47 Ways To Make A Scorpio Man Fall In Love With You

Last updated on February 12, 2024 by Michelle Devani

Are you falling deeply in love with a Scorpio man?

Do you wish he would express these same feelings for you?  

Are you worried about being stuck in a heartbreaking scenario of unrequited love?

Hopefully, you’re able to construct a more favorable situation with the help of this guide. It includes 45 of the most reliable moves you can make to have a Scorpio fall in love with you.

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There are more tips for seducing that special Scorpio below.


Understanding A Scorpio Man

With an emotional depth that is hard to match, the Scorpio man is quite a catch among the ladies. The men born under this zodiac sign have a unique combo of mystery, a mesmerizing gaze, and smashing looks

It is easy to fall for them; after all, they know how to make a girl feel special. The real question here is, how do you make a Scorpio man also fall in love with you? 

If you want to attract a Scorpio man, you must first understand them - their values, strengths, and weaknesses. By understanding them, you will know how to make a Scorpio man fall in love with you. This article will provide you with 47 ways to make a Scorpio man fall in love with you.

47 Ways To Make A Scorpio Man Fall In Love

1. Be adventurous

It is rare to find a Scorpio who isn’t adventurous. That’s because, by nature, these men love to find new ways to do things and don’t mind experiencing life on the risky side. They treat each day as a day filled with possibilities and adventure. So, be spontaneous and entertain his quirks as this will keep his interest.

2. Be emotionally invested

The Scorpio is not one to always wear his heart on his sleeves. He keeps it guarded at all times, and that’s because he doesn’t want to risk committing to the wrong person. Commitment and loyalty are a big deal to these men. So, if you want to make a Scorpio man fall in love with you, you need to show him that you are committed to him in every way.

3. Don’t be superficial

The Scorpio man likes women who aren’t superficial. They appreciate genuineness and women who are not superficial. So there is no need to fake it with these men. If you want to make your Scorpio man fall in love with you, you need to make sure that you always bring your true self to the table. 

4. Make him trust you

Make him trust you

Without trust, there is no way you can progress in your relationship with a Scorpio guy. They are big on trust and will not tolerate a partner who they cannot trust. You must do everything in your power to ensure that you never lose his trust because he will only love you if he trusts you. 

5. Be loyal

Similar to trust and commitment, loyalty is a vital characteristic of this water sign. They are all about that ride or die life and will only fall in love with you if they can see that you are loyal to them. You can prove your loyalty by always taking his side in an argument with friends or family. You can always correct them later. But at that moment, show them that you have their back.

6. Be patient and get to know him

Part of what intrigues and attracts many ladies to Scorpios isn’t necessarily their good looks but the air of mystery that revolves around them. 

The men born under this zodiac sign are not easy to understand at first glance, and it takes patience and commitment to unravel them. These guys will fall in love with a lady only when they see that interest or deep attraction. However, you must be patient with the process.

7. Don’t engage in small talk

On the zodiacal wheel, Scorpio men happen to be one of the most intense lovers. You see, these men are old souls with a depth of experience and wisdom, so they do not have the time or interest to engage in small talk. To win their hearts, you must be willing to have more intense conversations that spark emotional intimacy

8. Have a routine for your dates

Despite being adventurous beings, Scorpios have an affinity for patterns, and that is because they are a fixed sign (water). Fixed signs are known for their determination, depth, and stabilization. You can make a Scorpio man fall in love with you by setting up a routine with him. For instance, decide on coffee dates every Wednesday or maybe cycling on Tuesdays.

9. Gift him with houseplants

When it comes to house decor and homemaking, it is safe to say the Scorpio man is finicky. To them, their home is a haven, a place where they can retreat from the world. Make a Scorpio man fall in love with you by planting yourself in his sanctuary, and what better way to do so than through house plants. Gift him beautiful houseplants that suit his home and watch his face light up with excitement.

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10. Make your home a sanctuary

When it comes to long term relationships, the Scorpio man will also want to know that his woman cares for her home just as much as he does. So, make your home a place where he will be happy to visit by putting in the effort to make it a sanctuary. You can do so by playing up with his senses through smell and using the right lighting to set the mood.

11. Play hard to get

A typical Scorpio enjoys the chase - they are men of conquests. Irrespective of how deep your feelings are for your Scorpio man, don’t open up too soon as this will kill his vibe. Allow him to be the one to chase you, but you can encourage him gently by giving subtle cues. The aim is to keep him interested and stir his curiosity.

12. Allow him to take the lead

Now that you know that the Scorpio man enjoys the chase, you shouldn’t try to be the captain of your relationship. Learn to allow him to stay in control. This man is not trying to dominate; he simply likes to be the one setting the pace. Don’t be desperate to force things or emotions out of a Scorpio as that will drain him; allow him to make decisions independently.

13. Be easy-going

If there is anything Scorpio men do not like, it is women who have the potential to bring stress into their lives. Such women are usually whiny, clingy, and demand emotional intimacy too soon - don’t be any of these. Scorpio is an intense zodiac sign. As such, they cannot be with someone who is just as fierce. So you need to be patient and easy-going to attract a Scorpio man.

14.  Reassure him of your love as they get jealous and insecure 

Any sign of insecurity will have a Scorpio feeling jealous. You will need to reassure him of your love and affection occasionally. Keep in mind that this zodiac sign does not trust easily, so you should back up your words with actions. Don’t just say things because you believe it will make them feel good, as this can diminish the trust they have when you are caught.

15. Be mysterious

Just as the Scorpio guy is a mystery himself, he also likes his romantic partners to maintain that same air of mystery. When you are mysterious, you spark curiosity in his mind. He will want to know you, but not all at once.

16. Be confident

Be confident

Being confident is one sure way to make a Scorpio man fall in love. The minute he spots that you are a confident woman, it is easy to win his heart; however, make sure you keep it real. 

One way to improve your confidence is to know what you want and how to get there. Take time out to figure out what you want, how best you can achieve your goals, and work towards them. 

17. Dress classy, not slutty

Scorpio guys are people of depth, and while they appreciate a woman’s beauty and fine possessions, it is not all that they care about. If you want a Scorpio man to love you, you will need to wisely choose your date outfits. Dress in a classy way that appeals to his senses and not too indecently. 

18. Be logical

Scorpios are logical beings, and as such, they want partners who are not caught up in fantasy. You need to be realistic in your expectations and learn to approach things from a logical point of view. 

19. Be patient

There are many layers to a Scorpio man, do not expect to get through every layer in one sitting. These men do not open up to just anyone until they feel you are trustworthy. If you want your Scorpio man to open up to you, do not force it. You must be gentle and patient with him every step of the way. Eventually and at his own time, he will reveal parts of him.

20. Criticize them gently

Scorpios aren’t the best when it comes to handling criticisms; they tend to get defensive immediately they feel that you may be criticizing them negatively. However, this does not mean they do not appreciate feedback; it merely means that your delivery matters.

21. Be gentle and kind

Scorpios are like hawks; even when you think they aren’t watching, they pay attention to your every move and word. It almost feels like they are waiting for a slip-up or a moment of distrust. When dealing with a Scorpio man, choose your words wisely and stick to the kind and gentle ones. Remember, they do not like to be controlled, so be gentle about it when you want them to do something. 

22. Give room for vulnerability as he loves to protect

Men are indeed natural protectors, but Scorpios take it to a whole different level. They will protect their loved ones to the last breath and take joy in their ability to do so. In this vein, you can make a Scorpio man fall in love with you by allowing yourself to be vulnerable now and then. Play the damsel in distress and boost his ego by allowing him to save you.

23. Respect his privacy

Scorpios like to keep their cards close to their chest; they are guarded beings, which can pose as a significant source of rifts in their relationships. For instance, if your Scorpio man is not ready to post about your relationship on social media, you shouldn’t see it as a sign that he is cheating. He is merely trying to keep his life private, and your simple ability to respect that desire could make a Scorpio man fall in love with you.

24. A sex kink is a plus

When it comes to the affairs of the bedroom, Scorpios wear the crown. They take sex seriously as they have a high sex drive, and there are no limits to what they will do. Therefore, it is not uncommon to find Scorpio men who are into BDSM or some other sort of kinks. If you are also into sex kinks, be sure that you will have your Scorpio man hooked.

25. Make every moment with them special

Make every moment with them special

What did you say happened three years ago that you have forgotten? Well, try asking your Scorpio partner, and you will notice that he remembers every detail. Scorpio men have powerful short and long-term memory banks, and that is why they do not forget easily. You can use this to your advantage by ensuring every moment you spend together is a memorable one.

26. Learn to massage

Due to Scorpios’ intense nature and how passionate they are with everything they set their minds to do, they tend to have back problems, especially in the lower back. Use your massaging skills to help him relax, get rid of negative energy, and relieve him of his lower back pain. This will earn you additional points in the eyes of your Scorpio man.

27. Tame your expectations when it comes to socializing 

Scorpios are introverts, and they only enjoy being around people who share a similar set of values and morals. Therefore, to win the heart of your Scorpio man, do not force him to follow you for every event or party.

28. Be financially smart

Some people will describe Scorpio men as stingy people, but I call it being financially savvy. The Scorpio man is not one who buys things on impulse as they take research seriously, and that is what makes them smart investors. Scorpio men appreciate women who are also financially savvy and not one that spends recklessly.

29. Don’t be too clingy

Nothing pushes a Scorpio man away faster than a clingy woman. To a Scorpio man, a clingy woman is likely to be controlling, and they hate feeling that way. You must learn to be secure in your relationship and not be too clingy, it’s one of the ways to make your Scorpio man fall in love with you.

30. Be honest about your secrets

Scorpios love to bond through emotional intimacy, so don’t be afraid to tell them your deepest secrets. That way, you make them see your vulnerability, earn their trust, and bond with them on a deeper level.

31. Be tactical in your choice of date venues

As sensual beings with good memory banks, your choice of date venues can play a role in how a Scorpio man will bond with you. Pick a place and time to set both of you in the right mood to discuss intense topics. This will leave him enchanted and eager to see you again.

32. Be a passionate being

As passionate beings themselves, Scorpios love it when their partners can match their intensity. Always put your best in everything you do, including your commitment level to your relationship. It will make a Scorpio man trust you more and fall in love with you.

33. Pay attention to your looks

pay attention to your looks

While a Scorpio man is more likely to note a woman’s depth than looks, they still appreciate it when their women take time out to look good. Have a sense of style that is both appealing and modest. The aim is to be classy and sophisticated to have your Scorpio man fall in love with you.

34. Don’t be afraid to challenge him or give feedback

Scorpios do not handle criticisms very well, but that does not mean they reject all kinds of feedback. They want a woman who has a mind of her own and not afraid to challenge them. The keyword here is your delivery - don’t be scared to challenge them, rather look for more subtle and kind ways to pass the message across.

35. Learn to allow him to be himself

You will be shooting yourself in the foot if you think you can mold him into being what you want. Scorpio men are quite stubborn, and they do not wish to be answerable to anyone. Therefore, they always seek out partners who are comfortable with their personalities and give them the freedom to be who they want.

36. Pay attention to details

As someone with a good memory, the Scorpio man does not understand when people forget important information or things that they have discussed in the past. One way to have your Scorpio fall in love with you is by proving that you care about him, and you can do so by always giving him your full attention and taking note of the little things.

37. Be independent

Unlike many men out there who are easily intimidated by independent women, Scorpio men find them attractive. A woman capable of thinking for herself and isn’t dependent on him for everything will earn a Scorpio man’s love and respect.

38. Have a life away from him

Emotional dependency is something people are not quick to think of yet is one of the worst ways to drain another human. The Scorpio man loves women who can exist in different circles away from him, and you can do so by maintaining relationships with your friends and family.  

39. Don’t play games

A woman of integrity is a Scorpio man’s biggest flex. When you are with a Scorpio man, quit playing games and keep to your words. Let your yes be your yes, and your no should be your no.

40. Show your intellectual prowess

One of the first things a Scorpio man will look for in a woman is her intellectual prowess. When you show him how clever you are, he is likely to become an obsessive Scorpio. If you love history, tell him about it, take him to museums, and stun him with your knowledge.

41. Stroke his ego

While they may never ask for compliments or act as though they care about it, Scorpio men love it when you stroke their egos. Never fail to give him honest compliments about his looks, outfits, and achievements. 

42. Show your unique true beauty

show your unique true beauty

Don’t be afraid to show your Scorpio man what lies beneath you. He will be happy to discover your unique personalities, and that level of intimacy will make him fall in love with you.

43. Show concern about his life

Make the issues in his life a concern to you, and you’ll earn your Scorpio man’s trust. Remember, the Scorpio man wants a girl who will be their ride or die, and the only way to prove that is by prioritizing whatever concerns him.

44. Don’t give up the cookie too soon

While the Scorpio man is a sensual being, this man likes to work for the attention. Make sure that you take things slow and do not throw yourself at him as that will not earn his respect. Allow him to set the pace and hold on before having sex, as that will make him respect you more.

45. Never force your opinions on him

If you want a Scorpio man to do something or change a behavior, do not make the mistake of forcing your opinions on him. That will only make him defensive and cause rifts in your relationship. He is a man of reason; therefore, it is better to appeal to his logical sense.

46. Love his family

Scorpios are protective people, and anyone who tries to hurt their loved ones will have to face their sting. Use this characteristic to your advantage by getting close to his family and loving them. Not only do you earn his trust, but you will also earn his love, especially if they also love you. 

47. Prepare for the Scorpio’s sting and react appropriately

The dark side of Scorpio men is always unpredictable, and it can leave many women feeling like wussies. In some ways, the Scorpio man is manipulative and controlling; however, your ability to handle this side of him in a mature and amicable manner will make a Scorpio man fall in love with you.


How do you keep a Scorpio man interested?

The Scorpio man is a man of mystery, and he loves mysterious women. If you want to keep him hooked, you will need to reveal details about yourself slowly. Furthermore, show him your intellectual prowess and cut the small talk.

How does a Scorpio man act when he's falling in love?

It is not hard to know when a Scorpio man is falling in love with you. He is a passionate being, so you will notice that he goes all out to make you feel special. He treats you like a queen and protects you.

How do I get my Scorpio man's attention back?

If you feel you have lost your Scorpio man’s attention, do not act overly emotional about it. Instead, give him space to think about it and, at the same time, drop hints that remind him of happy times spent together. The aim is to make him miss you and want you back.

Do Scorpios play hard to get?

Scorpios are direct people, and they will not usually try to play hard to get. However, because they are desired by many, it becomes difficult to get their attention. You can keep their attention by engaging in intellectual discussions.

What are Scorpio men attracted to?

The Scorpio man is attracted to secrets, mystery, and intellect. He is also a sexual being with no boundaries, so being adventurous in this area will get his attention.

To Sum Up

Scorpio men are exciting, and I can understand why anyone will want to be in love with them but remember to always stay honest and aim for their trust. I hope you enjoyed reading this piece and discovered practical ways to make a Scorpio man fall in love with you. I will love to hear all about your experiences with Scorpio, so please leave a comment behind, and don’t forget to share this article with friends.

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