32 Inappropriate Signs Your Husband's Best Friend Likes You

Last updated on June 7, 2022 by Michelle Devani

When you walk into a marriage, you expect that you will spend your whole life loving your husband and build a family. But what if secretly someone is also obsessed with you? It’s common to have a best friend and it will be more than likely that you will have to get along with your husband’s best friend to be a good wife. But those connection can get overboard. Here are the unexpected signs your husband’s best friend likes you;

1. He Initiate Ideas To Hang Out With You

he initiate ideas to hang out with you

It starts getting odd when your husband’s best friend makes plans to hang out with you more.

2. Texting You About Anything At All

Usually a guy knows boundaries, but he even starts texting you all the time like a lover.

3. Always Asking For Your Opinion

Your opinion matters to someone that is absolutely in love with you. In this case it means him.

4. Not Making Himself Available In The Dating World

He says that he is not single because his heart is involved with you. This is like the When An Aquarius Man Has A Crush on You.

5. Likes To Spend Time Alone With You

It feels weird for people to spend time alone with his best friend’s wife but to this guy it doesn’t matter because he loves you.

6. Always Smile When Seeing You

Smiling is actually the Physical Signs A Woman Likes You Like Crazy which applies to a man too and if he shows it that can mean that love is starting to grow.

7. Stutters When Talking To You

Whenever you are too in love with someone, you start stuttering when talking because you are just so nervous.

8. Getting Really Angry If Your Husband Does A Little Mistake

This anger is because he wants you to get the best guy and a little mistake is not the equivalent to perfection.

9. Talking Bad Things About Your Husband

Even if he is his best friend, when he is in love he will want to weed out the competition by talking bad things about his best friend.

10. Praising You All The Time

praising you all the time

He starts showing the Ways to Make Someone Feel Appreciated and Loved because he wants you to feel the love that he is feeling towards you.

11. Trying To Make You Feel Jealous

He is testing the water and trying to do the things to make you show the signs that you are jaelous.

12. Always Available To Invest His Time On You

He says that he is always available to spend time with you because he wants to get to know you.

13. Likes To Buy You Gifts

Romantic gifts is actually a Signs That Someone is In Love With You Secretly which is what you should be careful of.

14. Always Wanting To Know More Personal Detail About You

Personal detail makes him feel closer to you which shows the How to Know He Loves You

15. Making Plans So That Your Husband Can Go Away From You

Thinking about plans and persuading your husband to go away from you for a ‘vacation’ will be done because he wants to get alone with you.

16. Calling You To Talk Casually

He even calls you because he just wants to talk and says the Ways on How Do You Tell Someone You Miss Them

17. Often Staring At You

Glancing at you often makes him show the hidden feeling inside which is his attraction towards you.

18. Wanting To Sit Close To You

wanting to sit close to you

A hidden signs your husband's best friend likes you is that he always wants to sit close to you.

19. Criticizing Your Husband

What he likes to do best is to criticize your husband because he wants you to stop being in love with your husband.

20. Saying That You Are Better Off With Someone

What he is actually saying is that you should be with him.

21. Love When There Is Drama In Your Relationship With Your Husband

Drama means the relationship is breaking and he loves it.

More Ways To Know That He Secretly Likes You

It’s not easy to spot someone that likes you and is hiding it, especially when it is a forbidden love. This will happen to you if you don’t notice the signs that your husband’s best friend is secretly developing a feeling towards you;

1. Getting Annoyed When You Talk Too Much About The Good Things In Your Marriage

When you say these things, he you can clearly see that he is jealous.

2. Opening Up To You A Lot

Although this is not a definite sign, it can be a determining factor.

3. Initiating Physical Closeness Towards You

He wants to hold your hands or hug you a lot because he loves it.

Do you feel like he kind of takes you for granted?
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4. Start Flirting With You

He uses the  Ways to Flirt Without Coming On Too Strong

5. Making Drunk Confession About His Love

When people are drunk, the truth comes out

6. Saying ‘If I Was Your Husband..’

This imagination always exist in his head.

7. Physically Fighting Your Husband To Protect You

Fights will happen because he feels that he wants to be with you so much.

Tips On How To Make It Stop

An uninvited feeling like this can make a relationship break and make your whole life into a mess. Which is why you need to do these tips on how to make his feelings towards you to stop;

1. Slowly Ask About The Feeling

It might be offending to be confronting him in an instant. What you should do instead is to slowly approach him and ask him.

2. Explain The Condition

Talk to him about the condition that you are in with and that you can’t be with him forever.

3. Follow His Terms

If he wants you to make space for him. Once you’ve done this you can get back to a great life. There’s nothing wrong about love but it can get disturbing when it aims to the signs your husband's best friend likes you. Which is why you need to do the mature tips we’ve given above. From then on, you will have a normal married life again.

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