19 Hidden Signs Your Ex Wants You Back But Won't Admit It

Last updated on April 29, 2024 by Michelle Devani

Do you get the suspicion your ex wants you back?

Perhaps you had a messy break-up and he’s still unwilling to admit that he wants to reunite when you confront him?

Are you looking for clear signs they want you back, but won't admit it? Is that the only way you’d be brave enough to admit it too?

If so, this is the guide for you.

It features the telltale signs your ex wants you back, but is keeping it to themselves.

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With that said, there are behavioral cues to look for, which can reveal a lot. Scroll down for my list of the most reliable signs that your ex wants you back.


19 Signs Your Ex Wants You Back But Won't Admit It

1. They're Not Over It Yet

Even after the break up, they still seem mad at you. If both sides have been accepting the break up and letting go the grudges, then both have no longer romantic feelings. But if they can't say hello to you and tend to avoid you, means they still haven't over it.

2. Post Unnecessary Things On Social Media

post unnecessary things on social media

Because they won't admit it, they will draw your attention in other way. They post their new daily life everyday, how they spend every night hang out with friends and faking laugh in front the camera. While you know that they're not that kind of person.

3. They Suddenly Disappear 

After they break up they are disappearing from the world. They no longer active in social media, never like your photos and the worst is they unfriend you.

4. They Check Up On You

As if they still care about you and curious of how you're doing. They constantly ask you whether you are okay with the break up, showing that they clearly not.

5. Randomly Calling You

This is silly but many people still do this. Calling you in purpose and act as if you dial the wrong number. While in fact, they miss you. Well maybe know the Ways to Get Him Miss You like crazy before.

6. Purposely Bumping On You

They suddenly bumping to you everywhere after the break up. Surely you know that they do it on purpose because they know your habit well enough to follow you everywhere.

7. They Bring Up The Cause Of Break Up

they bring up the cause of break up

Why talk over the things both of you should try to forget? Unless they want to fix it, there are no reason to do that. Bringing up the cause of break up is unnecessary unless they want to make a different ending out of it.

8. They Suddenly Interested In Your Dreams

Probably you have told them once you desperately want to go skiing or attending a rock music concert, and suddenly they do it all after the break up. There are no other reasons, they want some attention from you.

9. They Move On Too Fast

Well, you practically break up last week and today they posted their new boo on social media. Isn't it too fast? If they do this, obviously they are just trying to find escape from the pain the got, and haven't move on from it yet. This is not the Signs That Your Ex Girlfriend Has Moved On.

10. Obviously Depressed

They become someone you never knew before. Their hair got dirty, longer, and seems like they haven't shaved for ages. They let themselves go as they obviously depressed from the break up.

11. Their Friends Are Spying On You

their friends are spying on you

Obviously they ask their friends to do that in their favor. Some of them could be your friends too,but they are the reliable source for your ex.

12. Jealousy On Board

Too obvious not to see, they suddenly running into you when you talk with an opposite gender friends. Is it not enough as signs your ex wants you back but won't admit it?

13. They Still Close With Your Family And Friends

Who calls their ex parents when it's time to get out of their life? Indeed they love your parents but they want to make sure they are still inside your life as well.

14. They Changed To Be Better

Remember how you always complained about their messy hair and ripped jeans? Well suddenly they appear in front of you all neat and dandy. They want you to know that they can changed to be someone you want them to. Obviously that is signs your ex wants you back but won't admit it.

15. They Never Go Public With Their Dating Life

After breaking up from you, you never heard them dating anyone else. They still have hopes to you and don't want you to know they're already taken, wishing you'd come back to them someday.

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16. You Hear That They Still Ask About You

This usually happen when you have mutual friends. That friends will bring you the news that he has been asking how you are doing. Whether they're truly care or they want to get back with you.

17. They Hinted On Social Media

Facebook status or Instagram posts will be the most obvious signs that they want you back. Posting a picture from your favorite place to date, or write some "One of the best day" status on you anniversary date.

18. They Want To Keep The Friendship With You

they want to keep the friendship with you

This is how they can get close around you even though you have separated. Moreover, they ask you to do your favorite activities just like when you're together as if nothing happened. Well, this is the Signs He Likes You More Than a Friend with Benefits.

19. They Will Do You Any Favors

People do favors only to those they love. When they have done with their feeling, they won't bother to be there whenever you need them. If they haven't, they would be willingly do anything for you.

In Conclusion

Those are the signs your ex wants you back but won't admit it. You don't always have to reject them, especially when you want them back as well. Make up and resolve all the problem, and don't forget to say the Sweet Things to Say to Your Boyfriend to Get Him Back. But if you have done with them, here are some useful Ways to Move On After a Bad Relationship. Good luck then!

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