Tips On How To Be A Good Girlfriend In High School

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Dating in high school is just as colorful as the rainbow after the rain. As you grow older, you feel your hormonal changes and want to start a relationship. A high school date is nothing to be serious yet, but it's a start for you to learn about a relationship.

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It's important for you to become a supportive, good girlfriend for your boyfriend in high school. But as moody as a teenager could be, it's not an easy thing to do. Here come some helps for you. Follow the tips on how to be a good girlfriend in high school in no time.


1. Don't Stick With Him All The Time

Dating in high school usually happen between school mates or even classmates. You will see each other a lot, every day, from the morning until afternoon. Okay, he is yours but you don't have to stick around with him as if you're glued together. In adult words, give him some space. He need to hang out with his friends, too.

2. Give Him Support

give him support

High school is typically a lot of sport activities. If your boyfriend was in a school's basketball teams, be supportive to him. Text him good luck before he practice, come and watch his games. Show him that you are proud and support him. Do not complain that he spend more time practicing that together with you.

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3. Bring Him A Home Made Lunch

Boys usually too lazy to pack their own lunch. As a good girlfriend, bring him lunch made by your mother and eat it together with him. He will know that you are also look after his health. Or if you want to make things sweeter, share your lunch with him!

4. Help Him With His Grades

If you happen to be school mates, pay more attention to his grades. Help him to make it better. Give him extra lesson after school and make sure he also pay attention with his grades. When his grades got better, he will know how positive his relationship with you.

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5. Don't Be Jealous With His Girl Friends

No matter whether you attend the same school or not, this female friends thing always become an issue for high school couple. Don't easily get jealous if you see him hang out with his female friends. He needs to socialize, and as long as he didn't go out only with one female friends, there is no need to worry about.

6. Don't Judge His Friends

don't judge his friends

A high schooler would likely to brag about his girlfriend when he dated someone. He will introduce to you to his friend, and of course he hoped you can get along with them. Well, you don't have to like his friends too but don't judge them or tell him to leave his friends just because you didn't like them. Besides, being friends with your boyfriend's friends will bring so many benefits.

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7. Don't Flirt With Everyone

A high school relationship is indeed nowhere to be serious yet. Young blood tend to tempted to try some new things. And for you girls, you like the feel of getting attention from the boys. But if you have dated someone, try to be loyal. Don't flirt with everyone you meet, especially when your boyfriend comes from different school. Well then, check on more tips on how to be a good girlfriend in high school.

8. Enjoy As Much As You Can

You're only on your teens, so live with it. Don't act mature like adult and worrying how your boyfriend will affect your future. Why don't just having fun while you have it? Of course you have to think about the future, but doesn't mean you can't enjoy your life.

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9. Share The Same Interest With Him

share the same interest with him

In high school, it's best to date someone who shares the same interest with you. It's the first key for you to get along. Youngsters usually loved to live inside their own world and hard to compromise with his boyfriend. Date someone from the same club as you. If you are a nerd who love to read and dating the school's basketball star player, your relationship might not work since you live in two different worlds.

10. Avoid To Stalk Him In The Social Media

You can track someone's past only by his social media. One day you will find yourself curious about your boyfriend and start to stalk him. The day you decide to stalk him marks the day you start to ruin your relationship. Don't judge him by his social media. It's better to know him in person.

11. Be Understanding

As said before, compromise is one of the hardest thing to do for a teens. However, you have to be understanding to him. Do not get upset when he spend so much time to practice with his soccer teams even on the weekends.

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12. Pick Your Battles

Even high school romance can not avoid fighting. Over the time, you surely have some issues to talk about with your boyfriend. There is no need to pick fights every know and then. Choose you battles and talk to him everything you want to say all along. Make sure the fight really worth it.

13. Do not Let Your Emotions Rule

It's easy to get angry when fight. High school students are not adult yet, but they will become one soon. So you have to control your emotion. Do not explode during the fight and led your relationship into a break up.

14. Don't Be Too Possessive

Girlfriend is a girlfriend. You are not someone who can rule his life. Even his mother won't do that. Don't be too possessive and telling him what to do and not to do. Let him live his own life while you live your own.

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15. Make Your Relationship Supportive To Each Other

make your relationship supportive to each other

What's more tips on how to be a good girlfriend in high school? A relationship in high school should be a support for the two person involved. Be someone who will make your boyfriend better. Tell him to study together for the exam. Encourage him to do well in school.

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16. Put Your Friends' Argument Into Second

Its okay to date within your inner circle. But don't let their arguments take part into your relationship. It's yours, not theirs. They may have a good intentions but put their arguments into second. Following your heart is better. You're still young anyway.

17. Trust Him

If it''s not your friend, there will always someone (maybe he who loves you secretly) who come up to you someday with some negative stories about your boyfriend that won't please your ear. Be careful about that and trust him over the talk you heard about him. Not all of them are true, some even manipulated and exaggerated.

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18. Don't Badmouth Him

Sometimes you get upset with your boyfriend and you can't help it. You talk bad things about him to your friend without him knowing. Stop it right now, and think how disappoint he would be if he find out about this later.

19. Live Your Own Life

live your own life

Having a boyfriend doesn't mean your life centered around him. Remember that you have your own life to live too. To be a good girlfriend, you don't have have to spend the whole time with him. Spend some time together, but spend some time alone as well.

A relationship in high school is something to enjoy with and that's all tips on how to be a good girlfriend in high school. Do not feel burdened and don't be too upset if he didn't make it into your future. Your life is still long ahead and you will meet tons of people better than your high school boyfriend. Even though it's just a teenage crush, at least lesson have learned.

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