above signs, it's obvious he is interested in you.

5. He looks noticeably good around you

When a man wants to impress you, they try to avoid things or situations that will paint them negatively. Instead, they make efforts to ensure that you see them in a positive light. For instance, you might notice that your husband's friend is noticeably less argumentative or offers to help around the house. 

The switch in his behavioral pattern can be a subtle sign that he is interested in you. 

6. He stalks you

Does it feel like you and your spouse's best friend just so happens to be bumping into each other a lot lately? Chances are, this is not a coincidence but a clear case of stalking. The guy likes you and wants to seize every opportunity to see you, away from your husband. 

So he might show up at your office unannounced under the guise of being in the area or suddenly choose to use your jogging route in the name of trying something new. Whichever the case, anyone who follows another person around this much is not just a friend, but someone interested in you.

7. He expects a lot more than usual from you

When a person has intimate feelings for another, they see the little things as big deals, and minor mistakes that could easily be overlooked become major issues. 

In this case, it could be you forget to call him on his birthday despite sending your wishes through your husband or forgetting something he told you. Nevertheless, he takes it personally and expresses his disappointment, much to your surprise. That's because he wants more than just a friendship from you.

8. He is eager to visit when you are around

Does it feel like your partner's best friend will jump at any opportunity to hang out with you and your husband? It doesn't matter if the activity or event interests him or not; his focus is on spending time with you. 

Of course, you may have a positive aura. However, the problem arises when it is evident that his reason for accepting is to spend time with you. If he isn't married, he might even want to cover up his feelings by constantly suggesting double dates, but his full attention will be on you when out.

9. He acts more masculine around you

he acts more masculine around you

While ladies get shy around men they like, men, on the other hand, get more courageous and act macho around the ladies they want. So pay attention to your husband's friend's body language around you. Does he act more masculine, or is he quick to show his strength and courage?

This can show that he is interested in you and wants to seduce you with his manliness.

10. Messages you for no reason

The way a close friend texts you is entirely different from someone who wants a romantic relationship. The former's tone is usually platonic and clean, while the latter maintains flirtatious undertones. For instance, your spouse's friend who likes you might message you daily or end his greetings with inappropriate terms like sexy or darling. 

While there is nothing wrong with calling your friends these terms, context matters here, you are someone's wife, and in the general sense, most married men won't be comfortable with another man referring to their wives in this context, not even their close friends or family members.

11. Always takes your side over your husband's

Imagine this. Your friend and her boyfriend or partner are having issues. She complains to you or, even better, tables the matter before you in the presence of her spouse. Without saying a word, it should be clear that she either expects you to take her side or maintain objectivity. 

This scenario often happens in relationships, and it has probably happened in yours too. However, instead of your partner's friend maintaining objectivity or taking his side, he always seems to be on your side, even when you know you were wrong. 

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12. Throws mean jabs at your husband but disguise it as a joke

Friends throw jabs at each other all the time. However, good friends know when a funny comment is overstepping boundaries. For many, this is common sense; do not make jest of sensitive things or your friend's insecurities.

So, if your husband's friend likes you, one of the subtle ways he will express this is by throwing mean jabs at your spouse while disguising them as jokes. You see, as his friend, he knows your husband's insecurities, so it is easy for him to use them against him.

13. He is quick to highlight your husband's shortcomings

Most married men tend to confide in their friends about the issues in their marriages. For instance, a married man who isn't on good terms with his wife might bitterly complain to his best bud about family life, hoping that his friend advises him.

However, because his friend likes his wife, he tells on the husband, highlighting all the many ways he is falling short of his duties. 

14. Exhibits jealousy traits

A guy who likes his friend's wife won't be able to keep his feelings hidden for too long. In many cases, he will show signs of jealousy, like acting disgusted when they kiss, cuddle, or make future romantic vacation plans. 

His disgust is not so much at the activity but that you are doing them without him. He wishes he was married to you, or at the very least, be a part of your plans so that he can spend time with you.

15. He talks too much about his accomplishments

Similar to how men start to act manly around a girl they like, there is also the urge to talk about their accomplishments. You see, men are predators. As such, they take pride when they conquer things, situations, or even people.

Therefore, one of the signs your spouse's friend secretly likes you is how much he wants to have a conversation about his accomplishments whenever you are around. It might seem as though he is in a silent competition to outdo your partner.

16. Your husband is suspicious

Chances are, the friendship between your husband and his friend existed long before you guys got married or even got together. Therefore, he knows how his friend starts to act when he fancies a girl. So don't be surprised if he is the first to notice the red flags, causing him to become suspicious.

If your partner acts jealous when his friend is around you, don't be so quick to brush it off and call him jealous or insecure. Instead, try to view things from his perspective because he might just be right about his friend's unholy intentions.

17. He gives you compliments, including inappropriate ones

he gives you compliments, including inappropriate ones

While there is nothing wrong with a man complimenting another man's wife or a lady in a relationship, there are limits to it. Guys do not take this lightly and might feel jealous and disrespected to hear their friends compliment their partner sexually.

So assuming your husband's BFF has no limits to the compliments he gives you, then that's a definite sign he likes you. Some of these overstepping compliments include sexual praises and compliments about your body.

18. He gets you sentimental gifts

Gifts are common in all types of friendships. However, if your partner's BFF showers you with gifts that are a little too personal and sentimental, there could be sinister meanings behind them. It shows he hangs onto your every word and wants to impress you.

Also, he expresses his desire for intimacy if he gives you random gifts - just because he felt you would like it or because it reminds him of you.

19. His dates look like you

Talk about having a creepy doppelganger. Your husband's BFF is clearly into you if he constantly has dates that look like you. It goes beyond having a type if every person he claims to be in a new relationship with can play the role of your sister, or worse, twin. Perhaps, they have similar facial features, fashion styles, body types, or personas. 

He knows he can’t be married to you, but that does not stop him from pursuing a relationship with another woman that looks like you. 

20. He is passive-aggressive towards your husband

So your spouse's best friend has a crush on you, he knows it is wrong, but he can't help himself. While some people may choose to keep their distance from you or keep it to themselves, your hubby's BFF takes the other route and becomes passive-aggressive towards your husband.

He gives him the silent treatment and shuts him out of the friendship without an explanation. This behavior is a result of the guilt he feels for having such feelings toward you.

21. You catch him staring

It is one thing for a person to stare at you when they think you are not looking, but it is another thing to catch them staring, but they refuse to budge. This can be awkward and a definite sign that your spouse's best friend is into you. 

He can't keep his eyes off you and probably doesn't even realize how long he has been staring. The best thing to do here is to talk with him. Strike a conversation and ask how you can help him since he's been staring. He will feel embarrassed and take his eyes elsewhere.

22. He insists on greeting you with a hug

he insists on greeting you with a hug

I get it. Some people are huggers, and there isn't much you can do about it. However, if your partner's friend hasn't always been a hugger, but lately, he insists on greeting you with hugs, it is an inappropriate sign that he wants to feel closer to you.

23. He's always inquiring about you

Does your partner tell you how often his friend enquires about you, especially when you don't show up for gatherings? While this might seem like a friendly show of concern, it could also mean that he is into you and was looking forward to seeing you during such events. 

The best thing here would be to keep your distance for a while. That way, his infatuation with you will fade away faster.

24. He asks intrusive questions

From a distance, it might seem like your husband's friend asking you deep questions is his way of showing he cares about you and wants to get to know you better. However, if the questions are getting more personal and downright intrusive, it means there's more to his intentions. 

He is asking these questions intending to build an emotional connection with you.

25. He thinks highly of your opinion

You would think that because a man isn't your boyfriend or husband, he wouldn't care so much about your opinions when making a decision, especially a personal decision. Well, you're mistaken because a man who likes you would always want to do things that please and align with your desires. 

Therefore, you might notice that your partner's friend never fails to get your opinion, even on the slightest things.

26. Makes drunk confessions about his feelings

There's an adage that says a drunken man's words are a sober man's thoughts. This means that alcohol amplifies our emotions and behavior. Therefore, if your man has been having illicit thoughts about you, there is high chance alcohol will force a confession out of him sooner or later. 

Admittedly, he might want to say later that it was the alcohol speaking, but you should know better. At least after reading this article.

27. He protects you

When you are out as a group, he is the first to ask if you need a refill, ready to place your order, and even offer his jacket when the weather is chilly. To ordinary eyes, it may seem like he is watching out for his man's girl, but you know better. 

To avoid jeopardizing your relationship, perhaps you should consider having a talk with your husband. Ask him to step up his game because you are uncomfortable with his friend taking up those roles.

28. He reminds you that you deserve more than your husband

Have you ever noticed that at the slightest hint of a dispute in your relationship, your partner's best friend is at your door, ready to remind you of all the reasons why you deserve someone better? He is coyly positioning himself as the person you should get romantically involved with when you finally decide to leave your husband.

29. He makes a move on you

A man can only hide his feelings for so long. So when he has tried all other subtle signs, and they don't seem to be working, your partner's friend who likes you might decide to make a move on you. 

This could mean him making physical contact, like attempting to kiss you or touch you inappropriate places. Either way, he is ready to damn the consequences and pursue his heart.

30. He chooses to stay single

he chooses to stay single

Okay, this might sound a little disturbing, but some people are hopeless romantics who are willing to sacrifice anything to be with someone they love. Therefore, in this case, your bubby's BFF might choose to stay single and not make himself available in the dating world because he is hopeful that you will love him back someday.

31. He is always available for you

We are quick to tag women as natural nurturers and caregivers, forgetting that a man in love with you will do the same. 

For instance, even when your husband's friend is a married man with a family of his own, he prioritizes you and makes himself available for you whenever you need him.

32. He gets visibly upset when you speak positively about your relationship

Jealousy manifests itself in many ways, and one of such is showing displeasure in what should otherwise be a happy moment. In this case, as a true friend of your husband and family, your partner's BFF should be glad to hear that your relationship is flourishing. However, this is terrible news to him because he likes you. It ruins his chances of being with you.

33. Stutters when talking to you

Another subtle sign that your husband's best friend likes you is if he stutters when talking to you. He is stuttering because he is in love with you, therefore, nervous around you. He is trying too hard to ensure that he says the right things at the right time.


How do you tell if your friend is attracted to your husband?

A friend who likes your partner will always seize any opportunity to be around your partner. She will also want to know more about your relationship and personal life, send him flirty text messages, and take extra care to ensure that she looks more attractive than you whenever he is around.

Is my friend's husband attracted to me?

If your friend's husband prefers to greet you with a hug, constantly sends you flirty text messages, makes unusual eye contact, or tends to ask intrusive questions, it means he is attracted to you.

How do you tell if a male friend has feelings for you?

It is not uncommon to find people in relationships that blossomed out of innocent friendships. However, it is not always easy to know when a friend wants to be your boyfriend, but some subtle signs include them asking about your future plans, having more expectations, and getting jealous when someone makes a move on you.

Is it normal to have a crush on your husband's friend?

The answer is no - there is nothing wrong with having a crush on your friend's partner. However, it becomes a problem when you decide to pursue those feelings instead of dismissing them and respecting your friend. The best solution here would be to engage your mind elsewhere. Perhaps, consider getting a new partner.

How do you tell if a man is attracted to you but hiding it?

Often, when we are not honest about our feelings for someone, we start to act aggressively toward them. Therefore, if your man is attracted to you but hiding it, watch out for passive-aggressive behaviors, like him giving you mixed signals, ignoring you, or getting jealous when you spend time with other men.


Often, friends have a front-row seat to observe the intricacies of a relationship. As such, there is always the possibility that they might also notice what made your husband fall in love with you and wish they had met you first. 

However, your ability to quickly identify these signs can go a long way to avoid unnecessary issues in your marriage and perhaps, save what's left of the friendship before things get out of hand. 

I hope you enjoyed reading this list and found the tips helpful. If yes, please leave a comment behind and share.

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