Sweet Things To Say To An Aquarius Man To Make Him Feel Happy

by Michelle Devani

Do you have a crush on someone who often to say these things to you :

If we are dating, I was afraid of ruining something precious, which is our friendship

Could you introduce me with you friends? One who could suit on me.

Or when you text him "Hi, Gorgeous!" then the reply you got was only “Hi sis. What’s up? "

Well, welcome to the Friend zone club. This is the gray zone which has many challenges, a blood, sweat and tears moment of effort to push your friendship into serious levels. Not to mention, when you are dealing with an Aquarius man and try hard to win your crush.

Namely a zodiac that is ruled by Saturn, has a unique equation with Capricorn which is controlled by the same planet. Both of these zodiacs have the ability to be reliable, spontaneous, and very easy going, even though Aquarius is an Air Sign while Capricorn itself has a Earth Sign. However, we still have some clues for you, the easiest and quick fix to this issue, start to say sweet things to your crush.

1. Start Having Serious And Stimulating Conversation With Him

start having serious and stimulating conversation with him

This is one way for Aquarius to know about you, the goal is to figure out the moment he starts to feel in love with you he will be comfortable to share even his deepest secret with you. 

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2. Let's Go To A Concert Or Have A Party

An Aquarius who is known to be easy to socialize can invite anyone to go with him, or even at a party you will find yourself be alone while he is surrounded by his friends. However, at least inviting you has its own meaning for him, and you should be special about it.

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3. Don’t Give Up! I Believe You Can Do This

By saying positive things in the various conditions is one of the sweet thing to say to an Aquarius man. FYI, this man likes to be in a happy atmosphere, even though he still feels the mood changes like the others, but a positive woman will make him feel much better. A woman who is able to give the encouragement and say optimism in her difficult times makes him excited.

4. You Can Have It If You Want/Need It

As an air sign, Aquarius is a person who is easy to get along with and loves to help anyone. So finding a helpful woman is one of his own interests. Rest assured by saying this sweet thing will bring your friend zone to be more romantic. 

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5. Keep It Honest And Say The Truth In Your Conversation

keep it honest and say the truth in your conversation

If an Aquarius has begun to ask you to see the world in general and the life in particular, then be sure he is taking things seriously with you. Therefore, try to keep telling the truth, not saying the sweet things he wants to hear. The whole process is important to him, and building confidence in you is the ultimate goal of searching for Aquarius. 

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All those efforts and sweet things to say to an Aquarius man are based on the nature they own. It means being in the friend zone with Aquarius man is a good start, and the sweet things we say will draw him to get into romance zone.

Michelle Devani
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