19 Possible Reason Why A Scorpio Man Hides His Feelings For You

Last updated on April 13, 2024 by Michelle Devani

Do you feel like a Scorpio man might be hiding their true feelings from you? 

Are you getting frustrated not knowing whether this guy wants you or not? 

Would you like to know why he's behaving so candidly? 

Well, the truth is: it's often in a Scorpio's nature to protect their heart and hide their feelings in this way. 

In the guide below, we'll explore why this is the case. 

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However, this guide will focus on why Scorpios tend to do this and how you can help them to open up.


19 Reasons Why Scorpio Man Hides His Feelings From You

1. He has trust issues

Scorpio men regard truth more than anything else. They also value honesty in their associations. They try to avoid lies at all costs and expect their friends, associates, and life partners to do the same. If they sense that you're untrustworthy, they'll begin to pull back.

If a Scorpio male feels you're two-faced with them, you won't have full access to every area of their lives, especially their emotional sides. Therefore, if such a male is hiding his feelings from you, it could mean you've broken his trust. Fixing the trust problems is the best way to get things back on track.

2. He has mood swings

he has mood swings

Scorpio men are known for their mood swings, which is something you should be mindful of when in a relationship with them. They can be happy at one point and be sad the next. Situations and circumstances are often the causes of this imbalance in feelings, so it's intuitive to let them get through it when they are in such moods. 

In most cases, nothing severe causes them to have bad moods. This notion means that worrying too much about the situation might not yield profitable results. If such an individual is hiding his feelings at this point, understand that it's a result of his present temperaments. Give him time to get out of that stage, and he may open up to you once again.

3. He's hurt from a previous relationship

A Scorpio man that has been hurt in the past would find it hard to move on from the incident. This scenario occurs because of the trust problem they tend to have. Since they value honesty in their associations, their emotional wounds take time to heal. Such a man will need time to get past the betrayal before moving on. 

If you see a sign that he might be keeping his feelings at bay, it shows that he hasn’t healed from his pains. The right way to help him is to give him time to get through his hurt. Don't put pressure on him because it'll ruin the chances of your relationship blossoming well. It might also break the harmony between both of you.

4. He's sensitive

One of the characteristics of Scorpio men is their sensitive natures, which comes with advantages and disadvantages. These men are in tune with their feelings, and it makes them more susceptible than most individuals. Nonetheless, it also makes them more charming and loving than most males. 

Such men know how to make a lady happy and build beautiful relationships, but their sensitivity can also make them act in mysterious ways. For example, when they choose to conceal their true feelings to the one they're attracted to. 

Since they're in touch with their soft sides, they try their best to come off as harsh and emotionless. They'll hide their feelings from others until they're genuinely comfortable exposing them. This method is how Scorpio males balance their sensitive natures to avoid getting hurt.

5. He's waiting for the woman to show interest first

Trust and unity are two critical factors that a Scorpio man will look for in his relationships. He's likely to experience hurt due to his sensitive nature, so he establishes these factors to avoid experiencing heartbreak. Instead of showing how he feels, he waits until the woman has displayed some signs of interest first.

Some of the questions such a person would verify before exposing his feelings include: Is she genuinely interested in me? Can I rely on her feelings? Can I trust her completely? 

He confirms because he doesn’t want to tell her how he feels, only to realize that she might break his heart. Therefore, he acts oblivious until he's sure she cares.

6. He's shy

A Scorpio man is talkative mainly and has an outgoing personality. He goes for what he wants and speaks his mind when it's necessary. However, underneath that charming character, such a man is indeed shy. He's sometimes cautious of what to say and when to say it. 

This scenario is particularly true when he likes someone. He thinks of the best statements to make because he's trying to impress the woman. He's also caring and looks out for her when she needs it. 

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However, he avoids exposing his true feelings because it makes him more susceptible to rejection. He would instead do everything to appease the person he likes apart from saying how he feels.

7. He doesn't understand what he feels

A Scorpio man is delicate and pays more attention to his feelings than he lets on. If he's feeling something for someone, he wants to establish the surface first before voicing it out. Such a person regards honesty and trust, so he wouldn't want to say something that he wasn't entirely sure about yet.

He'll take his time to monitor things closely and find out how well he relates with you. Is he comfortable around you? Does he like you more than a friend? Is he in love with you? Some of these stages of his feelings might be confusing to him, so he'll give room for observation while concealing every other thing. 

8. He's not sure you're the one

When Scorpion men feel something profound for a lady, they'll check all the boxes before revealing how they feel. One of those boxes includes if the lady is the one for him. If he's not confident that she is, he'll refrain from confessing his affection. 

Such a person wouldn't want to be in a superficial relationship, especially on the premise that he confessed something false. He'll wait till his feelings grow and look for a sign that the both of you will be compatible together. He's naturally a sensitive person, so he wouldn't want to break your heart as much as he doesn't want you to break his. 

Therefore, he'll stay in his comfort zone until he's sure that everything has set into place. 

9. He's scared of his emotions

he's scared of his emotions

The delicate side of a Scorpio man can make him scared of what he feels. He's not sure how to handle things, especially when he's feeling something new for someone. Therefore, he sets up a defense mechanism to help him understand his feelings better. This act conceals his sensitive side to others and helps him avoid susceptible situations.

The best way to handle this scenario is to allow the male individual to figure out what he wants. He has to grow accustomed to the new feelings he's experiencing and find a way to handle them. This step is the only way to come to terms with being in a serious relationship with someone he loves.

10. He wants to appear more masculine

Scorpio men are passionate individuals that set their hearts towards what they love. This quality is cherishable but can make these male individuals appear weak, especially when it relates to their feelings. To appear more manly, such individuals might choose to conceal how they feel in certain situations and with specific people.

This behavior doesn't change their compassionate and loving sides but makes them more cautious about who they open up to. The most important thing you need to do is to strive for comfortability with this individual. The more comfortable you are with them is, the more they're likely to open up to you in the relationship. 

11. He needs time to get in touch with his feelings

Although Scorpion men are compassionate, they need time to get in tune with how they truly feel in some cases. These male individuals are entirely down to earth in their relationships but require certain situations to bring out this side. Therefore, if it seems like he's hiding his feelings from you, it might be because he hasn't paid enough attention to how he feels about you. 

In the meantime, he's enjoying the relationship without placing heavy expectations on its outcome. Given the right circumstances, and with a little more time, he might come to terms with how he feels. Allowing the process to happen naturally will help him connect better with that person.

12. He analyzes situations judiciously

Scorpios are secretive because they tend to observe a lot. They analyze scenarios to know how to react, and this helps them avoid mistakes. These individuals also engage this tactic in their relationship, especially when they sense a new feeling growing. 

They wouldn't rush the situation merely for the fun of it. Instead, they'll try to make every experience worthwhile, which will ensure no one gets heartbroken. These individuals will also consider all the possible scenarios surrounding exposing how they feel, giving them insight into their next move. 

Therefore, if you want your man to open up to you, you have to ensure you set the scenarios right. 

13. He doesn't want to be vulnerable

Scorpio men are loving individuals that connect deeply when they meet someone special. They might come off as cold to the outside world, but their close friends will attest to their affectionate sides.

Therefore, if they ever have to hide something important, it's because they fear being too vulnerable. If you have a man that doesn't share his feelings with you, it's because he's not entirely comfortable showing you his sensitive side. 

You have to give him time to warm up to you before you see that side of him. More so, prove to him that he can trust you over time, and he'll open up to you. It would help if you didn't put pressure on him, or he'll be more withdrawn.

14. He's waiting for the best time

Every Scorpio male understands the essence of building trust in a relationship. They are delicate by nature and would prefer to construct substantive associations than superficial ones. For this reason, they would rather wait for the right time to expose their feelings than merely saying it spontaneously.

Such a man would allow the relationship to blossom accurately before he gets utterly comfortable revealing that vulnerable side of him. 

It's best to allow him to come to terms with when he wants to expose his feelings. Rushing him would only cause disharmony and might lead to more problems in the future. But allowing him to operate at his pace would reveal the beauty of his affectionate side.

15. He doesn't want to lose his power

Most male individuals feel they'll be less valued when they reveal their feelings too early. They believe the lady might take them for granted, and they'll lose that sense of control. Therefore, they would prefer to keep their feelings hidden until they feel it's the best time to expose them. 

This explanation is similar to the one Scorpio men believe. They are affectionate but try their best to stay relevant by concealing how they feel. They also want to be valued for their true natures, not merely because they confessed their attraction. If you're with one of them, ensure you highlight their importance in your life if you want them to open up. 

16. He's protective of the relationship

he's protective of the relationship

A Scorpio man is passionate about what he loves. However, this can make him the jealous type in a relationship. He'll always try to protect his partner and the relationship from outside threats. His protective behavior can also make him secretive, even to those that desire his affection. 

He might stop sharing his feelings if he senses there's a problem somewhere. Nonetheless, this doesn't mean he's suddenly emotionless. Such men need the right circumstances and a significant amount of comfortability to begin sharing their deep feelings again. If you have a Scorpio partner, strive to fix your issues before he opens up to you. 

17. He doesn't want to ruin the chasing game

Most male individuals believe they'll be less desirable to a woman when they expose their feelings. If the lady knows the man is head over heels for her, she might become too familiar with his presence, which will ruin his chances of winning her over. On the contrary, being mysterious is one of the tactics males actively get the attention of females.

Scorpio men understand this logic and would rather hide their feelings than reveal them. These male individuals are naturally secretive and mysterious, making this process much easier for them. The more they can keep the lady interested is the higher their chances of winning her over. 

18. He doesn't want his feelings used against him

When a Scorpio man doesn't want to expose his true feelings, it's a sign that he fears his vulnerability will be used against him. Since he's likely to have trust problems in a relationship due to his sensitive nature, this scenario can quickly occur. 

If you want things to improve, it's crucial to build reliability with your partner. Embrace his sensitivity more than you disregard it. Encourage him to open up to you, and try not to use his weakness against him. 

These steps will motivate him to reveal his deepest desires to you. More so, it will help both of you develop a unique bond. 

19. He doesn't have genuine feelings yet

The last possible reason why a Scorpio male isn't sharing any deep emotion with you is that he's yet to have any genuine ones yet. These individuals thrive on trust and wouldn't lead you on because they can. If he hasn't developed that special bond with you, he won't fake his feelings for you.

It's also one of the reasons you can have a solid union with these male individuals. When they develop real feelings, they put their hearts and minds into the relationship. In the meantime, it would be best not to force him to share how he feels. Instead, focus on building a credible friendship that will stand the test of time. 


Why do Scorpios hide their emotions?

A Scorpio male is naturally vulnerable and tends to have trust problems with people. This scenario causes such a man to hide his feelings from others, fearing that he might get hurt or heartbroken.

Why does he hide his feelings from me?

There are many reasons why a man would decide to keep his feelings a secret. He may believe it's not the best time to reveal them, or perhaps, that you might lose interest if he mentions it too early.

What are the signs that a guy is hiding his true feelings from you?

Men that want to be heroes around a specific lady might like the lady more than they let on. More so, if his body language is hinting at an attraction and he remembers every little detail about her, it shows he indeed likes her.

How do you know if a Scorpio man secretly likes you?

Scorpio men are passionate about the things they love. If a Scorpio male likes you, he'll do his best to make you happy. He'll cater to your needs, spend time with you, and won't open up about his feelings until he's confident you like him back.

How do you tell if a guy is slowly falling for you?

Men are expressive with their feelings, so if you pay attention to a man's actions, you'll see if he likes you. For example, if a male individual starts caring for a particular lady more than he used to, he's falling for her. 

In Conclusion

Did you enjoy this article? Remember that a Scorpio male always has his reasons for keeping his feelings a secret. Sometimes, hiding feelings is a defense mechanism to avoid getting hurt. It would be best not to put him under pressure to share how he feels but to strive towards improving the bond you have with him. Kindly leave a comment if you enjoyed this article and share it with others. 

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