Easy Ways To Get His Attention In School

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School crush is something that all of us have. How could we not notice the cute guy sitting in the front row? Or the bad boy who always make your heart flutter. Unknowingly you start to look at him everywhere. During the break you'd be wondering where'd he go, you look for him every morning before the bell rings and worrying him when he didn't attend the class.

All you have to do is make a move quickly so that your crush won't be turn to a one-sided love. First thing first, you have to catch his attention. But how? Here are some useful ways to get his attention in school, very easy to do.


1. Make Him Notice You

Before you can get his attention, you have to make him notice you first. Moreover if he is one popular kid in school. There is a big chance that he doesn't know. Uh-oh, it's not s good sign. Join in his basketball club or anything he's in.

2. Smile At Him

After he knows who you are, it's okay to give away a little smile every time you passed him. Not the kind of excessive, attention-seeking smile (it will make him run away!), but enough to make him recognize you.

3. Put Some Effort

If you are ordinary looking just like any other girls, he may not be able to differentiate you. Pick up your own style and put some effort in it. Be confident and rock it!

4. Play With Your Hair

play with your hair

Okay, this is kind of flirty. But this old trick is gold! Nobody knows that a girl playing with his hair is trying to get someone's attention. Let him know how gorgeous you are.

5. Look Over Your Shoulder

Our crush boy usually take the back seat in class. Get him to see your face by looking over your shoulder. Pretend to stare beyond the windows or looking at the poster on the wall. Make sure he did look at your face before you turn around.

6. Be His Online Fan

Follow his social media and make sure you like everything he posted. Write a comment sometimes but not too much. Guys usually doesn't like stalker -type girl. He may notice the Signs a Girl Likes You on Social Media.

7. Get Close To His Friends

If getting close to him is hard, then get close to his friends first. Be kind and be a good person to them. Let the news of you being gorgeous be heard to him through his friends.

8. Be Outgoing

Get rid of shyness and low self esteem. Take the initiative and make friends with a lot of people. The more you make friends, the more you chance of getting his attention bigger.

9. Make Yourself Impressive

Make the most of everything you do. If you are in a tennis club, make sure you become the school representative. Make him impressed by what you are capable to.

10. Be Cheerful

What kind of guy will be interested to a gloomy looking girl with no smile on her face? Be happy and cheerful to everyone around. So you can make some friends and get yourself more popular.

11. Find Out About Him

find out about him

Make time to do a little research of anything about him. Who are his friends, what thing he likes to do, and how's his character. If you know all of it, getting his attention will be easier.

12. Talk To Him

Brace yourself and make the real move! It may be hard, but every first is always does. This is the fastest ways to get his attention in school. If you don't know what to say, try these sweetest Things to Say to Flirt with Your Crush.

13. Be Modest

Some guys like girls who is a little modest. Not showing her cleavage and walk around in miniskirt. Dress modestly and prettily without exposing too much of yourself.

14. Don't Be Over Acting

Don't be too obvious that you like him. Don't be like following him around everywhere and make him feel uncomfortable with your presence. Act smart and hold yourself.

15. Hang Out Together

There will be much pressure to hanging out just with him, because you don't know where to start. That is why getting close to his friends is important. Hang out together with his friends and he surely be join. From then on you can know him better and closer. And so does he.

16. Make An Eye Contact

People says eye is the mirror of someone's heart. It's also an effective way of communicating without having to talk. Don't be in a rush to show him the Signs That a Girl Likes You More Than a Friend to him. 

17. Give Him Compliment

give him compliment

Everyone likes compliment. Complimenting him means you appreciate what he has achieved and showing that you are proud of him. Give it a try and see how a small compliment change your relationship with him.

18. Be Confident!

Never walk with your head down if you want to be noticed by your crush. Walk confidently with your chins up. Guys prefer girls that seems tough and confident with the way herself are.

19. Live Your Life

Live your life happily, the way you want it to be. Do everything you want and make the most of it. Show him how much you enjoy your life and how fun living your life.

So that is the ways to get his attention in school. If you succeed, then congratulation for becoming the new school couple! You may need these Tips on How to be a Good Girlfriend in High School so that your relationship will long last. And to get him fall in love with you every day, here are a few romantic Things to Say to Express Your Love to Your Boyfriend.

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