12 Things to Say to Your Ex When He Says He Misses You So Bad

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After a breakup, you might not know things to say to your ex when he suddenly says he misses you. If you are still in love with him, then it won’t be hard to tell him right away that you also miss him a lot. However, it would be different if he says it when you have already moved on from him. You may also read Insane Ways to Tell If Your Ex Still Has Feelings for You After Bad Break Up

Here are 15 proven tips for you on things you say to your ex if she says he misses you after his long gone.

  1. “I miss you too”

Say this simple words if you also miss him and you don’t want to hide it from him.

  1. “I miss you too, but I am not ready to start over”

You admit you miss him, but you don’t see a chance to get back to him again. He might have hurt your feeling so badly, so don’t ignore it.

  1. “Sorry?”

You say this when you aren’t sure if he says it on his right sense. Who knows if you misheard it or his friend tries to prank him and you.

  1. “Did you just say you missed me?”

Say this to make sure if he means what he says. If he happens to say the words again, then he meant it.

  1. “Are you drunk?”

There are many stories about a drunk boyfriend text his ex about his feelings. And you don’t want to be one of the victims.

  1. “Are you bored?”

It’s often that when you’re bored, you text whoever on your contact lists, especially exes. Bored ex-boyfriends don’t mean it when they say “I miss you.” They say it because they are bored.

  1. “Did you just break up with your girlfriend?”

Well, he just broke up with his girlfriend and suddenly remembers you. He wants to use you to help him move on from his ex-girlfriend. Well, it doesn’t sound he meant what he said.

  1. “Why now?”

Say this when you find it too late for him to say it, either you’ve already moved on or you have found another man.

  1. “I’ve been waiting for you to say this ever since the breakup.”

You are overjoyed when he finally says the words. You’ve been waiting for it way too long ever since the breakup.

  1. “Sorry, but I don’t have the same feeling for you”

Say this as a response to his confession. Let him know you are over him so that he can get his fact straight.

  1. “Well… Thank you?”

You don’t know what else to say other than “thank you”, especially if you don’t have the same feeling for him. 

Things To Say To Your Ex When He Says He Wants You Back

You have found many ideas on things to say to your ex when he says he misses you. But, what if he later says he wants you back? Have you thought about what you would say to him as a response? Well, here are a few things to say to your ex when he says he wants you back in case you’re running out ideas. You may also read Things to Say to Your Ex to Make Her Feel Bad about Breaking Up with You.

  1. “I also want us to be together again”

If you also have the same feeling, don’t hesitate to say the words. You don’t have to play hard to get or else, you will miss the chance of getting back with him again.

  1. “Do you mean it?”

You want to make sure if he meant what he said. You want him to say the words again so that you can believe it

  1. “I have waited for so long for you to say this”

You never really forget him and wait for him to say the words. When the moment comes, just say the word. Let him know you’ve waited for him.

  1. “Can I trust you again now?”

You had a reason when you broke up with him. And it was vital. When he wants to get back to you again, you hesitate. You don’t want to make the same mistake. You may also read: How to Ask Your Ex Boyfriend for Your Stuff Back

  1. “Give me some time to think it over”

You don’t have to give him a direct answer. Take your time to think it over whether it’s possible or not to be with him again. You don’t want to make the same mistake twice. 

  1. “I am sorry, I don’t think it will work”

The relationship you had with him left a severe scar that you can never forget. Say these words when you don’t find it possible for the relationship to work even if you try it over again.

  1. “I am sorry, I have a boyfriend now”

He says it at the wrong timing. You already have a boyfriend and there is no possibility for him to be with you.

  1. “I don’t love you anymore”

He comes to you and says the words when you have already moved on. Either you have already had a boyfriend or still single, you just don’t love him anymore. You simply just have moved on.

  1. “I don’t want to be in a relationship with anyone right now”

You’re hurt so badly so that it makes you want to have a break from being in a relationship with someone. You want to heal yourself first before starting to date again.

  1. “I want you back too, but I can’t”

You might still love him and want him back. But, the fact that he hurt you before makes you afraid to start over. Don’t force yourself when you aren’t sure about getting back to your ex.

Well, those are 15 things to say to your ex when he says he misses you considering to your own feeling. If you have the same feeling as him, you can tell him right away that you miss him too.

Even when he does not text you first, if you still love him, find out more about the legit ways to make your ex miss you after break up. You can start with a casual conversation to know how he’s doing.

If in the end, you find out he hates you and has moved on, you sure need to know how to get your ex back when he has moved on and hates you. You can try first, forget about the result. Love needs a big sacrifice after all.