I Am Feeling So Depressed Because I Miss My Ex-Boyfriend - What Can I Do?

Last updated on June 8, 2024 by Michelle Devani

There is really no way around it. Breakups, no matter how they are solved, are absolutely brutal. It will make you feel like there is a void in your chest that only your ex-boyfriend can fill.

But since he is no longer with you, you end up feeling empty and lost.

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It is like the world you are living in has suddenly lost its spark and everything is somber and greyish in color and you do not think you will ever be able to see beyond the smoke.

It may feel like a death, and you may think that it kind of is. You are right in a sense. It is indeed the death of the possibility of what could have been and what would have been. So, you bewail and you mourn and you weep and you can only try your best to make it through the day.

However, as much as you miss and want your ex-boyfriend back right now, that should not be your focus. Your focus should be on how you get a move on and deal with those strong feelings of missing him.

Here are things you can do when you are feeling so depressed because you miss your ex-boyfriend.

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1. Keep Yourself Busy

keep yourself busy

This is very important because we all know that idle hands are the devil’s playthings. The more free time there is, the more you will fill it with unappeased tempting and replaying of every detail in the past. That is why you have to fill up the vacant space your ex-boyfriend once claimed or you will fall into the temptation pit.

However, keeping yourself busy does not mean chilling on Instagram for hours on end. Instead, keep yourself busy doing important, worthwhile things, things that motivate and fulfill you.

Maybe it is hanging out with your peers, trying a new hobby, getting into meditation, signing up a book club, attending some charity event, basically stuffs to just fill your gloomy days and keep your mind concentrated on other things.

2. Hide All The Keepsakes

You will not get over your ex-boyfriend if you still have all kinds of keepsakes from him scattered around your room, say, framed photo of the two of you looking pleased and so much in love on your nightstand.

Or if you still have not taken off the bracelet he bought you for Valentine. All those keepsakes will serve as painful reminders, blowing you between the ribs on a regular basis.

This is not to say that you should throw those things away, well, maybe not yet. The least thing you can do right now is put them somewhere your eyes cannot see, somewhere inconvenient and inaccessible. Keep all the gifts, cards, souvenirs, notes, and photos in a box and put it on the highest shelf way in the back.

If you have some memories with him on your social media accounts and cannot help but relive those happier times, then you will also have to delete those memories for now because why bother putting yourself through the emotional suffering?

If you really cannot bear the idea of never seeing those memories again, then save and move them onto an external hard drive and again, all that to the rest of the pile for your box.

3. Concentrate More On Yourself

concentrate more on yourself

Stop concentrating on your ex-boyfriend and his wants and his needs and why you were not good enough for him. Instead, shift your focus on yourself. What is it that you need? What is it that you want? Concentrate more on how you can be the best of yourself.

Never ever regret the way you were in the past relationship. Do not torment yourself over such thought and instead, cultivate ways to be better than you were in the past.

Look deep within yourself to find out why you acted that way. Find out whether or not there was the underlying fear or anxiety that pushed you to do something that you know is not aligned to who you really are.

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Try to set new goals for yourself, work on projects you are passionate about, do the things you have always wanted and been meaning to do.

So, those are a few ways you can do to overcome days of yearning for your ex-boyfriend. If you have followed them, but still firmly believe that he is the one for you and want him to come back to you, then maybe you just need to ask him to reconcile with you.

It is highly possible to get your ex-boyfriend back.

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