Why Don’t Guys Text Back Right Away? – Some Situations That Make Him to

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When nobody in the world doesn’t seem to have no cellphone nowadays, facing each other is not the only way to communicate. It’s easier to keep in touch with him through the line and you can do this anytime. While technologies should be making life easier, in fact it can makes you feel uneasy sometimes. After sending the text to him, you wait for his reply and wondering why don’t guys text back right away?

You often get panic because of you think he neglected your text, while he might be literally busy that he doesn’t have time to text you back at the moment. Well, you don’t always have to ask why don’t guys text back because here are the situations that make (or force) him to:

Why Don’t Guys Text Back Right Away?

Well, he might be…

1. He is Not in the Mood to

So, so simple, isn’t it? He is not in the mood to text you back. No more explanation, he will text you back when he’s on the mood. And never try to bombard him with lots of text. It brings his mood to rock bottom instead.

2. He is Simply Not on the Phone

Do you think he always have his phone all the time, like, he doesn’t have anything else to do? The reason why don’t guys text back right away is because he is not on the phone the moment you send him messages.

3. He Considers It’s Not Urgent

Not all of your text need to be replied right away. Not when it’s only contained “Good morning”, “What are you doing”, or “I miss you”. You are not in an emergency situation where something bad gonna happen if he doesn’t text you back right away.

4. He is Playing a Mobile Game

When he is playing on a game when your text arrive, it will be counted as the world’s wonders if he text you back right away. It probably takes him an hour or two until his game finished, especially when he is currently battling. Take a nap while you’re waiting for him to reply.

5. He Has an Important Engagement

Imagine a situation where he is in the middle of a meeting and his phone buzzes from the text you sent. It will be ridiculous if he text you back at the moment, and you are funnier if you get upset over this.

6. Maybe You Text Way Too Often?

Do you know the Ways to Flirt without Coming On Too Strong? Patiently wait for him to text you back. Texting him every single minute won’t do. He will end up burying your text or worse, delete them all without being read.

7. You Did the Same Thing to Him

You need to reflect on yourself, why does it takes him ages to text you back. Don’t you feel like you have done the same thing to him? When you didn’t know What to Do When a Guy Texts You After a Long Time, you purposely text him back the next day.

8. He Doesn’t Want to Look Needy

Actually, he can text you back right away the moment your text arrived. But he worries that it will make him look easy for you, and that he is too needy as a guy. He just want to look tough. That’s it.

9. He Thinks About How to Reply Carefully

This is sweet. Maybe he is way too happy to get the text from you, and he thinks about how to text you back very carefully that he doesn’t realize how much time have passed. He wants to make to sure he send the right answer that makes you want to text back.

10. Sadly, They Don’t Care About You

It’s a bitter truth you’ve got to accept. He just doesn’t care about you. Maybe you never give him any Things to Say to Your Boyfriend to Make Him Feel Special Over Text and he thinks your text is not that worth to be replied.

How to Get Him Text You Back?

Don’t just demand him to understand you, you need to understand what he likes and what he doesn’t like in a text. It’s the only he will text you right away.

The Text He Wants to Receive

Maybe you never give him all the Cute Text Messages to Send Your Crush to Keep Them Interested such as listed below…

  1. “Good morning. Wish you have a nice day.”
  2. “Last night was really a good time. Glad I had spend it with you.”
  3. “I find your recent Instagram post really cool.”
  4. “Would you attend (someones)’s birthday party with me?”
  5. “Look at these memes. Remind me of you right away.” (Insert a meme)
  6. “Drop by on your way home tonight. I have a little barbeque.”
  7. “I’m going to ask your advice about…” (Write your concern)
  8. “I’m going to order some food. What would you like?”
  9. “I love you.”
  10. “I miss you.”
  11. “Good night. Don’t stay up late.”

Texts He Finds Annoying

And he doesn’t text you back for a reason. He definitely find your text pretty annoying that he chooses to abandon it. He wouldn’t mind if your text show the Signs of a Girl Flirting but don’t do these stuffs for good.

  1. Extra letter like, “Heeeyyyy!!!” or “Goodniiiggghhhttt.”
  2. “Where are you right now?” Are you his mother?
  3. “LOL” is kinda cut the conversation. Send “You’re funny” instead.
  4. As well as the “K”. He will think you don’t really want to reply his text.
  5. “I guess…” show you are unsure. Say “Yes” or “No”.
  6. “Why don’t you text me back?” So what?
  7. “Can’t wait to see you tonight!!!” Seems too aggressive.
  8. “Nothing.” He’s got nothing too.