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What Does A Pisces Man Find Physically Attractive?

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Love is a delicate thing and there are many factors that can make someone choose a partner. For a Pisces, they search for simplicity and ease. But how will it translate into physical features?


One of the factor that will make someone more attracted to you is through your physical appearance. It does not mean you have to have a certain face or type of body.

All you need is to tweak your physical appearance now to match a Pisces’s criteria.

  1. Confidence And Internal Security

I know this seems  like it is beside the point, but confidence should be the base of all your action.

Once you have this in your mind, you will show it in how you carry yourself which will attract any Pisces man.

  1. Great Eyes

Mystery and beauty lies in the eyes and Pisces is wild a mix of those two. Enhance your eyes by using eye shadow that compliments the color of your eyes.

  1. Cleanliness and Basic Tidiness

The rules of a Pisces is simple. As long as you are tidy,clean, and put some time to dress yourself, you’ll make a good impression.

  1. Simple, Elegant Make Up

A way to make him answer the question of Is My Pisces Man In Love With Me , is by using natural make up that enhance your feature like your cheekbones, lashes, or eyebrows. Soon he will know for sure that he is in love.

  1. Well Made Clothes That Compliments Your Body Feature

Clothes that give a good silhouette to your body will have a Pisces man biting his lips looking at you.

  1. Side Glances Once In A While

Mystery is always the key here. A sexy side glance is a great (physical) that will make him drawn to you.

  1. A Flirtatious Smile

A close mouthed, side smile, that is both warm and flirtatious will make Pisces show  Signs He Likes You More Than a Friend With Benefits

  1. A Wide, Warm Smile

Now that you have his attention, try practicing a warm smile. A smile you flash to a stranger, a cute puppy, and more.

A smile that shows your warm heart. A Pisces man will melt once he sees that smile.

  1. Great Posture

No slouching, shoulders pulled back, and chest forward is a quick thing to remember to show your confidence that a Pisces man craves for.

  1. Strength In Walking And Moving

Don’t walk shyly, walk like you command the room. This will definitely blow a Pisces mind and make him want to be with you.

  1. A Good Cologne

The secret to having his attention in an instant? Wear some very good cologne then lean in to him briskly. He’ll soon want to get closer to you.

  1. Feminine Hair Do

Elegance should be what you are striving for in your hair do. Remembering the third rule, as long as it is clean, tidy, and elegant, any hair do will make him like you.

  1. Show Some Skin But Do It Modestly

Showing some skin is not cheap as long as you do it modestly. Don’t wear mini skirts and tank tops.

But if you do choose to wear it, pair it with something more elegant and expensive.

  1. Wear Something Comfortable

Confidence will start to show if you are in something comfortable.  Keep in mind that confidence is ultimately the  Signs She is A Girlfriend Material to Love that he is looking for.

  1. Put In Some ‘You’ In Your Daily Choice Of Clothing

Don’t  copy your look straight from a magazine. Put a bit of ‘you’ in it which will make it hard for a Pisces to forget you.

  1. Show Your Artistic Side

What a Pisces love is actually artists so wear a piece that have a bit pop of color that is eccentric and artistic.

  1. Hugs And Empathetic Gestures

One of the ways to Things to Say to Your Boyfriend to Make Him Love You Even More is by using warm gestures that shows emotional depth which is what a Pisces have been searching for.

When it comes down to it, a spiritual and empathetic Pisces man isn’t that focused on physical looks. You still need to take your time to be close to him emotionally and create that romantic bond.

However, there is nothing wrong with using these tips to kick things up a notch. Soon, he will fall in love with your body and your mind, making you the perfect lover he can’t wait to be with.

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