What To Text Your Ex Boyfriend When You Miss Him And Want To Reconnect

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What to text your ex boyfriend when you miss him and want to reconnect is a topic that I would like to discuss with you today. Through this topic, you will be able to know on how do You know if your ex boyfriend still cares about you even through a text message.


What To Do To Reconnect

Before knowing what to text your ex boyfriend when you miss him and want to reconnect, you need to know what to do to reconnect.

1. Clear Your Mind And Make A Logical Decision

Do you know what to do when my ex boyfriend is ignoring me but I want him back? First thing first, clear your mind. I know it must be hard to let go your ex, moreover when he is better than any of your exes or people you ever met.

The thing is, you still need to clear your mind and make a logical decision whether you really want to go back with him. You need to do a self introspection and see whether you want him to go back simply because you can't be all alone and use him as a tool to kill loneliness. Or, is it really possible for you and him to back together after you guys have been through some issues that you just can't stand with it anymore. So, know yourself better.

2. Be A Better Version Of Yourself

be a better version of yourself

If you have already decided to go back to him and see that there are some mistake you did in the past, then, try to be a better version of yourself. Try not to repeat the same mistake and learn something from those mistakes.

3. Make Your First Try

Whenever you are ready, make your first try or attempt to get close to him again after all this time. Planning without an execution will be nothing. You can start to know his schedule or anything related to him before you execute your planning to be in touch with him.

4. Have A Conversation

Your try to get close to him may vary. And the easiest try you can do is simply by having a conversation by texting him. Know how to make your ex boyfriend fall in love with you again through text, so you will be closer and closer to him.

What To Text To Send To Your Ex Boyfriend

After you know what to do and decide that you want to go back with your ex boyfriend you also need to know on how to let your ex boyfriend know you want him back cause you still love him. To help you to make your first try to go back with him, I have some text suggestion that you can send to your ex boyfriend. 

1. Hi! It's been a long time and you crossed into my mind. How is it going? Mind to catch up sometime?

This type of text message will be suitable if you and your ex boyfriend are both cool down and not being an enemy after the break up. And since both of you are chill, a casual hangout together won't be a big thing for him to do.

2. I was thinking that I am regretting that we are not together now, and I would really love to see you.

i was thinking that i am regretting that we are not together now and i would really love to see you

The second type of text message will be for you guys who have the relationship ended because of your mistake. Whether you were stubborn and just so evil to your ex boyfriend. When a relationship end because of one person and not both people who are involved in the relationship, there is a chance that your partner will still welcome you back.

3. You know that I care about you, let me know when we are able to see each other or whenever you are ready to talk to me.

The last type of message is suitable for you who just broke up and still want to maintain a good relationship with your ex. By sending this type of text, you will be able to see whether your ex still wants to be in touch with you or not.

Those are some information you need to know regarding what to text your ex boyfriend when you miss him and want to reconnect. I hope you are able to take the right decision and action in order to get what you want to have. Also read more interesting article on our website that can help you to learn more new things such as does telling little white lies causing big problems in relationship.

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