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Aries woman has a charm that is like Leo. Just like Leo's woman she is an independent, courageous and creative woman. But there are some things from Aries women that you should know. Here are some things you should avoid when dealing with women Aries.


1. Brave Woman

Aries women are women who are confident, optimistic and have high courage. She also feels that she is the most independent woman, and she is not afraid of any threats. She is very capable to take care of herself.

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2. Very Irritable

Her dominant attitude makes her being a good leader in the work environment, or in her love affair. However, you should be knowing that Aries women are very irritable. So do not comment negatively about her.

3. Good At Faking

She is very good at faking. Visible from the outside the Aries woman looks strong, but deep in her heart, she is a very fragile figure.

4. Vengeful Woman

vengeful woman

Immediately apologize if you hurt her. She is a difficult woman to forgive others. Her memory of your mistakes will continue to be remembered and she will not forgive you.

5. Loving Freedom

Aries woman loves freedom, she tends to do what she wants. If you curb it, of course, she will give a stabbing comment and she will rebel on you.

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6. Say Goodbye To The Drama

A woman who is indifferent, in her life there is no word "drama". "A drama is only in the movie", said Aries women. If you act like a queen drama, of course, she will leave you without thinking.

7. Honest

For Aries women telling the truth is important. She is not a hypocritical and inconsistent woman. She prefers to tell the truth in front of you rather than gossiping behind.

8. A Selfish Woman

She has a dominant attitude, so it is making Aries woman becomes selfish. She does not really care about other people. She preferred to be in her own world.

The Signs That Aries Woman Has The Same Heart As You

Do you wonder if the Aries woman who you like also has the same heart as you? Below here are the signs that Aries woman has the same heart as you. Absolutely, she is very interested in you. 

1. Learn About Your Hobbies

Aries woman will try to find out about you and she will learn what your interests have been. They are very enthusiastic, is it right? That is because she is interested in you.

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2. Shows A Cheerful Face

Who is not cheerful if she is in love? Seeing this cheerful Aries woman makes you even more charmed, right?

3. Excited

Aries women always excited in every time, either in their work and being with you. Congrats you are the person that special to her.

4. She Wants To Be Your Closest Friend

Aries women are friendly, kind, and honest. It is no wonder she has many friends. Among her friends, she seems to want you being her close friend. So, go on.

5. What Do You Say She Will Listen To

She will be willing to stay with you all day for listening to all of your stories. Whatever your problem she will always be there beside you, and she will provide the best solution for you.

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6. Often Staring At Your Face

often staring at your face

Try occasionally to pretend not to see her, but it turns out she looks occasionally often staring at your face. She seems to want you the only person in her heart.

7. She Really Cares About You

If an Aries woman is already interested in one person, she will start to notice. Usually, she uses this way, she reminds the person to never forget to rest and eat. Oh, it is so sweet. 

How To Tell If An Aries Woman Doesn't Like You

Are the signal of her does not match with your expectations? Maybe you made a mistake on her. Remember, she is prone to anger. Does she show the signal as below? Below here is how the Aries woman declares that she does not like you. So, let's check these out.

1. Never Glance At You

How to tell if an Aries woman doesn't like you? Take a look, when you turn around and you will return home, whether she has a chance to glance at or see you? If not, then she is not interested in you. It looks like you have to try hard to get her heart.

2. Just Act Casually

You have prepared everything to make her interested in you. However, what happened? Her attitude is like not interested in you and she is acting very cold towards you.

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3. She Has Many Reasons

You already have tickets to watch the concert on weekends. However, luck is not on your side. She refused you because she had another appointment.

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4. No Impression At All

When she is having dinner with you, she's so cool. She only answers your questions briefly. Dinner with her really no impression at all.

5. She Is Being Indifferent

A woman if they are interested in a man she will definitely try to make up, change her hairstyle and even buy new clothes to looks impressive. But unfortunately, the Aries woman whom you like did not do that.

6. Do Nothing

There is not a single sweet sentence is out in her lips, it is just loud and piercing words only. It is a signal that means she does not like you.

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7. Think Of You As An Enemy

Aries woman who has been hurt, she will not be able to forgive the person. She will always remember your mistakes and she even thinks of you as her enemy.

8. She Lies

She is lying because she thinks you are not someone she is interested in. That is why she dared to lie in front of you.

9. Her Face Looks Sour

There was no cheerful face on Aries woman. When she confronted someone who upset her and was annoying, she will make face like that.

10. She Is Not Showing Interest

There are no signs that show any interest in you. Maybe it's time to give up. It's obvious she does not like you.

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That's how to tell if an Aries woman doesn't like you!

Hopefully, the review of how to tell if an Aries woman does not like you it can give you an answer about her. Does she have the same heart as you or not? Do you know, women Aries really like men that are honest, loyal, and smart like her. For that, keep trying to get the heart of an Aries woman. Good luck.

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