Dangerous Signs Of A Possessive Male Friend

Last updated on May 30, 2024 by Michelle Devani

Friends are great because they can brighten your day and they come with no commitment and chains that might limit you. But what if your friend is doing that to you right now?

Male friends are great to have because they can be a protector to us but can they be overprotective? Sometimes they can and it is absolutely not okay. Before you act on it, you need to know if what you think is true.

Here are the signs of a possessive male friend:


1. They Get Jealous Of Another Guy

they get jealous of another guy

Another guy is an absolute threat for him because he thinks he might lose you so he shows the Signs That Your Friend is Jealous Of Your Relationship.

2. Getting Mad Over Any Interaction You Make

Any social interaction you make will be closely monitored and he will even be mad at you for it for no reason.

3. Slowly Telling You To Stop Being Friends With Someone

Being possessive means that he wants you for nobody but him and that means starting to tell you to stop being friends with most people in your life.

4. Always Criticising The People In Your Life

It seems that no one in your life is good enough but him which speaks a lot about him.

5. Always Trying To Insert Himself More In Your Life

He is always pushing his way to be more included in your life even if you don’t want him to.

6. Often Disapproving Your Path In Life

He ruthlessly criticise the path that you choose for your life because he wants to feel in control over you which is a Signs Your Boyfriend Is An Emotional Psychopath.

7. Telling You What You Better Do In Your Life

telling you what you better do in your life

He starts forcing his ideas on what you should do in your life which can be really annoying and demeaning.

8. Stopping You From Seeing New People

He is intimidated by the new people that comes into your life and he shows this by stopping you from seeing any. You need to figure out Ways to Leave An Emotionally Abusive Relationship.

9. Often Stalking You

A possesive friend will do crazy things like stalking you to make sure that they really know you.

10. Always Keeping Watch Of Your Social Media

You post and do a lot of things in social media and your creepy friend will be up to date about it more than you know.

11. Always Trying To Be Near You

Physically being near you give him the satisfaction of the feeling that he have control over you.

12. Controlling What Clothes You Where

Not only does he control your interactions, clothes are also controlled because he thinks that you are his doll.

13. Giving Opinions Even When You Don’t Ask For It

He will delibirately give his opinion about your life even when you stop him from doing that just because he feels entitled.

14. Driving People Away From Your Life

He starts manipulating your relationships to drive people away from your life which is a Signs of Conditional Love.

15. Getting Mad When They Don’t Hear From You

getting mad when they don't hear from you

Not hearing from you even for a second will make him furious and blame you ruthlessly.

16. Always Wanting To Know What You Do

They will freak out when they don’t know where you are, what you are doing and why.

17. Never Wanting To Be Kicked Out Of Your Life

Even if you try to stay away from him, he will do all his might to stay.

18. Gets Angry When You Don’t Follow Their Wish

They feel that their choice is always the best and when you don’t do it they will feel angry.

19. Rarely Appreciating Your Authenticity

They don’t appreciate you for who you are when they should have shown the Ways to Make Someone Feel Appreciated.

20. They Are Often Clingy

Being clingy is a trait of possessive person.

21. Always Seeming That They Need You

They say they need you so you can be close to him.

More Ways To Know That He Is Over Controlling You

more ways to know that he is over controlling you

When a guy is getting too possesive over you, you will start to get too uncomfortable. Before things starts to crumble, prevent it by knowing this more ways to know that he is over controlling you;

1. They Don’t Know Personal Boundaries

They completely disregard personal boundaries like your space and your time.

2. Being Paranoid Of Other People In Your Life

This means that they think those people are trying to erase him.

3. Over Texting And Calling You

Hundreds of texts and calls will come every day.

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4. They Are A Great Manipulator

Manipulating their way to make you surrender is easy for them.

5. Wanting To Make All The Decisions For You

They feel like they make the best choices.

6. Always Trying To Justify Their Actions

You may see these signs of a possessive male friend on him. They think that what they did is right.

Tips To Get Rid Of The Bad Force In Your Life

tips to get rid of the bad force in your life

Now you’ve known that he is a bad force in your life but you need to start to take measures to get rid of the bad force now;

1. Explain To Him Why You Are Feeling This Way

Tell him why you don’t feel okay with what he is doing now. Demand for him to listen and not say a single argument.

2. Leave Without An Explanation

When all else fails, start to leave him without a trace. Never call him or contact him ever again and don’t receive and attempts to get close to you from him anymore.

3. Seek Help And Explain To People

Seeking help to other people you trust is important when you want to recover.

4. Start To Renew Your Life

Start to find the Ways to Move On After a Bad Relationship.

The real signs of a possessive male friend is absolutely shocking and terrifying. It can be unbelievable at times but you need to believe it. After that you need to take measures to make a clean break from it and start to lead a better and refreshing life.

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