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This is How to Get a Hot Boyfriend in Elementary School

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Young love is always interesting. As for elementary children, they can’t help but starting to feel attraction to opposite sex and it’s only normal. Given the modern era with internet all over the place and accessible for every age, they must know love from everywhere. And of course, they learn the initial concept of love through the family.


Seeing how their mom and dad lives together and get married, elementary school children automatically get an understanding that it’s okay to feel attracted even though they don’t know what it is. Even so, they know what boyfriend and girlfriend means.

As they might be too shy to ask their mum and rather keep it to themselves, they will find out how to get a hot boyfriend in elementary school. Not to be taken seriously, young love is something that all of us experienced when we started to have a crush to the hottest boy around.

1. Make Sure Who is That Guy

Children change their thoughts every now and then. So before everything, make sure of the boy that you like and want to make him as a boyfriend. Decide on who you really like the most among several people and start to make a move on him. But make sure that you won’t change to another boy in the middle.

2. Be Friend with Him

After deciding the person, you can’t just go to him and say you want to make him your boyfriend. Introduce yourself to him by being his friend. It’s also nice to have one more friend to play with, right? Starting as friends is always best for everything. You can spend and enjoy more time with him, knowing whether he is a bad person or not. See also How to Deal with School Drama in Elementary School

3. Share Your Lunch with Him

Just like how friends are, you may share your lunch with him. Or if you’re too shy to do this or worrying that your friends might pick up on you, you can just bring a pack of candy to be shared with many friends including him. You can give him double, more than the others so that he knows he is special.

4. Ask Him to Play Together After School

Don’t be too shy around him and don’t be pressured with the feeling that you like him. Just be cool and relax, and ask him to play together after the school ended. Play a game that will make you laugh or go buy ice cream with him. Share a funny story to make him closer to you. See also How to Get a Boyfriend in Middle School in One Day

5. Clean Yourself Before Going to School

Keeping yourself clean is the most important thing to attract a boy. No one want to get near a girl who is not cleaning herself. Make sure you brush your teeth before bed and before school showering yourself properly and dress nicely. Don’t play with dirt so that you can keep yourself clean. A clean girl appear beautiful in front of a boy.

6. Don’t Confess Your Feeling Directly

If you think that the faster you tell him you like is the better, you are wrong. He might not want a girlfriend and you may scare him out. In the end, he won’t be close to you anymore and you lost your chance to make him your boyfriend. So stay as his friend for a while, it’s also to make sure whether you really like him or your feeling change in the middle and you’d prefer being friends with him. See also How to Get a Boyfriend in Middle School If You’re Shy

7. Don’t be Shy Around Him

A boy will never know you like him if you always shy and reserved whenever you see him. If being his friend is too much because you are too shy, you can just smile or say hello. Just make sure that he knows you are there. Things won’t work if you’re just stay silence and never have the courage to say hello or just giving him your smile.

8. Give Him a Gift

Everyone loves gift, including him. Don’t push yourself by giving him expensive gifts. If he likes to play cars, give him one. It can be anything but one thing you must remember is you won’t lie to your parents just to buy him gifts. By giving him gifts, he will remember your every time he use the gift. See also Why Don’t Guys Like Me in High School?

9. Ask Him to Do Homework Together

As you are still school students, school stuffs is the fastest way how to get a hot boyfriend in elementary school. Ask him, along with some friends, to do homework together outside school. You can offer your home, too. This ways you can get close to him and observe him as long as you want.

10. Talk About Your Feeling

Now it’s time. You can tell him that you like him and you want him to be your boyfriend. Remember to be prepared that he might not want to have a girlfriend and you shouldn’t be too sad over this. You can stay as friends anyway. See also How to Get a Guy to Notice You Without Talking to Him at School

11. Respect Him Decision

If he rejects you, respect his decision. Don’t be sad, don’t cry, and don’t hate him. Maybe his parents doesn’t give him permission for that?

12. Talk to Your Parents

Don’t keep it to yourself alone. Tell your parents (mom especially) about the boy you likes and what you should do about this. Don’t worry about how will she react since she is the best among best friend you can trust, right?

That would be all the ways you can do on how to get a hot boyfriend in elementary school. But you have to remember that your main duty is to study and get a good grades in school. You shouldn’t be too focused in chasing the boy. And the most important thing is, share to your parents so that they will prevent you from making a wrong move.

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