How to Make Your Ex Boyfriend Fall in Love with You Again Through Text

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Text messages are something of a must in a relationship in order to connect with each other, other than a way of communicating, text messages also can be used as a powerful tool if you want to make your ex fall in love with you again. There are a lot of ways How to Tell Your Ex You Want Him Back Through Text Easily but make sure that you don't look needy when you do it.

How to Make Your Ex Boyfriend Fall in Love with You Again Through Text?

Sending text messages to your ex itself is already a risky thing to do because if you do it incorrectly you will decrease the chance of him falling in love again. So if you want to avoid kissing your ex goodbye forever you should read through this article because I will explain to you on how to make your ex fall in love with you again through text.

  1. Make Sure It Is The Right Time

One of the most common mistake that everybody happened to experience is picking the wrong time to text their ex or even jumping the gun trying to make their ex love them again as quickly as possible. The things that you must do is established a no contact period where it can last up to 4 weeks, it is meant to make sure that both of you are already calmed down physically and mentally from all the things that is hurting the both of you during the break up period.

2. Make Him Miss You

This also the positive effect that you can get by establishing a no contact period, by making him having to go through a period where he heard absolutely nothing from you will surely make him miss you so bad that when the breaking point comes when he couldn't withstand the feeling and finally contact you as a sign of he still have a feeling of love towards you, just find a way on How to Make Your Ex Miss You after Breakup and They Regret It.

3. Never Text When You Are Drunk

How to make your ex boyfriend fall in love with you again through text? With the influence of alcohol humans usually feel more honest about what they are feeling and have the confidence to let it all out without proper control, this is never a good thing to do.

When the overflowing urges to text your ex saying how much you want him back, how you feel empty without him, and other honest things that coming straight from the bottom of your heart, try to resist or don't drink too much alcohol from the first place in order to prevent unwanted negative conclusions. If you text him while you are drunk, thoughts about What Does It Mean When an Ex Drunk Texts You?will runing through his head.

4. Start It Off Slow

When you think it is the right time and you are ready to reconnect with him both physically and mentally via text message avoid being desperate and needy despite the urges that is kicking in your chest to get him back into your arms, if it takes a lot of time to reply just find a way How to Get A Guy to Text You Back without Being Annoying. The first text that you should send him is a text that is containing something that you both have interest in, such as yours and his favorite band, movie, place to eat, etc. 

Send text such as "I just saw a new trailer of Batman movies that are coming up soon, wanna catch it together? I still wonder what happened to robin from the last movie". This will resulted in his increase of interest in you because of the common interest that you both had, this will also can be resulted in a meeting between the both of you, just make sure you start it off slow. That's how to make your ex boyfriend fall in love with you again through text.

5. Use Jealousy Text

Jealousy is a formidable weapon that you can use to make sure that does your ex boyfriend still have a feeling or not if he is jealous about something that is related to you then it is not hard for you to make him love you again. Unfortunately, some people often do this crucial yet efficient way wrong, either about the timing or the way that they do it will always end up making him feel that you are just wasting his time.

There are a lot of ways on making your boyfriend jealous via text message, using whats app status is one of them, there are various ways on How to Make Your Boyfriend Jealous Through WhatsApp Status. But the right way to do it is to make him curious about you by saying stuff like "I''m about to watch a movie at the cinema" or "I am going to to the cafe for a coffee", the text that you send told him about your activity while giving him a vague picture about who you are going to do that activity with. This will arouse his sense of jealousy automatically making him want to get back with you again. 

6. Use Sexy Kind Of Text

Men are a simple creature, when they find something that can arouse them sexually, you will get his undivided attention. When you both are comfortable texting with each other again, try send him some naughty text to make him remember every inch of in bed adventure that you both previously having.

When send him naughty text, make sure that you find the right moment and portion, because making him think that you are just another slutty girl is the last thing that you want to experience when you are trying to make him love you again.

7. Nostalgia Text

Every person on earth must have still have precious happy memories that will forever be burned down in their mind even when that memory is experienced with someone that is no longer his partner in love. Your job is very simple, make him remember those good old times that you both spend together.

Even though at first it might not seem to work, but eventually he will think of it out of the blue, just make sure that you don't overdo the "Go down on memory lane" text to often.

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