How To Get A Gay Guy To Like You Over Text Messages Easily

Last updated on June 3, 2024 by Michelle Devani

Getting someone to like you over text is a challenge on its own. You're not exactly talking to a person's face. There's no way to know how the other person is reacting. In case you're not sure of what to do, this How to Get a Gay Guy to Like You over Text can be your guide.

There are certainly different things that you can do to make the texting interesting.


1. Keep It Simple

Keeping your text simple is the key here. Long ones might be a bit too much at first. Especially when you still don't really know What to Text Someone after Getting Their Number. To get his attention right away, make it short and straightforward.

Even a simple “Hi :)” would work. Once he responds, just go with the flow. But always keep the conversation short as you want to like him not bore him. Once the two of you have connected, you can send longer texts.

2. Be Funny

be funny

You can never go wrong with a little sense of humour to get a gay guy to like you over text. Don’t be afraid to be funny. Even when he doesn’t think that it’s funny, at least you tried. Also, you get to know what kind of humour he’s really into. See, not everyone always share the same kind of interests. Being funny is a great way to break any awkward moments.

3. Use Emojis

Remember that there are emojis you can always use. They’re fun to play around with. Give a little variation to your text by adding some emojis here and there. Studies have actually shown that emojis can reveal a lot of a person’s personality. So when the two of you are exchanging texts with emojis, you guys are actually learning about each other’s character.

4. Send Memes

Other than emojis, there are also memes. What’s your favourite memes? Share them with him. Memes can make your conversation through texts interesting. You won’t run out of topics to talk about. In fact, you may also want to send him some GIFs. This is also one of the good Ways to Get a Guy to Text You First.

5. Be Positive

You have to show a positive vibe in your text to get a gay guy to like you over text. This will be more attractive and approachable. It won’t be a good idea to send him texts where you rant to him all the time. But the thing is, you don’t have to always be so upbeat.

Don’t force yourself when you can’t. When you’re feeling a bit down you can just be honest or take some time alone for a while. 

6. Ask About His Day

It’s always nice when someone asks about your day. It means that they care. Do this to him. Send him a short text asking him about his day. Did you know that a research has shown that people who are curious tend to connect better? So you can get to show how much you really care about him while also trying to make a stronger connection.

7. Make Him Wait

Try to make him wait for your text. So when you received his message, wait a couple of minutes to reply to him. This will make him anticipate your text. But remember to do this sparsely. You don’t want to make him think that you’re too busy for him. In case he's doing this trick to you then this is Why He Takes Forever to Text You Back and What to Do Then.

8. Plan Something To Do Together

Planning something to do together can also help to get a gay guy to like you over text. This may turn out to be a long exchange of texts. But that’s a good thing. You can talk to him even more and he will also like you for wanting to hang out with him. Work out a schedule that the two of you can agree on. 

9. Be Playful

To make him like you even more, you can be playful with your text. Say, ask him things like “If you were an animal, what would you be and why?” or “If you could see the future, what would you want to know?” These kinds of questions may seem silly but they can get very deep. He may ask you in return and get insight of your personality.

10. Send Blank Text

send blank text

When you haven’t texted him in a while but really want to talk to him, send him a blank text. It also works on How to Get a Guy to Text You Back without Being Annoying. Tell him that it was a mistake and you’re sorry. He’ll reply and you can start talking to him again. If you still want him to like you in the long run, make sure to stay in touch. So this blank text trick will make him talk to you.

11. Send Good Morning Or Good Night Texts

The next thing that you can do is to send him a good morning or good night texts. Don’t undermine these texts. They can be very meaningful for him, especially when he’s going through a rough patch. Those texts will make him know that you’ll always be there for him. He’ll appreciate it and like you for caring about him.

12. Be Confident

To get a gay guy to like you over text, you have to be confident. Be yourself and believe in yourself. He’ll be able to see right through you when you text him. He will like you if you’re honest and genuine. Confidence is important so you won’t get scared easily when you’re texting him will all your uncertainties.

Things That You Must Avoid When Texting Him

These are the things that you shouldn’t do when you’re texting with him:

  1. You shouldn’t send too many texts at once because that could be annoying.
  2. Never send things that are offensive or the ones that you know will offend him.
  3. Don’t send unsolicited pictures. Send normal pictures to be on the safe side.
  4. You shouldn’t be pushy when you’re texting.
  5. Avoid texting when you know he’s busy. His busyness is the reason Why Don't Guys Text Back Right Away.
  6. Don’t get mad when he takes a long time to reply. Try to understand his situation.

You may feel nervous when you want him to like you over text. Just take a deep breath and have fun with it.

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