11 Important Things You Need to Know about Dating a Portuguese Man

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If you meet Portuguese men online or with work, there are some things you need to know about dating a Portuguese man. You’ll never grow bored when you are dating Portuguese men because they love to talk and have good conversations about food. If you don’t like discussing food, you may have to admit that the Portuguese man you are crushing isn’t right for you!

If you spend time in the mirror getting ready for dates for hours at a time, you know that a good first impression is critical when you are interested in someone. If you love dating men from Portugal, you should know that your appearance and the efforts you put forth in looking good won’t go unnoticed! He will appreciate every minute you spend primping for the date!

The dating culture in Portugal is not that much different from that in America. Portuguese men enjoy women who look their best and want to date women who are honest and reassuring when in relationships. He’ll be there to pick you up after a bad day and there to celebrate with you when you have wins! That’s just part of Portugal’s culture. They care! Let’s learn more!!


What You Need to Know About Dating a Portuguese Man

1. You will enjoy endless Sunday lunches

In Portugal, lunch is the largest meal of the day, and dinner starts a bit later than what is customary in other cultures. So, if you are used to having a big meal for dinner, you better get ready for a nice lunch date instead. 

Relationships in Portugal are a bit different because the men know a lot about cooking and meals. This could make for an interesting conversation if you need to know what to talk about. 

2. Portuguese are fairly conservative

portuguese are fairly conservative

Portuguese men tend to be on the conservative side. They might even wear a tie when you go out to eat for lunch or dinner! Many of the women are liable to wear dresses or skirts in Portugal as is the custom there. 

3. Chivalry is alive!

Portuguese men will open doors for the women, offer their jacket or coat if she gets too cold, and lift her chair out for her so that she can sit comfortably. Keeping their women happy is important, so Portuguese men are very chivalrous. 

4. A Portuguese man will insist on paying

As mentioned, they are rather traditional and conservative, so they will likely offer to pay for the meal after the end of dinner or lunch. This can be nice if you are a woman dating a lot of men, as dates can get rather expensive! This is also a nice thing about dating a Portuguese man. You know he will take care of you after a meal!

5. Know the right body language

When you begin dating any type of Portuguese man, he will want you to offer your hand for a handshake to start out the evening. Portuguese men are very traditional when it comes to body language and appreciate taking things slowly at first. They won’t rush in and grope you or anything like that. Instead, you can expect a nice handshake.

Once the romance has taken effect in the relationship, the Portuguese man is likely to be very affectionate, though. He may give you lots of hugs and enjoy kissing you all the time. If you are not the romantic type, you might let him know what you are and are not comfortable with because he’ll definitely want to make sure you are happy.

If you see a couple dating in Portugal, you might see them holding hands or the man kissing the woman on the cheek, but usually, PDA (public displays of affection) are not common in Portugal. At least, the kind that makes you uncomfortable is not seen in a romantic relationship because that is left for the private moments!

6. Portuguese men talk with their hands!

When dating the Portuguese, you should know that they often talk with their hands. They are animated by nature. If you don’t like this about your guy, once you begin a relationship, simply tell him to explain to you in words because you love his accent! He’ll appreciate the subtle way you have told him what you like and don’t like about him.

When dating, however, you may have to get used to the animation when talking. They just get so excited when explaining things that they must use their hands to explain to you all of the details of what they are talking about. Learn to appreciate this about your guy, and you will be a happy girl! 

7. Punctuality is critical

punctuality is critical

It’s important that you arrive on time or early - just to be on the safe side - when dating Portuguese men. They appreciate a girl who is not tardy, so make arrangements to be there on time or early. If you are taking a taxi or Uber to your date with a Portuguese man, make sure the driver is reliable and has a functioning car to get you there!

8. A Portuguese man will know all about food

In Portugal, meals are everything! Your guy will likely talk about local restaurants, family recipes, and what he likes to cook the most. He’ll likely tell you all of the ingredients he uses to cook with. So, if you like to talk about recipes and cooking, you are dating the right type of guy! Just ask him questions related to this topic, and you’ll be golden!

9. Talk about his family

One great conversation starter is family. These men love to talk about their family, family traditions, and what their life was like growing up. Consider asking him about his siblings - how many does he have, what sex are they, and where do they live. You might even inquire as to what they do for a living and what their favorite hobbies are!

If your guy is an only child, ask about his folks! How long have they been married, and what are their favorite hobbies, interests, and passions? Find out what they do for a living, too, and ask questions about what they enjoy doing the most or how they got into their chosen professions. If you know the questions ahead of time, it’ll go easy on you!

10. Portuguese are very traditional

In Portugal, many men do not like PDA because it is not the traditional way of doing things. They do some online dating in that country, but for the most part, couples meet the old-fashioned way - at school or at work. Often, families will set each other up, too! This is customary and not uncommon in Portugal. 

11. Appearance means a lot

appearance means a lot

With Portuguese men, it’s important that you look nice. Dress well, look neat and put together, and dress traditionally - wear a skirt or dress. If you aren’t accustomed to wearing skirts or dresses, you might want to practice ahead of time. Consider buying a new dress for the evening out with this guy! You’ll feel like a Princess!

You could even go as far as wearing heels with a dress or skirt to show off your legs. He will melt in your hands if you do that. Make sure you appreciate how nice he looks, as well. He will likely be wearing a jacket and tie - not the easiest thing for every guy to pull off, especially if he is not used to wearing things like that. 

He might be nervous on the first date, but you can warm him up with some friendly conversation and compliments. Be warm and inviting, and he’ll really fall head over heels in love with you! If you are ready to date a Portuguese man, you should also be ready to wear stylish clothes, be romanced each night, and have a great time!


What is dating like in Portugal?

Portuguese people date pretty similarly to other people across Europe. Often, Portuguese people meet their partners in school at an early age and at work or online as they get older. According to one source, most Portuguese get married in their late 30s and get divorced much less than Americans.

Is it easy to get laid in Portugal?

Portuguese women tend to talk about their feelings when it comes to sex when they feel most appropriate, so if the time is right, you should bring up sex and what you want with your Portuguese guy. He’ll appreciate the honesty and avoidance of small talk before the issue!

What do you look for when dating a guy?

If you are looking to start dating a Portuguese man, you may have to accept a language barrier. However, most Portuguese men do know English as this is common for them to learn in school. They can have quite traditional values, a broad knowledge of a variety of topics, and good taste.

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What does a typical Portuguese woman look like?

Many Portuguese women have dark hair and dark features. They may have dark eyebrows and some facial hair to match. Typically, because they keep such a neat appearance, they will groom themselves very well to hide any unsightly features. Portuguese men enjoy all types of women, though, so be yourself.

How do you seduce a Portuguese woman?

Portuguese are very smart, so it may bode well to compliment your date and ask her about her past. They collect memories, growing up with their families and such, so they’ll enjoy sharing things about their upbringing. Make a good impression by showing your romantic side. Hold doors open for her and such.

To Sum It All Up

Dating in Portugal is not that much different than dating in America. You might have a lot of fun dating a man in Portugal. Have you ever been to Portugal? I’d love to hear all about it. What was the dating scene like in Portugal? Please share in the comments!

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