How To Respond To A Drunk Text From An Ex Lover?

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Surely from you there ever get drunk message from ex girlfriend. Depending on the condition of your ex-boyfriend then, can not be interpreted for just one reason like, homesick. Drunken messages themselves are a condition where your ex is in an unstable condition like being drunk. The reason why he sent you a message could be a longing in an unstable state when drunk.

However, this is a good response to the message of a drunk one:


1. No Need To Berate

Habits like this will usually do if you are in emotion or fatigue from the day. uncomfortable getting the annoying message from your ex girlfriend does not mean you should immediately avoid it. Remember, you've been together before. so maybe he still wants to be with you so you have to understand his condition for a while. Be patient.

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2. Reply With Good Words Or Do Not Reply

reply with good words or do not reply

Reply with good words yes. Do not let anger over you. Because the message comes from an unstable condition, so you do not have to malign it with evil. Just do good things, because all will be rewarded for you someday.

3. Pay Attention So She Will Stay Away From You

The reason why he likes to call you while drunk may be because deep inside his soul he still wants you there in his life. So being rude to him does not solve the problem. 

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Tips On What To Do If Your Ex Texts You Again

More tips for your ex boyfriend not to bother you in the message again. This is how to respond to a drunk text from an ex lover.

1. Just Ignore The Message

It does not matter if you ignore the drunken messages from him. Because it is better done. Or change your mobile number. Do not easily share it again to just anyone. Give your number only for the things that need only. Do not look too avoid it. but if she asks why you changed your number, then let her know that you're bothered by her drunk message and wishing she could change. 

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2. Well Greeted When Met On The Street

Keep doing good and greet him when meeting somewhere. Do not be arrogant and be ordinary. Do what you can to avoid it well. If he does not interfere with your life at all even if he actually likes to send a message while drunk but in a rare period then keep that good relationship though not for long time.

3. Advise Him

How to respond to a drunk text from an ex lover? Give your advice to him to stop drinking also include your attention to him as a friend. It's all for the purpose of not liking to send you drunk messages again. Do not forget to say it well and not patronize. Not everyone likes advised but you sure know what your ex-lover looks like. 

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4. Stay Away Slowly

Avoiding someone you do not think is safe for your life is not to blame. You deserve to find peace in your life. Then, please to find the best way so that now you can be detached from your ex-lovers who interfere and live a better life again. 

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5. Make It An Exercise

Suppose finding a way to deal with your ex-lover is one of the training arenas. Among them you can practice patience, ingenuity to avoid well, not easy emotions and get through it all well. It is not something easy but with this way of thinking, you can bring positive energy to always be prejudiced both to others including your ex.

The Drunk Text From A Dumb Ex Signs

the drunk text from a dumb ex signs

Signs of your former lover sending a message while drunk.

1. Out Of The Word Fair

Sentences or words that are in the message can be said to be unnatural because it is not usually your ex boyfriend said something like that suddenly. You should be suspicious if it is a message written when drunk. Understand or ignore it. no need to extend the problem because it was drunk state can not be wrong to recognize something. give an explanation if you are asked by your ex about your attitude change or you become accused of away without cause by giving answers and proof message from him when sending a disturbing message suddenly.

2. Do Not Know You Well

Sometimes you become curious too, why he sends a message suddenly without any topics of the beginning. Is this a thing with surprising intentions? or just for fun ?. To answer this curiosity you will usually reply to a message from him and ask about what is going on but it turns out what reply from the next message does not suit you. even it may not be the same as what happens with reality. 

3. Discussing That Is Not In Reality

Likes to be annoying when knowing there is an unreasonable and inappropriate message. Especially if there are people you know but you as do not know the actual conditions and circumstances that occur then talk about it is not appropriate facts.

4. Write Down Words That Can Not Be Trusted

All the words of someone who is drunk can not be ascertained the truth. So you do not have to believe what your ex wrote about whatever was there. You just read it and do not put it in your heart. give advice to reply to a message from him is enough and you do not have to fear if he wants to be angry with you because once again, you can show his drunk message to prove that he was drunk at the time and wrote an unpleasant message.

5. Usually Occurs At Night

Most of the drunk time is at night. So do not rule out you will get a drunk message from your ex at night anyway. Can be morning when drunk due to certain events that are just finished in the morning.

Be yourself, do not be affected just by an obscure drunken message from your ex-boyfriend. Start organizing a better life after parting from it.

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