Enough with Your Relationship? These are 6 Steps to Propose Break Up Without Hurting Their Feelings

Last updated on May 12, 2024 by Michelle Devani

If you already understand about dating on 6 Ways on How To End Date in the First Date in a Proper Way, then how about the relationship? A relationship is like a subway that only contains a couple of humans. At the beginning of the couple's journey, they may plan to arrive in the same destination but they literally have no idea what will gonna happen.

All that they know is only they will arrive in a good place where everything looks happy. Sometimes they forget about how long the way they need to take. That way is not only long but probably complicated, up and down, hard, hollow, and even torture.

They have to go through all the obstacles because there is no shortcut to it. Another thing that also important is, at the subway station some people are changing the train because, in the middle of the journey, they realize that they have a different destination.

There is nothing wrong with having a different path with your partner after years of memories. If you think you do not have any similarities with your partner or even feel that he or she is too toxic for your life then let it go.

A relationship is supposed to be a natural activity that happens because of sharing the same vision, values, and tolerance, not in reverse. If you feeling your relationship is more toxic every day, I highly recommend you break up with your partner and try another path. There is no shame with break up and this is 6 step to propose to break up without hurting your partner's feeling:

  • Tell the Truth

The first step to propose to break up nicely is to tell your lover the truth. Explain the obstacles that you find on the relationship, how is your feeling, and the solution that you bring which is break up. Start with a light conversation that purposed to get to know your partner's condition so you are sure that you are not telling bad news in a bad situation.

Slowly move the topic into the problem in your relationship and your opinion about it. After that, tell about the effect of that problem on your circumstances such as maybe it brings a lot of debate between you two that make you have a lack of focus in your job.

Continue with explaining that you already try many ways to solve the problem but none of them is work. End the explanation with a proposing to break up with your partner nicely. To support your opinion about breaking up, you can tell him or her about 6 Reasons Why Break Up is Actually Good for You.

  • Try to Adjust Together

After telling everything on your minds, your partner probably gonna argue to your idea about break up so what you have to do? Well, my first suggestion is to give your relationship a second chance. If you find out that your partner wanna try once more, ask her or h im about what is the idea to solve the problem and why it's gonna be work.

If you running out of patience, just tell your partner softly that you are giving up. You are finished with trying, effort, and others sacrificed. Tell her or him that it is enough and all you need is break up.

  • Use Polite Words

Polite words are actually the key to a good conversation, especially that contain negative vibes such as break up proposition. It is a simple tip but not many people can do it as well. To use polite words in a negative situation is need calmness and maturity, that is what makes it hard.

Beyond that, if you want to make sure you are not hurting your partner, you have to do it. For example, you can use 'we' instead of 'you' to avoid the image that you are pointing all of the mistakes to your partner. Or if you are a man and still can not propose how to break up, this is How to Make A Girl Hate You Without Being Mean and Impolite.

  • Last Present

Try to prepare your last present for him or her on your goodbye. Is not all about stuff that you have to give to him or her, but it can in the form of pay the bill if you are on dinner, the last ride together, and so on.

Give something as goodbye will help you to decrease the feeling of guilty and entertain your partner after being rejected. It is better to give some presents before and after you proposed so you can make your partner both comfort to talk and not be sad.

  • Offer Helps

For some people, having a break up is not that good and it is not fine. If you find out that your partner is hard to adapt to a new situation, you can offer some bits of help.

There was a couple on California that keep on the lease after break up as a roommate and everything okay. If they can handle that big problem, why you can not offer a little help such as pick her or him up to the workplace?

  • Keep Going as a Friend

After a breakup, I suggest you to keep going as a friend with your ex because it may help you in the future. Keep going as a friend also indicate that both of you had no fight, you just have a different vision right now and the only way to solve is a breakup.

You will need this if you meet your ex in school or the workplace every day because it will be so awkward if you are not going as a friend. You can learn about 10 Ways to Become a Great Friend here.

At the end of this article, I just want to remind you that some people have a sensitive heart so you have to tell something bad carefully. Do not let anger control your reaction, try to be mature in every situation included love.

After you propose as well after reading this article, maybe you can try to look for another new after reading 5 Signs You are Already Ready to Start a New Relationship After a Heartbreak.

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