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Taurus is one of the present zodiac that belong to everyone born between April 21 and May 21. Its symbol is bull, similar with the name origin. Taurus is a Latin for Bull. Each sign have different personality traits, as said was brought by the zodiac. Taurus woman, in this case, also has number of unique personalities that distinguish her with woman born under the different signs. All about Taurus woman personality is interesting to talk about.

Woman born under the Taurus signs possessed many traditional traits including independence, loyalty, strong emotion, and artistic. Here are all about Taurus woman personality everyone needs to know:


1. Independent And Doing Well On Her Own

One of the best personality traits a Taurus woman has is her independence. Clinging onto a man never existed in her life. She perfectly doing well on her own, knowing what to do and how to get anything done. Of course she is a strong woman, and having her as a girlfriend will make you realize the Differences Between Dating a Girl or a Woman.

2. She Prefers To Work Alone

she prefers to work alone

Being able to be independent makes Taurus woman prefer to work alone rather than in a team. But it doesn't make her selfish and closing all possibilities to work together. Whenever it's necessary, Taurus woman can be assertive. She also doesn't mind if someone else takes the lead. When in a relationship, she doesn't mind if her boyfriend is taking the lead.

3. Emotionally Powerful

Taurus woman is not easy to be conquered by her life. She has a powerful emotion and able to handle things very well. Say it stress that comes from her work, family, or boyfriend, she can appear strong. She won't showing any sign that she is under pressure, nor complaining because life is hard.

4. She Avoids Pity And Sympathy

As she tries her best not to appear upset and depressed, Taurus woman is not the kind to look for sympathy from others. She doesn't like it when people look in a pity for her. Instead, she leans on her independence and make it through the difficult situation all by herself.

5. Don't Push Her Too Hard, Or Else She Will Explode

She prefers to get everything done by herself, she also avoid sympathy from other because she is independence enough to get through the hard times alone. So let her be. Even if you know her current situation and want to help her badly, just stay still. Never push a Taurus woman beyond her limits, because if someone did, her emotion will explode and she will get very, very angry.

6. She Is Loyal

Taurus woman may have big number of friends, but she only keeps a few to give her loyalty to. In a relationship, a Taurus woman will put all her loyalty to her partner, and expect her partner to do the same thing in return. If you are in long distance relationship with her, being loyal is one of the good Ways to Handle a Long Distance Relationship.

7. Taurus Woman Gets Disappointed Easily

taurus woman gets disappointed easily

In a relationship with her boyfriend, family, and friends, Taurus woman gives all her heart and loyalty. But then she will get easily disappointed when she doesn't get the same thing in return. As much as she gives her loyalty, she set a high expectation to whom she put her loyalty into.

8. She Does Her Best In Everything

Giving out all of the loyalty is not applied only to a relationship with people. For Taurus woman, in everything she does, she put all of her heart. In work, study, and achieving his goals. Taurus woman gives her best in everything, so she aims at the best result as well.

9. Picky For A Lover

Making a Taurus woman fall in love is challenging. She is known to be picky when it comes to a relationship. She doesn't easily fall in love, and is careful. It takes her a while to decide whether this guy fit into her boyfriend material or not. But lucky for everyone who have her as a lover, once a Taurus woman fall in love, she'll be devoting all her heart just for him.

10. Her Love For Art Is Everything

Taurus woman has this hidden romantic sides in her. She enjoys art very much. Walking around and appreciating the nature is something she likes. She loves to go to wonderful places, taking picture at it. Witnessing the sun sets at the end of the day is more than enough to make her happy.

11. She Is A Natural Introvert

This one particular personality traits is quite surprising. Beside being independence, Taurus woman has another reason of why she prefers to work by herself. She warn a natural introvert. Taurus woman needs some time to adjust and fit in in a bigger society. As the time goes by, she will open up and blended well with her surroundings.

12. She Likes To Be Alone, But Will Never Get Lonely

she likes to be alone but will never get lonely

As introvert as she is, Taurus woman prefer to arrange everything by herself. She likes to be alone rather than hanging out with lots of friends. But it doesn't mean she is lonely and has nothing to do. The inside life of a Taurus woman is extremely busy. She has a long to-do list to be done by herself.

13. Taurus Woman Is A Bit Stubborn

Taurus woman can solve any problem that comes in her way alone. She avoids sympathy and doesn't want to show to anyone that she is depressed. That is why when she makes a decision, she can be stubborn about it. It's a bit hard to change her view unless you give her a good and logical reasons she can accept.

14. She Is True To Herself

Life full of drama and pretend is far from Taurus woman. She is not afraid to show he true self to anyone. She always honest about herself and what she wants, and will never give you false impressions. The first meeting with Taurus woman usually leave a good impression of how honest a person could be.

15. She Tends To Avoid Conflict

Conflict is unavoidable in life. You can have difference with you parents, siblings, lover, or friends, and sometimes find it hard to solve the problem. For Taurus woman, she likes to avoid conflicts and argument, so despite being clear in what she wants, she won't start a fight. To show her disagreement, she will show different attitude towards that person.

16. Caring And Loving Woman

Dating or marrying a Taurus woman is something you'll never regret in life. She is full of love and very caring to the one she loves, all you need to have in Wife Material Signs. In a relationship, Taurus woman is good lover. In a marriage, she will make a good wife and mother who is able to raise her children well.

17. Taurus Woman Is Born Intelligent

Not all Taurus woman is nerd and smart, but she does intelligent. She learn things quickly and know a lot of things. She also know how to apply the knowledge she has and doesn't mind to share it to others.

18. Financially Smart

A rare personality traits woman has: good with money. Taurus woman knows how to distribute money in the right posts, making the priority list and what item is to discard. No wonder she can be a good banker and accountant. Being financially smart is the perfect Ways to be a Good Wife to Your Husband.

Negative Personality Traits Of A Taurus Woman

negative personality traits of a taurus woman

Here are the negative sides of a Taurus woman personality:

1. Ignoring Other People's Feeling

Being too independent sometimes make a Taurus woman thinks the world rotates around her and can make her ignorant to others.

2. Always Need A Motivation

or else she could be so lazy. But the one to motivates her is none other than herself. So she won't move a bit unless she succeed in motivating herself.

3. Possessive To Her Lover

because she thinks she has devoted all her heart to him, that he should be doing the same.

4. A Bit Materialistic

Taurus woman cares about her image within the society. She doesn't want other people to look down at them, and it make her materialistic to some extent.

5. Too Frugal

Being good with money can get carried away too far and make Taurus woman become a frugal person instead. She will say she does it for a good reason, in the name of savings and a better future.

That is what you need to know all about Taurus woman personality. One thing to bear in mind, not every Taurus possessed those traits, because someone personality is not defined by her zodiac signs. The environment and society she grew up in surely take the biggest part.

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