How Do I Deal With My Ex-Boyfriend and My Ex-Best Friend Dating Behind Me?

Last updated on June 7, 2024 by Michelle Devani

A sad ending relationship may leave both or one side in a pain. Moreover, if the relationship ends because of a betrayal.

It is not all about a romantic relationship, a broken friendship may cause more hurts than a lover does. A good friend that caused you to feel bad will be the last thing that everyone wants, right?

But it will be a thing when you find out that your ex-boyfriend and ex-best friend dating without you know it. Well, someone that hates you will find many filthy ways to break up someone else's relationship. You may feel some things like sadness, it will be more like a double betrayal. But if you know some tips to deal with it, you won't feel anything anymore.

Before knowing the tips, you must know the reasons why your ex-boyfriend could date your ex-best friend.

  1. Everyone have a big chance to hooks up with their inner circle

It is a natural thing, that your life could stay around your circle. You will easily get close to your friend's friend, and the same thing happens indeed. They think that you won't notice, but you have to know signs your boyfriend likes your best friend.

2. They may played behind you for a long time, but you didn't know

They don't just hang around by no reason, they may do it on purpose. It may hurt to admit, but even your friend can stab you from behind if you lose some awareness. Fakers are everywhere, girls. Find out signs that your best friend hates you.

3. Or maybe, they just didn't know

It is possible if your ex-boyfriend don't know that a girl who are walking beside him is your ex-best friend, because you and your ex-best friend broke up first. Coincidence is something that you would never guess.

If you want to discover out whether your ex had dated another girl or not, here are some signs that your ex-boyfriend already dates someone else.

  1. Rumour spreading wild

Some friends will tell you that your ex-boyfriend had a date with a girl. This could be a rumour, but since you may haven't heard any news from him, it could be a true thing.

2. You never heard anything about him anymore

He doesn't think that you are part of his life anymore. So, it is clear that texting or calling you will be a useless thing. Or he already found someone that he would like to respect, so he stops hit up another girl, and you are on his count.

3. You would be feeling kinda pissed off

Girls have strong feelings, and you may feel it if your ex-significant other already find someone else. Those feelings could appear as a wave of anger, jealousy, or maybe sadness. In this kind of state, all you need to have is some supports.

4. It is possible if you hit them up when they're dating

Another coincidence that could happen. You visit a place that you used to visit with your ex, and you meet them.

You may feel betrayed, sad, or either angry. But don't worry, there are some things that you should do so you can deal with it.

  1. Ignore them, they're both your exes.

Like had been said before, they're both your exes. They are not part of your life anymore, so you have no reason to take care of what they do. Actually, there are many reasons not to date your best friend's ex, but maybe she didn't know.

2. Fulfill your day with good things

When you do good things, those good things will happen to you too. Kill them with kindness, and be a beautiful, intelligent, and kind person.

3. Find a new life

You have to find another good person to be your best friend, or maybe a boyfriend. Don't worry, it will be easy as long as you be yourself. Find more ways to make yourself happy after a breakup.

Every meeting will be waiting for a farewell behind, and you will find more people each day that pass. But as long as you be a nice person, your life will be nice to you too.

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