Do Asian Guys Like Black Females? - Sweet Reasons to Date Them

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Dating and falling in love are completely subjective matters. The difference is, you may not be ably to control yourself, to whom you will be falling in love with. But you can always choose who you want to date. It's all the same thing with this one particular Asian guys.

Being raised in an Eastern way, you will find thousand good Reasons to Date Asian Guy. He is polite, have manners, hard worker, and usually have their future secured by their steady job and high education background. But there are things that we make curious about Asian guys. One of them being do Asian guys like black females?

Even though it's simple but it definitely means a lot. Unlike the other guy in the world, we know that it's rare for an Asian guy ti date a black woman.What does it mean? Once again we will be asking, do Asian guys like black females? Which we can found the answer through some point below.

1. Asian's Beauty Standards

Asians are more particular compared to others. They are brought up under the Eastern culture, which makes them more conservative but well mannered at the same time. Being a hard worker is another quality they have. They have their own rules and many of them are difference with the one in the Western.

Beside all the manner things, they also have their own beauty standards. Both for men and women, Asians beauty standards are is not the same with the Westerners. They pay to their appearances a lot. In Asia, beauty defined as fair skin, slender body, and youthful face. If you got three of them, then you are beautiful. Just take a look at the Dating Culture in Japan where all the girls are such a cutie. This beauty standards have somehow set their minds, which probably make it hard for an Asian guy to date a black female.

2. It's Okay As Friend, But Dating is Another Things

Even though it's not particular (if it's not hard) for Asian guys to date a black female, doesn't mean they isolated themselves from them. In fact, Asian guys are friendly with black females. They won't mind to have a close bond with them since black females are typically a fun friend. However, dating and being friends are not the same.

You have to be more drawn to each other and have this feeling so you can start dating. As for Asian guys, it has been made clear above that the beauty standards they have brought up into makes it hard somehow. But they never close the possibilities down.

3. No Racial Issues

Let's say that they "beauty" for Asians have different meaning. But it doesn't mean that Asian guys never find black females "unpretty" and many racial issues followed. It's just different and we can't force it. They never mind to be friend with black females but they have certain criteria for their dream girls.

Reasons to Love Black Female

Black females are always charming, they have this somehow carefree soul that we always jealous of. It's one of the many reasons Why You Should Date a Black Girl and find the rest in the following:

1. They are Easy to be Pleased

Every guys will do their best in finding the Ways to Make Your Girlfriend Fall in Love with You Again, which often give them a hard time. Women are not easy to be pleased. But the case will be different with black females. They usually don't demand many things from their lover. They just something genuine, if we talked about love. So a simple thing that show how much you love her is more than enough to make her happy.

2. They are Pretty Selective

Black females don't going around and dating anyone who confess his feeling for them. They are pretty selective when it come to love. She wants to have a genuine relationship, so what she sees from a man would be his loyalty. So when you date a black females, you would likely be guaranteed a long term relationship. Also, don't think you can play with a black females. They're not up for a game.

3. They are Lovely

What's more to say, black females are love. It's hard for them to fall in love but once they set their eyes on someone, they will love him with all they have. Just look at the black females characters in your favorite movies. None of them are pictured as bad girl since being bad is not exist in their vocabulary. If there is a thing she ask from her lover, it would be their loyalty.

4. Who Don't Desire Them?

Black females always look beautiful on their own way. And they are highly desirable by everyone else in the world. Look at Beyonce, for an instance. No girls don't wish to have her body, her talents, and her fame. Everything looks good on her, not to mention that she is always charming. All the time. That's what the magic that only black females have.

5. They Make a Supportive Girlfriend

You really need to look at this signs she is a girlfriend material in a black females. Who doesn't want to date someone who is supportive to him? Understanding his ambitions and helping him make way through his goals. It's what black females do.

Now we all know that dating is all about preference and we can't just randomly set up a man and a woman, hoping them to fall in love to each other. We can't have an absolute answer to, do Asian guys like black females since the answer may differs. If that female is charming enough for them, they would be likely falling in love with them. Don't you agree?

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